1. When are y’all gonna understand that it’s loosely period based?

  2. There are also trapeze classes at Canopy Studios. I've taken their single day introduction class a couple of times, and it was pretty fun. They also offered a hula hoop class several years ago.

  3. The local YMCA offers a variety of fitness classes. There are also a lot of other places like yoga or martial arts studios if that's more what you're looking for.

  4. Thank you. I was hoping more like painting or something, but this is good to know!

  5. Who knows, maybe they’ll get back to each other in the reboot!

  6. aria and Ella Montgomery belong up here too imo! They had great chemistry and totally mimicked each other’s behavior.

  7. I don’t find them super believable. We didn’t get to see much of them just being together, it was always the love/hate no normal conversation. We had that with Daphne and Simon (first thing to come to my mind is the art gallery scene) where we can see them existing and just talking. To me Kate and Anthony just didn’t have that so I didn’t believe or understand why they were suddenly in love other than just the whole “can’t have him/her” situation they were in

  8. Bilateral salpingectomy is the way to go. Way less failure rate than tubal ligation.

  9. What kind of doctor would I talk to? And what’s the likelihood they’d to it for someone my age?

  10. From all your comments on this post, I Think you’re the one not watching lol

  11. I thought this post was gonna be about the cultural appropriation

  12. I like Spencer and Wren. Don't judge me.

  13. Emily and Samara! Ali and no one (no love for sociopaths). Spencer and Caleb. Hanna and Travis. Aria and Jake.

  14. I think she looked great. It was the clothing choices and dodgy hair that was unflattering (which was not her choice) not her weight gain. She is beautiful

  15. Yeah and the wardrobe change was bc of her weight gain which is so unfortunate

  16. Disagree about Holden (will literally fight you over his purity), but couldn't agree more about Shower Harvey and "we're over noel."

  17. I never said I don’t like Holden. I think he’s great. But I think that particular scene was really poorly written, and it just happened to include him. It could have been anyone

  18. For me she’s a mom for sure, I just don’t see her as a very good one

  19. Shana and Sydney were supposed to be one character originally.

  20. I’m confused how they would be one character. Would that mean shana would have never died?

  21. Yeah. She wasn’t supposed to die, the actress wanted to leave. Shana was supposed to continue and her plot would have been what Sydney’s was

  22. This is so hard cuz my answers for the actors and the characters are so different

  23. Ok for the characters: fuck cal (I’m sorry but objectively he’s hot), Marry Elliot (hate him but he’s not as dangerous) and kill Nate

  24. LOL I didn’t see that this was posted yesterday, so I was thinking of todays word and running every episode through my head in confusion

  25. I disagree. I think when watching the pods it’s clear there is some behavior and communication lacking from this guy. Yes, it’s heavily edited, but he still acted and said all the things shown. His tendency to blame the other person, his lack of self reflection, and immaturity were shown. I think she had her head in the clouds because everything was happening so fast and it was new.

  26. I’m confused - you disagree with what? I said it isn’t the shows responsibility in terms of how Shane is behaving after the show is done

  27. It’s not like a big deal but I noticed it today and I was like oh that’s her

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