1. I’m not sure if the fit would be similar but I bought the long sleeve rash guard in raspberry crème a few months ago. It was the only one in my store (assuming it was a return since it’s an online only item) and was marked down to $49. It was a size medium and I don’t ever wear a medium in any other clothing brand, usually wear 2-4 for lulu so I would definitely say it runs small. It dried quickly after my water activities and the fit was overall nice and the fabric a lot nicer than my cheaper Amazon long sleeve rash guards. I do like it a lot but was very surprised by the sizing on it!

  2. That's what I consistently read is to size up at least once! Thanks so much! The raspberry color is really pretty & bright but I kinda dig it.

  3. I’m not a big fan of brights usually but it was a nice fun color for my Cancun trip! Glad to hear the info helped!

  4. I have lingual braces (behind the teeth) on the top and the brackets were installed just like how you described. All the brackets were already preplaced on a mold of my teeth and then the mold was placed onto my teeth and UV cured. I just got a SureSmile wire this most recent adjustment and it’s bent too. I looked it up and it’s not necessarily “faster” but can be up to 34% more precise due to the custom bend for each tooth rather than a straight wire. However I will say my linguals have moved my top teeth relatively quick! They are already pretty straight and it’s really nice and encouraging to see results right in front of my eyes. Hope this helps!

  5. I have lingual braces (behind the teeth) on top and Invisalign on the bottom. It’s been totally fine for me, the lisp eventually subsided I would say in about a month after receiving each treatment. Now the only pain or discomfort is from a new wire or a new tray change.

  6. I have an interesting case - I’m doing hybrid treatment with lingual braces and Invisalign, with lingual on top and Invisalign on bottom. However my lingual is not the InBrace but the incognito. I haven’t had any issues you listed above so if you are still insistent on the lingual path, maybe you could check it out. The incognito is most similar to traditional braces but just on the inside. It doesn’t use that wavy wire InBrace does that is supposed to lay more flush to your teeth. I’ve had the lingual on for almost two months and the Invisalign for about 3 weeks and by far I prefer the lingual much more. It’s just lower maintenance compared to having to take off the aligner every time I eat and being sure to clean my teeth after each time I eat. I was not able to get lingual for the bottom but definitely would’ve preferred a full lingual treatment.

  7. I have the round short ones and for me I think they are perfect for a slightly longer look. I have longer nail beds and I still do think they are a bit on the longer side for being called short! I can show you pics if you are interested

  8. Thank you! I didn’t even consider doing a mixture of both, what made you decide to do that (or why were you advised to do both)? Was it just to speed up the process? Will you be using the Invisalign on the same row as your lingual braces or on your bottom row?

  9. The Invisalign is going on my bottom row! The hybrid treatment was recommended by my ortho, something along the lines of not wanting my bottom row to move altogether but rather isolate which teeth move where. I was insistent on Invisalign or lingual braces just because I didn’t want traditional braces (I’m in my late 20s) and I guess I just ended up getting both!

  10. I get the age thing - I’m 30 and this is the reason I don’t want visible braces either. Your ortho’s reasoning makes sense - teeth with the linguals would move altogether but the Invisalign is like a mould that keeps being changed until it reaches your desired position from what I understand. Very interesting that the linguals might be faster than traditional braces!

  11. I won’t lie, I’m a little sad to get my Invisalign on as they require so much more attention than the linguals, which are just chilling there haha. But because of my ortho treatment, I’ve been super on top of my dental hygiene!

  12. I once got a really bad and deep break while wearing sns. Exposed hyponychium and it was bleeding badly. The next day I went back to my nail tech and she was able to repair it with a tip and it became painless instantly. It grew out back just fine. Warning the pic contains bleeding haha

  13. Did they take off the existing SNS? Also, scale of 1-10 how painful was it? I have a really low pain threshold and I’m worried it’s going to hurt a lot! X

  14. Getting it repaired didn’t hurt at all. When it broke that’s when it REALLY hurt for me, it was pulsing and everything haha. I think as long as your nail tech is gentle they should be able to repair it so it can grow back. It’s been a couple years so I don’t remember exactly how she repaired it though sorry I’m not much help with that!!

  15. I’m approaching my 4th week with my linguals, I only got them for my top and will be getting Invisalign on my bottom next week. I’ve heard/read mixed reviews about the linguals, including from a friend I know in real life (she did not like them) but I was adamant on not having braces show so I went ahead with them. So far they’ve not been that bad at all. I didn’t get the option of inbrace as no one in my state does it (I got incognito). I do think inbrace is the newer technology and seems to lay a bit flatter due to the curved wire. Of course the initial pain and discomfort are shocking but you learn to get used to it! To me it was definitely worth the extra cost over traditional and it’s really cool to be able to see my teeth shift since no brackets are in the way. I’m curious to see what you’ll end up choosing!

