Young black police graduate gets profiled by Joshua PD cops (Texas). He wasn't having any of it!

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  1. Was just going to say that. Not having rodents is a huge win, add in the companionship and a cat is a great investment.

  2. oh, it;s the apocalypse? It'll have to wait while i sunbathe on the floor

  3. I would choose death of myself. I don’t have children, but if I did, I would sacrifice myself to save them if it ever came to that.

  4. I would definitely hunt or fish before I let myself starve

  5. I lived through Katrina. It took less than 3 days for people to lose their minds, and that was a temporary situation that was known to be getting better over time. Our subdivision was a small circular one, one way in one way out. Our subdivision did pull together. But we did have to end up taking turns patrolling, day and night to keep other than those that lived in our sub divison to steal gas, generators and weapons. They tried, almost daily/nightly but the mere presence of multiple ar-15 armed people patroling deterred or ended their endeavors. Just posting at the one way in out entrance made a difference. Irt was amazing how ill prepared people were even during the first 3-4 days...people did not stop to think gas stations could not pump gas with out power, they could not run to the store for a meal or water after they ate what was in their fridge or pantry.

  6. Born and raised in Upstate Ny, Spac was home to me, saw them in 83,84 and 85 and in 88..6/24/84 is one of my all time fave shows, next to 3/26/88

  7. This is amazing. Beautiful job. I craft high end fishing lures and would love to know where you got the faux fur from. Looks pretty long!

  8. Living in America and you haven't realized the vast majority of the people who celebrate the 4th of July like that are the Republicans who are okay with these turn of events ?

  9. for 50 plus years Roe V Wade was on shaky ground at the federal level, everyone has known this. If this issue is that important why has no one codified this in law, especially now when the Democrats have all of government? It has been this way for over a year, and they squandered their time if this was really that important. All Scotus did was basically say, there is no right to abortion in our Constitution, there isn't, and that this was not an issue for Scotus to rule on and sent this issue to the States. There was no religion involved in this decision and if you read all 145 pages it explains in great detail how the decision came about. For some reason everyone has it in their heads it was a right. You also knew , if this issue was really that important to you, where your State stood if this was to be over turned. Why have people not been getting their State laws on abortion in order and get it codified? Vermont set themselves up by making it law abortions are allowed, in 2019 I believe, so regardless if Roe V Wade was overturned they would still have abortion in that State. There is such a lack of understanding of it all, it is pretty shocking...

  10. Corporations run this country. Don't celebrate and let the Corporations lose money. This one act will send a strong message.

  11. you don't need to spend money to celebrate

  12. My husband is a vet and most of his vet friends have gotten "disabled" for the benefits. Doctors make it easy. One of his friends is a lazy sack of shit who is now full disabled because he claims he has tinnitis. He gets paid to sit on his ass and got disabled plates. We just moved outta the Killeen area (where Ft. Hood is)and this kind of thing is the norm over there. My husband's friends always try to convince him to claim tinnitis or some other thing that can get him disabled status but he knows that's a shitty thing to do when he's capable of working. There are actual disabled vets out there and for so many people to abuse the system really fucked up.

  13. tinnitus is a very low rating of vet disability , about 10% 135.00 a month

  14. Yeah I talked to the guy who basically coached him on how to get started with disability. He said he started with the ear shit then lied about more things to get more. Not sure what all he came up with, but the point is, there's not a damn thing wrong with him and he's now fully disabled on paper. One of my husband's other friends claimed ED for one of his many "disabilities"

  15. to get VA disability, one must have been treated for it while in the service and proof of follow up care for ailment after the fact

  16. Like you are doing so well at it now? You can help by letting Nyers protect themselves

  17. Can't they work on something that actually helps society.??? Like fix poverty .. stop doing dumb stuff like this

  18. why don't you fix poverty? Who made you Empress?

  19. pretty shocked by the political grandstanding from a scotus

  20. I do believe in Bigfoot. I have never had any encounters. I live in Central Texas, just outside of Dallas. I hunt Dinosaurs. I have loved Dinos since I was 8 or 9 years old and never outgrew my love for them. When I am out in the field , I go to some very remote places and often no cell service. I have always preferred to go on my own. Except when I guided a few people, I always go alone. One area I go has had sightings and I even had a chanced to talk to a local rancher who's family and those ranchers around him have had their land for generations. He told me about a well kept secret that these ranchers have kept about co existing with them on their land. I have written about this and you should be able to find it in my history. I knew there have been sightings but tried not to think about it. But sometimes when i kind of wake up or stop concentrating on what I am digging at the moment, it will hit me, how utterly alone I am and the one thing that terrifies me is seeing a bigfoot. Not that I think it would do anything to me, but seeing something like that, powerful and mythical , just makes me feel so vulnerable. I do not scare easy. I should be more worried about a wild boar, or a bear but it is bigfoot that terrifies yet fascinates me.

