1. Eden is one of the fave songs regarding fans taste and is a hype dance song that can go well even on TT with transition clips.. you know what he said on stream? that the song is mid.. HE REALLY DOESN'T GET WHAT THE FANS WANT AND WHAT CAN ATTRACT MORE NEW FANS ! I don't know what went down with his ex manager but at least he made the right choice about Car Crash i credit him for that. And if Jae planning to release a slow song again he better not demand 1M streams cause he won't get them simple as that. I won't say a word about his social media mess you said it all. PS Totally agree about Pacman the demand is right there but he just ignores it or he thinks can make people stream whatever HE wants ..this is not how it works we may love him but if i don't vibe much with a song i will listen 2-3 times and move on you can 't force the listeners to do whatever YOU want. So either drop whatever your choice is and don't ask for specific results or listen your fans / casual listeners on your posts asking for specific songs and get your numbers too.

  2. I love for Wallflower since 2021 but again it won't give him what he wants there is now way to get 1M streams first day with any song without the right hype before release and promo after that . We repeating ourselves at this point , but the bad effect of all this is that fans will start fighting at the end and blame each other cause we can't reach these goals .

  3. Just asking, what is the right hype in your opinion? Or can you name one song that would be suitable to release in this moment? Because I genuinely want to know your view ^^

  4. Hmm lowkey. But as some people say, knowing that a lot of people are neutral towards him really helps. Also it helps that now we are sure that the boys don't have any bad feeling towards each other. But... idk, I think I'm still kinda wary that some people define being a My Day as not liking him..? Really hope they can make clear of their views in their bio or carrd or sumn.

  5. I rlly appreciate u! I never knew abt any of this and was always curious abt the origins of those letters. And true it does suck, tiktok and yt shorts did this, but I can now tell ppl where the origins and that vocal tiers tiers does matter. I’m just shocked that Yonk and Wonpil is that low 😭 is Yonk rlly on the same level of singers like Liz, Giselle, V, Seungmin, Karina etc. And Wonpil is lower than them?? I feel like i overestimated day6’s vocals but it doesn’t matter to me, I love their vocal colors the most

  6. Late to the convo, but a lot of "vocal analyses" these days (emphasis on these days) have very loose criteria for their tiers and overestimate a lot of vocalists. KVA's analyses base their ratings on a wide range of aspects (support range, agility, breath control in belt range, mixed range, headvoice range, etc.) while these days I feel like you only need to have support to be considered a decent one (since so many vocalists are unsupported). So tiers are mostly inflated, and the tier comparisons you see these days, when put into KVA's og rankings are mostly just comparisons between vocalists at the bottom (at best lower half).

  7. The reactions to Visions are so good I'm so happy 😭😭😭 People are saying the quality of the music and the cinematic is great and some have had it as bgm already, I'm so happy for Jae that his work is this well received 😭😭

  8. Jae is rumored to be singing a song for Valo (might be a character theme song, might be a map theme song, idk I only play League) and it's highly possible cause Valo

  9. From the perspective of a gamer this is actually big, you have to have an idea of the reach this cinematic/song is going to have. First of all Valo is a trending title right now which means pretty much everything around it is going to be heavily covered and this cinematic is no exception. Second, this cinematic (1) is an official release from Riot, like it's quite literally game content from the developer (2) expands the lore and (3) hints at a new map. So it's going to attract dedicated followers of the lore and pure gameplay enthusiasts alike. Third, game music catches on with the community really well, especially if it comes from Riot themselves. Riot has a really good reputation of making good music, we sometimes even joke that the company should quit making games to focus on films and music. The song might spread from the cinematic, from Riot/gaming playlists or even highlight videos because it's pretty much made to game with. The last cinematic had 5.2 million views.

  10. What will be the next song after Typical Story?

  11. The songs that I won't be listening to on loop (based on what has been released/performed in public so far) are "I Might Piss You Off" and "All My Friends Are Dead", in addition to "Typical Story".

