1. A personal favorite right here. You feel good the rest of the damn week when you get one of these!

  2. Just learn the same way you’d learn if it were tuned correctly. Just assume the piano is tuned the way it’s supposed to be. Yes, you’ll be playing Db instead of C, but as far as learning goes, it really shouldn’t affect you.

  3. My mini had to get shaved to get spayed. It’s slowly growing back and looks much better after a month or so. I’m sure she’ll be looking good in no time!

  4. I call my mini a psycho all the time. Amongst my family, she’s referred to as Rosemary’s Puppy! She sweet but 1,000% nuts!

  5. It didn’t include the Beauty & The Beast soundtrack, which is wilder because it had some bangers. “Be Our Guest”!! Freakin’ PEABO BRYSON on the main track! The absolute disrespect…

  6. Everyone’s does! It’s the perspective. Bust out the ruler the right way, and you’ll get the fight dimensions. It happens, bro. Just get comfortable with yourself and comments (or one) won’t matter.

  7. Superman: Secret Identity by Busiek and Immomen. A different take on Superman, but it’s still amazing and moving. And the art is perfection. The first of the four issues does cover his origin, but it’s a very different take. It was supposed to be an origin for Superboy Prime, but it ultimately wen in a slightly different direction, while still keeping some of the basics (though none of the crazy).

  8. Repetition, repetition, repetition. That’s honestly what it takes.

  9. Don’t do it. You won’t always have that option. Learn the other key signatures and scales.

  10. Let the S&L writers/directors pitch a Superman movie. They obvs know how to handle the character. First folks who have in YEARS.

  11. And the best part is how they didn't need to redo the origin story (aside from necessary flashbacks, which were brilliant, by the way) and put us right into the action because they understood that you don't have to completely reinvent Superman's character to make him relevant and compelling

  12. Yep. They don’t have to keep re-inventing the week with his origin story. We just wanna see him do cool stuff, fight bad guys, and be a good dude, all wrapped up in an interesting story. This shouldn’t be that hard.

  13. The recent Death of Superman movie was FANTASTIC. Written by Pete Tomasi. The second part was fun, too.

  14. Being from Mississippi I have never in all my life herd such foolery. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. For me the Luca episode is worse since I can't remember a single thing about it. But I remember My Emotions!, Prof Garrity and Who's The Boss? bits lol

  16. You mean you don’t remember about Jeff “Nipple Play” Winger?!

  17. I've watched that scene where Lois and Kal have their fight way too many times! The acting is top-notch

  18. Same here, bro. I’m down to play around with a guy, but that’s where the line is. I want to date/marry a woman but not a guy. Not sure where that puts guys like us in the spectrum, but that’s the deal.

  19. Tyler's Superman has more experience so he should theoretically be stronger but ultimately it's whatever the writers decided for both versions. I love both by the way.

  20. Wonder Woman: Dead Earth is a pretty good post apocalyptic mini series. Wonder Woman is the main lead, but there are a few appearances of other characters.

  21. I think there was a WW comic like that recently, but I don’t recall the name. And I think it focused pretty much all on her.

  22. Harriet out there putting babies in chokeholds for freedom 🤣

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