  21. If you just focus on the center mass and specifically the hair, that is 100% a bear that’s been photoshopped. Looks like someone messed with the head to get the point. And fucked with the side of the head area to make it look more like a face or something.

  22. not bear, no way, buffalo photoshopped. who would take a single photo being that close to a bigfoot?

  23. No, rittenhouse was not looking for trouble, he was watching some ones property for vandalism and was there treating people with first aid for anyone who needed it, regardless if they were rioters or innocent bystanders. The people looking for trouble were the ones beating people, destroying property and lighting fires. You too if you lay in wait to stab some one not attacking you. I find it disturbing that you characterize him as some one who was watching some ones property for vandalism and giving first aid and not the ones rioting. You sound unstable in thought process, in this thread and other threads and I do not believe you should posses any weapons as your judgement seems off

  24. you do not agree with Rittenhouse choices or actions in defending his life, but you ask about laying in wait to stab some one not actively engaged in a crime?

  25. Hunting and fishing are long term solutions that are for situations that are not expected to recover soon, like a hurricane. You can hunt and fish in winter, by the way.

  26. Yeah smart ass, I know that. Work on your reading comprehension. I said it would limit what you can harvest, not be totally impossible.

  27. wasn't trying to be a smart ass...sorry...having grown up hunting and fishing all my life, I never saw an issue with it being winter and harvesting food

  28. well, we are not a doomsday cult, I think most of us are being realistic . I have always prepped, even before the pandemic and the economic fallout, mostly for hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados type of situation. As long you live through the initial situation, it's a temporary hardship. I have always hoped for the best and prepared for the worst, and prepping in the good times has helped me keep a positive far less panicked doomsday outlook. Here in the USA with the border invasion, the pandemic, supply chain and inflation and rampant crime on the increase, it may come to a more long term situation. I am now prepping accordingly. I do not see too many doomsday types here , mostly people being practical and trying to make their lives and their families lives as comfortable and safe during those times that may be challanging even with the best of preps. To me, if you are married and have children, you have an adult responsibility to protect your family from harm such as life safety, food, health care and shelter should times get bad. Prepping over time really helps free me up to take the time to research , learn and watch the news from various sources and be better informed. I gauge things on what happened during hurricane Katrina that I went through. It took less than 3 days for sthtf. Grocery stores were ransacked, people were breaking into homes for food, meds and guns and anything else, people were stealing generators, gasoline and pedophiles were taking advantage of the chaos to run rampant as well it turned out...a hurricane is a temporary event and it took 2.5 days, imagine if something more substantial happened, how chaotic it would get?

  29. everyone likes what they like, I do not judge, right now it's fun to think about, but if shtf, durability and utlility are whats important to me. fun and cute will probably fade away fast

  30. They’re predicting blackouts in Arizona? I just moved from Arizona after living there 8 years and my husband lived there his whole life. We never had a problem with power outages. Do you know why they’re expecting blackouts? Just curious

  31. they are expecting blackouts through out the country for various reasons

  32. It is my belief that the covid virus stays in a lot of people for quite awhile. Even though the tests say no infection, I believe it's still there for a lot of people. Like aids, also a virus , it can remain undetectable until something triggers a flare up. In October and Nov 2019 the Chinese were using aids drugs to help combat the virus. I truly believe a lot of people that got covid, even those that had little to no problems, are going to have heart problems down the road. My wife is currently on a heart transplant list . They think when she was in her early 20's she got a virus and it attacked her heart or laid dormant after the main illness was over and damaged her heart over time . She is 55, and a chest xray from an urgent care visit accidently found she had a n enlarged heart when she was 44. Covid, like aids, can hide at undetectable levels but still do damage. slowly, over time.

  33. I pulled up along side a Waymo car Friday at a stop light in Dallas, Tx

  34. I pulled up along side a Waymo vehicle Friday in Dallas, driverless taxi's that will be used by uber and uber eats

  35. Important note: this engineer also believes Noah built an ark, put two of every animal onboard etc. (ie: gullible people are gullible)

  36. Okay, then try not paying your taxes and see how free you are. You have the "power", afterall.

  37. paying taxes is the deal we make to make use of that which we use, fire, police, roads, etc etc

  38. I mean, I 100% agree with you, but you are still beholden to the government for those services and obligated to pay taxes for them. If you wake up tomorrow and decided that you don't need fire protection, you'll just let your house burn, or you don't need the roads, you'll just walk to work, you'll still have to pay taxes.

  39. I am getting serious sov cit vibes from you...

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