1. Not necessarily. What Remains of Edith Finch was agreed while it was on sale

  2. Ever since I got Extra I've hardly looked at sales anymore.

  3. I still look at them and get tempted by a few, but can't justify getting games when I still have months of backlog

  4. Wait so I’m subscribed to Extra and if I go to Miles Morales main menu and choose to upgrade to ultimate edition, I get to keep it forever?

  5. I gave Ghost a few hours and couldn't really get into it, while I'm about 10 hours into HFW and loving it

  6. Not super relevant to this thread, but it's not worth a post either since this is basically a shower thought, but

  7. My PS5 (about 2 months old) has started making a weird sound with the fan (I'm 99% sure its the fan). During gameplay it makes a loud noise, kind of like the fan is hitting something or just not spinning right. What can I do?

  8. Hi there. I'm getting a PS5 very soon and I'm looking for some good ps5 games. I want to take advantage of the next gen features, like 4k, good graphics, good performance and such. I'm already planning to get Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart and upgrading Ghost of Tsushima to the ps5 version. What are some games you guys recommend are good and feel like a next gen experience? I'm mainly looking for 3rd or 1st person games. Thanks.

  9. Spider-Man, but Suicide Squad is the only other game I'm looking forward to. Though I wish they had a better lineup

  10. James Gunn is solid, but the issue I see is they're linking games with their bad movies. I suppose it's possible that the games will be better, but it's difficult to feel hyped over it.

  11. Black Adam is a bad movie tho and that’s supposed to be part of the restructuring…

  12. Black Adam was already released before Gunn/Safran were hired

  13. Death Squared is quite fun for an hour or two but then got a little easy/boring

  14. Its not a lose-lose at all, its an extreme win-win.

  15. Beal hasn't been elite for the last two years and you think he'll "still" be elite for the next 4 years??

  16. No defensive 3 second violation, only 5 personal fouls (techs also count towards this total and there's no separate limit on them), and possession arrow for jump balls (the only real jumpball is the opening tip and the loser automatically gets possession on the next jumpball and it alternates thereafter).

  17. They let him go way before the Knicks came in to the picture. People always forget the earlier lowballing

  18. even if they didnt lowball him at first, he was always going to the knicks.

  19. My grandma has a two word first name, and no middle name. Idk but I always found that funny.

  20. Im not even gone lie bro, I didnt even know he was on the Nets. I havent thought of him since the Bubble which feels like 5 years ago

  21. I knew he was on the Nets because when he signed everyone was saying KD is gonna regret his trade request because the nets roster is a contender if he stays

  22. I think most covid anti-vaxxers are, but I feel like a lot of anti vaxxers before covid were just random crazy ppl. Idk tho

  23. I think there's a much bigger flaw in the study.

  24. Lmao yeah she robbed that woman. And drax assaulted that meth head on Hollywood blvd

  25. Bro so casually out of nowhere too, like it just cuts to him and then he’s never seen again. Favorite part easily

  26. Wait that actually was him? They never showed him again, so I thought maybe i saw wrong

  27. I will preface this by saying I didn’t read the article.

  28. I'm about 5 hours in myself now, maybe a bit more, and it's not even just that I'm never thinking "This was better in HZD", basically every single facet of the game is better. Very impressed with it so far

  29. I have a question on how to get Horizon: Zero Dawn playable on the PS5. I already own the Complete Edition digitally on PS4, but when I went to my library to download it,

  30. I played the complete edition on ps5, but it was a PS4 version. I don't think there even is a ps5 version for you to upgrade to, that's weird

  31. What do you mean you don’t have time? Games are supposed to be completed at your own leisure, there’s no time limit or deadline by which you’re supposed to finish a game’s story. You may as well experience the game to its full potential, especially an immersive open world one such as this. I only have 30 min-1h a day to play, but I still embark on completing games however long they take.

  32. I have a lot of games in my backlog so I was planning on doing the main story with a few side quests mixed in, but based on the feedback here, I guess I'll try to do all/most of them

  33. Did you also think Robert Downey Jr was gonna randomly stop appearing in MCU movies after AoU?

  34. Bruh at this point Suits is probably the most remade show out there

  35. Isn't he blind? Did the writers not know? Because I don't even do comics yet I knew that.

  36. He's "blind". As in his eyes don't work but comic book logic allows him to still see as well as, if not better than, a normal person


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