1. If you paid 50 sen for a glass of boiled water, you basically got robbed. Never return to a restaurant or mamak that charges money for drinking water, as it's sign of overpricing.

  2. I cannot stand that shit. I make it a point to have them wait longer than I would’ve actually taken

  3. You must be unhappy with your life if that's your response to someone who's waiting to use the equipment after you. That's not healthy.

  4. Bro if I just hop on a machine and some asshole immediately comes over and asks how many sets I got left, then proceeds to stand 5ft away waiting for me to get off, yeah I’m gonna take longer. Don’t overthink it sis

  5. Someone asking how long you're using a machine should be a non issue, he's trying to workout how to schedule his workout in that moment. One of us is over thinking it and it isn't me. I hope things get better bro.

  6. This is likely to just encourage him to do it in places where you can't see him. Please don't use screaming and fear to toilet train, or to train anything with a young puppy.

  7. I expect people to parrot this sort of thing in response to what I said. OK mate, you do what you feel is best and advise as you see fit. I didn't say train the dog with punishment either but thanks for the straw man attempt .

  8. If you've never done it how can you lecture me on the consequences? Incredible, tell me more about things you know nothing about.

  9. Maybe possible with extremely good abs structure and good upper body proportions. The calf is weaker and the thigh structure is also interesting, as well as the upper part of the pectoral muscle. All in all, that's pretty good genetics and long limbs. But I don't think he's a natty. The blood vessels are suspicious and very lean. Such low body fat is naturally unhealthy in the long term. It causes low testosterone production and high cortisol levels.

  10. Anything Spotify can do I can do it for free. If the trade off his Rogan's podcast then so be it I am not missing out on much

  11. shes at that stage now when staying lean(literally in her name)determines her income, staying this lean year around isnt sustainable, especially a s female when hormones regulate menstrual cycles etc.

  12. Sorry to hear this. If you're into the training and getting faster side of it I would put a bike comp and power meter on your mountain and keep your training going. Power is power even if you're going slow. Keep the gains going.

  13. Ultegra di2 belongs on a bike. Force axs belongs in the trash. Want to drop your chain most rides? Buy sram!

  14. Guy has fake natty eyes as you can see.

  15. Even with a pass, buddy system is not fun. It’s so insanely convoluted and increases the barrier to entry due to the mechanics.

  16. Leons physique is definitely attainable natty, but that’s probably like an almost maxed out natty physique he could only go so much further natural. Considering his whole life is fitness and working out I’d say it’s possible but still probably on some PEDs just cause most fighters take something. Kamaru is no doubt on gear though

  17. I love that one of the first results that come up when googling this breed say it's gentle, affectionate, and calm and good for families.

  18. They are all of those things, but like the poster above said they're wired to see wolves and coyotes and immediately get ready to fight. by extension other dogs that look capable get the same treatment.

  19. Why didn’t you make this your first reply?! This is exactly the kind of information I was after.

  20. Yes, my training partner would start on flat bench then move onto incline dumbells with 130s. He could do 10 reps with them. Meanwhile I was back struggling to hit 6 reps with the 90s

  21. What sheeter do you have? Thanks for sharing so much helpful info for a noobie

  22. I love it. I would. Rotate the smaller stones on the left and have them pointing upwards a bit rather than flat on their sides. Thr carpet will render them invisible

  23. I’ve been doing desensitization since he was 4 months… with basically anything that triggered him. Couldn’t (and still) can’t put a harness on him despite attempting countless clicker, treat situations. It’s worked with some stuff (collar and leash which he now loves) but he has snapped and lunged when trying to take off the leash at times so it’s unpredictable/stressful. I’ve tried trading, teaching drop it/leave it.. he’s on medication. The issue is… if he is guarding anything, nothing overrides his sense to guard it. He doesn’t go as far as lunging/growling when you’re in his space if he has something.. it’s just there’s no getting it away from him with commands. The only thing that works is throwing treats of VERY high value, very far away (he scurries back to get whatever it is) or locking him in another room. And even then, he runs back immediately to see if it’s there, and once it’s not, he’s all good again. He really wont listen to a command if he’s got something. The other problem is… his guarding is becoming unpredictable and he doesn’t give a warning. A jacket could fall and we go to pick it up… and all of a sudden he is running, growling, and lunging and ready to bite someone. A bag on the floor? Maybe he decides it’s his and he wants to go after you. I’ve tried reinforcing his obedience and he’s great at it. But now he’s going through adolescence and it’s more difficult.

  24. Don't take this thr wrong way I'm being blunt here. I think a b&t is your best bet. Sounds like the dog is running the show. Dog is out of control and meds aren't working. Probably doesn't need meds at all.

  25. It is interesting that it went from primarlily left facing to all right facing portraits. I would like to hear some narratives from artists on why they think that is, and also what Ken and Guile facing the opposite direction was intended to convey initially.

  26. Never noticed that. Americans vs Asians. And blanka is an alien so he faces the front.

  27. Most likely just TRT + great genetics, but I’m not an expert

  28. Cant tell if he’s laying on the ground because it hurts or the weight of his shame is too heavy

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