I just demanded that my doctor provide me with prescription pain killers before my colposcopy. Ladies, we need to start getting mean with doctors.

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I'm catching the vibration

  1. Just tell everyone our secrets, why don’t ya chatty. SMH

  2. I see moms in their mid-30s embracing the style. As a side note, I’ve noticed lately people in this sub are so catty towards anyone who doesn’t absolutely love the styles that are trendy right now. It’s exhausting.

  3. Shazam was interesting to me because not only was it a fanboy kid who suddenly became a hero, but because he was an absolute rat bastard of a kid. That's an interesting twist

  4. You should! It’s really good. My fiancé and I were pleasantly surprised by how much we’re enjoying it. We pretty much gave up on Obi-Wan but we’re excited for more Ms. Marvel.

  5. My fiancé made me a You themed Valentine’s card and wrote “I wolf you” inside and it was simultaneously the cringiest and best thing anyone has ever done for me. He couldn’t even hand it to me without cracking up.

  6. You might not have ingredients you can combine yet. The second slot is for combining ingredients to make more complicated dishes. Once you get going it’s really fun to see what you can put together and what comes out!

  7. That sun dried tomato pesto pasta is my go-to. Add a packet of red pepper flakes and it’s easily the best quick service meal.

  8. do you happen to know if you can order it without chicken or if it’s in the sauce already?

  9. I’ve always just grabbed one of the ready to go ones sitting on the counter, but I’m sure you could ask a CM!

  10. The beaches are not worth the stress of the parking situation.

  11. I have one particular street parking spot that never fails me, but if anyone ever blows the secret I don’t know how often I’d go to Laguna anymore.

  12. Ok but when I saw her live and everyone was jumping during Dog Days…was the first time I literally was scared the balcony I was on was going to collapse lol.

  13. She had to call out to the balcony at our show and beg them not to jump because it was making her nervous

  14. It’s good, it’s just around for way too long

  15. I got a colposcopy done and I didn’t feel anything. Should I be worried??

  16. I also hardly felt anything when I had mine done. Some soreness after but in the moment? Just uncomfortable, but no pain. That being said I’m all for people getting pain management if they need it.

  17. So I love abba and I’m kind of a super fan. However, my least favorite song of theirs is definitely dancing Queen.

  18. Waterloo would be perfect for mission breakout!

  19. Miles Morales is the first game I’ve ever 100%’d. It was so much fun and it’s been my gateway into gaming.

  20. I swear Disney got their idea for Cars from the Chevron commercials

  21. Wasn’t autopia briefly sponsored by chevron and these guys were the mascots?

  22. See that’s the thing. This may surprise you but there are women out there who want abortion outlawed and they will vote for people to do so. Why should they have their opinion stripped of them? People who like abortion vote for it, people who don’t, don’t.

  23. Nobody is having their opinion stripped of them. Your opinion is your own. It doesn’t mean you get to dictate what someone else does with their own body.

  24. I'm a CM on the DL side and I most often see them around the back side of Indiana Jones in the bamboo, and in the jungle area where the steam train cuts behind the back of the jungle cruise. There's one that hangs out onstage in galaxies edge in the que area even when the park is open but I've only seen him when I'm there as a guest.

  25. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s a calico so 99% chance she’s a girl.

  26. And she got adopted by a CM for being too domesticated. So she isn’t there anymore.

  27. Aw man :( I’m bummed I never got the chance to see her in person. But at the same time it’s good she has a loving home now!

  28. That one special week in the year where you can grab coral charm peonies 🤩 A friendly reminder that peonies are toxic to cats!

  29. Wow good to know! I buy peonies every year but luckily my kitty has never shown any interest in them.

  30. It’s actually beyond messed he’s allowed to run in 2024.

  31. The lyrics are some of the worst here, but my god does it slap

  32. I honestly can’t get into it because the lyrics are so awful.

  33. I’m jealous, this looks way better than DCA’s version.

  34. Which kinds did you get? I have a black one piece that's alright, but I have a pink, high waisted, cheeky waffle bottom which is absolutely terrible.

  35. I have two of the “cheekiest” ones (one ribbed green and one plain black) that I bought two years ago, and one “cheekiest” side-tie style in white that I bought this year. I will say that even though they both are labeled “cheekiest,” the side tie style had more coverage.

  36. Interesting. Do yours seem kinda wide in the front? Both target and aerie are too wide on me, almost like I'm wearing them backwards but I'm definitely not.

  37. The ones I bought most recently do seem wide in the front. I thought maybe it was the way I was tying them. The ones from a few years ago don’t.

  38. Disneyland was so small! And it was weird to look around and see local businesses’ signs sticking up.

  39. Genuinely confused… where in the parks did you see signs for local businesses?

  40. I literally left my Howard Johnson’s, walked past an IHOP, crossed the street, and there I was. When I was waiting to get in, I turned around and saw every hotel in diner in Anaheim.

  41. It’s a quick, enjoyable read. I liked it a lot but I wasn’t going in expecting it to be anything special.

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