1. The contrast from the curl of the beard to the straight ness of the stache is awesome

  2. Was a fantastic beard! Not bad albeit shorter, but now grow it back out!

  3. Aww, sorry you cut back that fantastic stache! It would have looked awesome with that beard!

  4. Great looking beard! Is this current? I know you had that awesome wooly stache going for a while!

  5. 2018. The fuller beard, cheek lines and the length at the chin really look good!

  6. Regardless of type, it's an excellent stache ! Definitely keep it growing;

  7. Fine looking beard regardless of the speed it grows!!!

  8. Yikes! I have warned what happens when going to a barber many times on here. While there are those out there that can do a beard justice, too too many seem hell bent on cutting off way too much. Sorry for your experience. Unfortunately you lost 4 months of growth that's going to take 4 months to get back. Do NOT cut it off, just start growing back the areas that have been decimated..... It will correct itself and you'll be back to where you were, and then some. It's not a total loss. Hopefully you won't be going back to that barber any time soon. If you do put the beard off limits! Just let it grow.

  9. The beard looks awesome! Keep it as is or grow it longer!

  10. I think now is the time to just let it grow!

  11. Excellent beard! Congrats on 3 months. The blonde in the beard looks great!

  12. Stop thinking that! It's a great looking beard!

  13. Congrats on achieving the yeard! It's one fine looking beard! Let the journey continue!

  14. Great looking stache! Keep growing it out!

  15. Love a good set of mutton chops! You can let those grow out longer, or keep them shorter. Definitely a cool look. I wore those for a while back in the 90's myself.

  16. Well, mine were in the 1990's. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Excellent beard and coverage! Definitely a beard to be grown! And it looks good in both lights....

  18. Awesome beard! Blowdryers do wonders for a beard! I've been using one on mine for years!

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