1. THANK YOU! I have been trying to figure out what to use for my weatherproof box and conduit run, cant get dishys connector through a typical liquidtight strain relief/cable gland.

  2. SAMA IM01/02, depending where you are in the world it might be sold under a different name. Check out

  3. Welcome to the less fun half of rimfire ownership!

  4. Should really be a spacer when the box is that far in the drywall

  5. I think 3x drivetrains were more acceptable when friction front shifters were still popular. They were much easier to shift consistently with less than perfect alignment. 2x is a little more forgiving to tune because you just set the upper and lower limits and for the most part you're good to go.

  6. Yes! 3x is actually pretty enjoyable with barcons

  7. You can kind of do this with Modular or Infograph Modular with all the complications removed. Time will display in the upper right hand corner

  8. I'm currently using 2080, so would there be any noticeable change in performance?

  9. There would be change but probably not in the direction you want to go. 2080s significantly better

  10. Little less performance than a 3060. I bought one a few weeks ago for my first build in a long time. Expecting it to perform alright at 1080/60. Eligible for their step up program too

  11. Wow this takes me back, I was playing the OG mod at his age. Happy to see its still around

  12. You could do it if you had an ITX mobo and ziptie the ATX PSU to the mobo frame (instead of the front panel). But like mentioned, you will have clearance issues with the cable lengths.

  13. I wanted to make a post asking this but didn’t want to clog up the sub with too many IM01 questions - any downside(aside from ram slots and price) going ITX vs MATX in this case? Already planning on using an SFX power supply

  14. No downsides when going ITX, it literally is just price and upgradeability. If you went ITX + SFF, you could vertical GPU mount as well (here's what it would look like)

  15. Awesome thank you. Just need to stop being indecisive and buy a mobo!

  16. Not going to be easy. How much do you need to carry? Maybe a roll bag on the bars? ETA - maybe not with the cabling

  17. Not sure if it only sleep focus triggers it but I had a notification pop up on my phone to charge my watch before bed before

  18. The IM01 is a pretty underrated case. Fair price, good build quality, and compatibility with both mATX motherboards and ATX power supplies. I just wish they sold the version with the glass side panel in the US, because it's about ~$35 on AliExpress.

  19. SAMA 02 you say... hmm, what is different from the old 01 version?

  20. My understanding is it is just the glass side panel and updated front panel, no changes to front IO. I dont think the 01 is being replaced with this, just another option

  21. I'm loving the Tenicor Zero belt, my belt before that I was using for years was a Blue Alpha Low Profile EDC Belt

  22. Seconding the Tenicor belt. Definitely a departure from the “stiff belt” meta but awesome for appendix carry

  23. I have one like that now - picked up last Monday, within about about a half hour of pickup just sitting at “package delayed” with no updates since. Only one state away im not sure what will happen at this point

  24. Love the river trail and I too use it to commute! I do wish it wasn't flooded for like half the year, though

  25. Yes! Best part is encountering the flood halfway through and realizing its too late to turn back

  26. I wouldnt say that it sucks necessarily, but Safariland ALS/GLS is a safer system

  27. Another layer- doubtful Ukraine will be able to plant in spring or harvest winter wheat this summer. Not looking good

  28. Way too early to tell what the outcome will be. That being said keep an eye on high level engineering and construction companies. Large areas of Ukraine will need to be rebuilt and it’s possible the US would authorize more aid and look to domestic companies for contracts. Could go the other way with China seeing this as a prime opportunity for more belt and road shenanigans.

  29. we saw how china did in montenergro I dont think theyll get the offer

  30. Lets all hope that is the case, for a multitude of reasons. If there is one thing the US is good at (in concept at least), its nation building. Ive been looking to companies like Fluor - $FLR due to their contracts in Iraq. Lots of infrastructure work

  31. Same here. I'm in Lapeer county and signed up 2/10/21 and still don't have it.

  32. Not far from you, deposit placed June 2020 and still waiting

  33. Try tapping the base of the magazine on a table a couple times

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