In the United States they have dedicated Sniper nests to watch the crowd at large scale events, this has also been confirmed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

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  1. Most high schools seem to have pools in California.

  2. If Ukraine got the actual support from the US as promised by the Budapest Memorandum, things would be different.

  3. What support does the Budapest Memorandum promise? It says that security council action will be sought for assistance. It isn’t a guarantee of military action.

  4. And even the security council stuff only in case of Ukraine being attacked or threatened by nuclear weapons. They were definitely not attacked by them. Threatened maybe but the security council already talked about this conflict and its actions were vetoed by Russia. The security council by design is useless in a conflict with a member of that council.

  5. Yea. But that disproportionate land grant is estimated to be a $14.3T difference in wealth between white and black families today.

  6. How is that gap determined? There are way more white families than black families in the US.

  7. Well I’m happy to see the narrative is false! If only the reading scores were so good. Those have been going down…

  8. US reading scores have been going down slightly over the past decade, but the US ranks higher there than for math or science.

  9. ooh so the tax adds up for the entire order and not the individual items?

  10. Correct. Some items, like groceries in most places, are also not taxed.

  11. The exact problem you point out (airport parity) is equally precent on this map.

  12. Correct. Notice that no where did I say this was a particularly good or useful map.

  13. You were contesting that it would "not really" be "more informative" to present it in other ways by presenting problems with all considered ways of presenting it.

  14. I see now that you’re not the person I was originally talking to.

  15. Who said they are suffering at the hands of Western Europe?

  16. That's not exactly what the comment implied.

  17. I live on the other side of the world and there are a lot of conversion I have to do because of the US and their imperial system. From not being able to visualize 6400 miles a youtube video narrator says, my physics textbook questions are in imperial measurements while all the formulas are in metric, my oven defaulted in Fahrenheit, and never being able to be 100% sure whether 06-04 means April 6th or June 4th. If Americans use the metric system there would be no ambiguity and all of this wouldn't happen.

  18. Colby is similar to cheddar. The rest on that list aren’t.

  19. Which jurisdiction do they plan to sue on, I could not see that mentioned?

  20. Under Malta’s laws abortion is allowed when the mothers life is in danger. They are suing because her life was in danger and the abortion was still refused.

  21. So the country operate according to its laws and they want to sue them?

  22. They’re suing from that stance that Malta didn’t act according to their laws. The mother’s life was in danger and the abortion should have been allowed.

  23. California just passed a law mandating zero copays and deductibles for abortion services.

  24. So you can get an abortion for free but not life saving healthcare? I don’t get America

  25. It is far easier to make small gains than to wholesale switch to a new system. California attempted to pass a universal healthcare bill earlier this year but it never made it to a vote. People are so shocked by the price tag that they separated the bill from the tax increase that would fund it. This would more than double the state’s budget.

  26. It’s hard to take you seriously when you’re doing the equivalent of “MyCountry” here. What industry do you work in?

  27. Google has it as $35015 from Statist. This is probably the source of the confusion lol.

  28. That is in chained 2012 dollars. So essentially dollars without a decade of inflation. The wiki article used to have to tables with the first one being dollars chained to 2009 or 2012 which also caused a lot of confusion.

  29. They're not literally the same all over the country but the suburban houses batteries do on a local scale. That's how they were built, by copy pasting 3 models for entire neighborhoods.

  30. Suburbia refers to large swatches of single family dwellings. You’re thinking of cookie cutter neighborhoods. They exist, and for a brief prior the phenomenon only three copy pasted models did exist. Neighborhoods built by large developers will match to some extent, but you’ll see closer to a dozen or more models now. Why? Because it is cheaper and faster to build that way and it allows for a small amount of customization.

  31. That is not a very large majority.

  32. 60% is ten percentage points higher than 50%, yes. But for some reason you’re neglecting that the people who disapprove also goes down 10 percentage points. There is a 20 percentage point gap. That is large. That is how you have the pool of supporters 50% larger than those who oppose abortion.

  33. After that thread we just went through let’s play nice here…


  35. Paid leave in the US is, unfortunately just like maternal leave, left to the states.

  36. I could’ve sworn women made up the majority of those in college for awhile now.

  37. Women have the been majority in upper education for decades. 2020 was the 12th straight year of women earning more doctorates.

  38. No for all the reasons everyone else says, but also - screw off, California. MAYBE we’d take everything north of the bay - if they asked real nice.

  39. Dear god, most people on earth live in poverty as a direct result of the exploitation of the west.

  40. The problem with people like you is that everything is a dichotomy. I dislike Russia so I must think the west is righteous.

  41. NY always seems to be about 10-15 years ahead of the rest of the USA.

  42. California was the first to enact paid family leave in 2002. New York’s law is relatively recent having been enacted in 2016.

  43. The Masonic Lodge now accepts women although they've always had a separate women's club, now women can go full 33rd degre.

  44. In the US? I’ve grown up around masonry my entire life and have never seen a Blue Lodge that admits women, nor any Scottish rite.

  45. Considering the fact that everyone at an American sporting event can legally carry a gun, no matter their background or mental capacity, I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with the obviously incorrect hot take.

  46. They've been banned at schools for decades, and yet here we are.

  47. Why do you think that a negative comment about one thing else automatically means that person has a positive view about some other unrelated thing?

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