  16. This is my favorite brand of jelly gel colors. It’s the TYY line in particular that is the jelly shades.

  17. Perfect for April! What type of polish did you use?

  18. I used two gel polishes, one pink and one milky white. I really like that jelly look and this brand does jelly colors perfectly!

  19. okay thank you, all she did was file the yellow off my natural nails and shaped them so I think I'm good? as for removal I've been told you're just supposed to buff the shine off then soak in acetone. I appreciate this

  20. I’m not sure what you mean by the yellow on your nails but I think slight buffing is ok. And yep for removal if you want to minimize the damage just file as much off as possible without touching your real nails and soak them in acetone. If you don’t want to go the acetone route, it is possible you could get a fill on them depending on what kind of gel service you received. I do gel overlay on myself so I usually just e file off the color until I reach the base coat and just rebalance with new builder gel.

  21. ahhh I see, I didn't know about that other method. as for the yellow nails part it's just staining that I had from wearing dark nail polish all the time for years. but thank you for the new information :)

  22. Of course! Doing your nails shouldn’t damage them :) it’s important to work with a nail tech that also values nail health!

  23. I have it in 34A available NWT!!! I’m a A cup and the cups were huge on me, reviews say that as well

  24. Aw sadly I do think that is too small. I have the purple and black, one in a 32C and 34C. Thank you tho!

  25. I do agree with the other comment saying it isn’t cheap to do your own nails as you would have to get several basic supplies to start with and if you want to do art, even more supplies. Before Covid I used to get them done every 2-3 weeks for $60+ (always one color) and learned to do them myself since. I’ve spent a lot on my collection thus far but now I get to do the art I never wanted to spend more on. It’s worth it for me as it is a hobby and I have fun and I get to do the art I’ve always wanted but even after over a year of doing them I’m still learning and continuing to improve each time. It’s quite an investment and it takes time to learn so you should take that into consideration as well.

  26. Omg I had no idea they still made this! I loved this when I first discovered it probably 12 years ago. I need to get a tube now!

  27. I believe it’s due to the fact that the items are on the large and heavier side. I order lots of nail art from AliExpress (decals, stickers, charms, brushes, other small things) and even for upgraded tracked shipping it’s never any more than $5. But again these are small items so you just have to pick and choose what items you’ll save the money on. All my larger storage cases are from Amazon due to the free and fast prime shipping.

  28. You should try out a peely base so you can easily remove them without damage or drying acetone :)

  29. Thanks so much for your advice! Any recommendations for builder gel?

  30. Are you looking for a bottled type or a potted type? Bottled is usually more beginner friendly and potted requires a brush!

  31. Yes I would prefer bottled but I wouldn’t mind the other kind! Noticed some YouTubers using that.

  32. I’ve heard good things about Orly builder (bottle) but never used it! I started out with Gelish structure gel (bottle) but moved on to potted from Leafgel (Japanese brand -

  33. I purchased something similar to this recently. I’m located in the US as well but had to order it from an Australian website that has Korean nail products. I’m not sure if you are too keen on paying the shipping prices but they have so many Korean products you wouldn’t get elsewhere, even zillabeau where I primarily do my gel and nail art shopping. Prices are also in AUD.

  34. I think if I had to pick only ONE it would be the luminous dewy skin night concentrate. The texture is similar to jello haha but it absorbs so well and really makes the difference in hydrating my skin. The rest of the line up plays well with it but that’s the one product I really notice when I get lazy and skip it. The rice powders are also super gentle and a good every day exfoliant. The least favorite would be the rice wash, it just seems to not do much for me and there’s better cleansers out there. If you’re interested in the brand, I’d check out QVC!! They have great deals and sets on there :)

  35. I had no idea Tatcha sold through QVC. I have been waiting for the next Sephora sale lol. That's great to know about the night concentrate because I have debating purchasing that. Glad to hear it play weels with their other products because I'm already a fan of the dewy skin cream!

  36. Yeah the deals are way better than the Sephora sale! They often have specials and exclusive sets that allow you try a lot of products you’re interested in. And there’s almost always a $10 off your first order code :) I love me some deals!!

  37. Oooh these are toooo cute! What a perfect shade of pink and I love the marbling and gold details. Happy birthday!

  38. I love these! I love how the art is layered on like that very cute :)

  39. I have a rhinestone nipper I got from Amazon. I don’t suggest you use your regular nippers for your nails/cuticles as that can dull them over time so it’s best to have designated nippers :)

  40. I love these!! I did tweed nails on myself a few sets back inspired by Korean nail trends as well!

  41. You definitely need a base coat instead of a top. And using a dehydrator might help too! It goes on before your base coat.

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