1. The RuntZ and lemon mints have been great and when I got blueberry cheesecake last summer it was amazing flower.

  2. Or my experience was different from yours? Lmao Have had plenty of people agree with me. Mine smells like hay. I’ve had this problem badly with BR also

  3. I completely agree. I’m a pretty experienced consumer myself and have seen my fair share of strains. Have consumed pretty much daily for past 5 years or so also. I’ll absolutely go for a “less popular” cultivator if it means cheaper prices and at least similar effects.

  4. It really depends on the issue or situation. If the dispensary isn't willing to exchange I'd file a complaint. Some companies are more helpful and actually stand by their products more than others.

  5. You’re the first person I’ve seen with this specific example that I struggle with heavily. This is the thing effecting me the most rn with my OCD. I haven’t had a single driving incident in the almost 9 years I’ve been driving, not even a speeding ticket, yet I’m constantly having intrusive thoughts while driving that tell me I ran over a pedestrian and will go to prison for a long time. I have to check my rear view mirror after literally every little bump in the road to make sure I didn’t hit someone, even if I knew I ran over a simple sewer lid. I’ve driven down the road quite a bit after this has happened and had to drive back to the location to make sure I didn’t hit someone. Even though we both probably know if we actually hit someone it would be noticeable, the intrusive thoughts are too strong. I’m just now learning that other people have issues with OCD this seriously, so please don’t feel alone if that’s the case.

  6. Flower prices aren't the reason to go. Concentrate prices are like 75% cheaper there though. You're doing the right process though by looking at the online menus.

  7. So the people that say they get $150 Oz have to be lying right? Lol. I just didn’t think their prices could be that low already one way or another

  8. What do you mean they can’t be that low one way or another? They should be lower, as the baseline. Even here we can find 170-200ozs with deals.

  9. I agree they should be lower lol. Talking about the baseline price with no sales though. I’m just going by what weedmaps and the dispos websites are saying. Which is 350-450 for most OZs up there.

  10. One of the RISE locations. Have only had good experiences there, but just don’t get why everyone doesn’t get the best available discount offered.

  11. It might be a corporate thing but it sounds like bs either way. Their reasoning provided to you is ludicrous and I’m surprised your head didn’t explode upon hearing it lol

  12. I definitely did a double take, but at the time I was brand new to the legal system & thought sales were extremely rare so I didn’t question it lol

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