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  1. I'm going to push back on the idea that Wellington is unknown outside of Britain. Any even casual student of military history knows him and not just for Waterloo. His Peninsula Campaign was masterful. He was an expert in the use of terrain and defeated many of Napoleon's top Marshal's while often out numbered and having to deal with often unreliable allies. His invasion of France while not as important as the other coalition forces was not insignificant and tied up troops Napoleon badly needed.

  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/zdd124/there_was_nothing_clear_cut_about_the_war_of_1812/

  3. It is literally about how much of a non-issue Americans view the war as.

  4. My meme is about how it's such a non-issue for Britain. War of 1812 is not taught in the UK. I know about it because I have some interest in history. The average brit has no idea the white house was ever burnt.

  5. And my whole point is that no one cares much about this war so having the person representing the US day "you took everything from me" makes no sense. Your meme is saying Americans care deeply and you have yet to refute that. One part of your meme can make sense while the rest doesn't.

  6. Career stats: 65.7% completion percentage, 62,377 yards, 378 TDs, 180 int, 93.8 career passer rating - 4x pro bowler, 1x all pro, 1x mvp...

  7. I notice you didn't detail his post season success as part of his resume.

  8. I'm not immune to confirmation bias and have to catch myself, but man it's so weird when people get pissed if you ask for a source. If I make a statement and someone asks, even in bad faith, I will gladly provide a link, a book, an experience, etc.

  9. People get angry because when done in bad faith it can be exhausting. It forces someone to find a source for a basic thing which not everyone has at the tips of their fingers in an easily sharable format. The people asking know this and do it to bog down an argument when they could have just googled it themselves.

  10. I can’t believe these mfs debunked Copernicus with a thought experiment nobody thought to actually attempt

  11. People have always been confidently incorrect.

  12. The Telltale The Walking Dead is fantastic. You really end up liking Clementine and Lee. The ending stayed with me as much as any game I've ever played.

  13. I'll take the Horatio Hornblower books. Top level historical fiction that really brings the Napoleonic Navy to life.

  14. Why don't you just keep trolling it until you get 35?

  15. Could he have skilled Spike sure. Could he have killed Spike in the weird Thunderdome style grudge match he set up. Probably not.

  16. Not as good as most Americans think it is and better than most Non Americans think it is.

  17. Which leaders knew about the camps and do you have sources? Would be interested in reading

  18. International leaders knew about the concentration camps prior to the invasion of Poland. There were no extermination camps at that point. If you would like a detailed analysis I would recommend KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps BY Nikolaus Wachsmann, it's excellent and comprehensive.

  19. Could they not all be wrong? How would they know? That’s why I think changing the religion to make yourself feel better instead of doing your research and finding something that matches your faith and beliefs is where everything went wrong. I grew up in a very religious family and I’ve found myself always questioning everything instead of just accepting. That’a doesn’t mean I want to change the religion. It just means I don’t believe in it.

  20. Considering we are talking about belief there is no way to prove who is right or indeed if there is a right answer. If you could prove who was right there could not be belief.

  21. So then there is no argument. Everyone just do your thing and if someone doesn’t share your beliefs that’s okay. No need to split churches. Just find a new one. Or worship whoever or whatever at home maybe

  22. When you out "Alex Jones " Alex Jones...

  23. I have the exact opposite. I probably read the last half of a book 2-3 times faster than the first half, almost every time

  24. There is a tipping point in every book where it just gets easier to read. For me once I start to think I can finish a book quickly it becomes a reality.

  25. I don't think this is real. I've played both extensively and if there is a difference it's hard to see.

  26. Negotiate a work schedule with him so I get half the work week off.

  27. if you know of a blanket large enough to cover a whole dinosaur, please let me know.

  28. There are a lot of really small dinosaurs.

  29. You can already do this for some members. Everyone has an invite success score. If they aren't the heir or a ruler you should at least have the option to invite them to court. Helps if you are a higher rank then them, have a good court, pay travel expenses, and they like you.

  30. The reason for that is the majority of missiles will most likely be headed to uninhabited areas. Why? Because that's where the silos are.

  31. You only target silos if you are launching a first strike and even then the logic is questionable. Unless you can catch the missiles on the ground it's a wasted effort. This doctrine came from a time where nations still thought they could win a nuclear exchange. With modern early warning systems any of the major players will be able to launch their missiles long before they are killed on the ground. It's why China never even built nukes capable of targeting silos. Their doctrine is no first strike and to only retaliate. You retaliate with big fairly inaccurate nukes against population and industrial centers. It's much cheaper and easier than targeting hard targets.

  32. They have some of the largest proven oil and natural gas reserves in the world.

  33. Even if Poland did for some strange reason want to annex part of Ukraine they would need to be insane. No one is looking at the resistance Ukraine is putting up and the international backlash and thinks this is a good plan.

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