  12. Jae crossed out AMFAD from what I've heard bc he thought it was too mid. He's rewriting IMPYO which is a yay to me because I feel like that song has potential but the way he first wrote it (esp the verse) was kinda mid for me

  13. I’m new to Day6 so thank you so much for the new song recommendation. I haven’t even heard the whole song for the first time yet and I’m already obsessed 😍 Better Better on repeat! 🎧🎶

  14. Welcome to the fandom, glad you discovered them because their discography is such a gem, you will have such a ride listening to all of it. Just want to say get ready to have your fav song list changing everyday, when you listen to a new song, when you listen to a song you've not listened for a while, when you watch a live performance, when a song you thought you didn't like turns out to be fire. I promise you wouldn't regret it!

  15. Haven't listened to DAY6 properly in a while & I'm going through a lot of their classics today—Days Gone By, I'll Remember, I'm Serious, I Would, When You Love Someone—and somehow these songs feel as though they were from a whole lifetime ago.

  16. After the renewals I stopped listening to them for a while, because I thought it would make me sad. But the other day there was a streaming party on Stationhead for Jae, and they played a lot of DAY6 (I mean, that's the routine), and I was surprised that I didn't feel sadness, just excitement and love instead. I realized that when I listen to them, all that matters is their music, and everything else just fades away, at least for a while. I still get excited for their achievements, for their appearances, knowing well that there have been a lot of changes with the DAY6 I fell in love with back in 2020. And I even bought some more albums since lol. Maybe I've moved on better than I thought lol, but currently more than anything I'm looking forward to what they have to offer in the future. I've been getting a lot of sign of reassurance and closure, and maybe that put my heart at rest.

  17. It's so painful. The lyrics. The way he sang it and cried. The emotion he put in. The more I hurt for him, the more I appreciate how he was able to rise and live on after everything he has went through. He is a real soldier.

  18. All of them are long-time fans... I'm so grateful they still choose to stay after all these years.

  19. I'm finally leaving myday twt, I was able to handle the fights just to get updates from the members but my last straw was probably people uplifting the other then degrading the others by calling them a soulless band :)

  20. I feel the same. The (five) boys love, support, appreciate and treasure each other. I don't know why people from both sides even start these fights and spread toxicity and misinformation. To feel cool? To have the "moral high ground"? It's exhausting to the fandom and to the boys. And since they stan the boys, shouldn't they know their work and contributions the best? I think they just want to believe what they believe. I don't tolerate any discredit towards the current DAY6 members, as much as I don't tolerate Jae being discredited.

  21. Hi mods can I have a lil request? Can we pin information about Jae's releases (such as presave links and MVs) pls? So whenever we visit this sub we can be reminded to support him and also nonfans passing by know about his latest works?

  22. He can walk next to me and look like my college friend. And I'm ten years younger than him.

  23. Damn it i had half the minutes and I thought I was the highest in the top 0.001% 😭

  24. It's so beautiful seeing all the DAY6 albums in one place (I know that's not all of them but still lol) I hope you can fill it with more and more albums <3

  25. I think they are still selling Unlock? Bc I came on the Japanese distributor website the other day and they still have it. I bought it from a reseller though, for the cheaper price

  26. Again, sorry mods if I used the wrong flair but I dunno which other flair to use TT

  27. A gamer from my favorite team sang YWB on his stream the other day, he sucked but it was funny lol

  28. I've been a casual Loona fan since their debut and this recent news has been very surprising. Loona was growing and had so much potential, it's crazy how badly their company messed up. Wishing the girls all the best and I hope they leave the company!

  29. I'm not surprised tbh... Like news of Loona and Chuu being mistreated has surfaced for a while now (Chuu not being escorted by staff and have to paid for all of her solo scheds, the way their world tour kept dragging on with heavy schedules despite multiple members fainting, etc.) I just didn't think they'd be that dirty, trashing on Chuu. At least lucky no one is buying their narrative.

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