1. btw if you get lost you can type "/leader" without quotation marks to localize where your leader are (most likely they will be at your town)

  2. Can you explain more about the unique biomes? Only those races spawn there or do they get a benefit from being in them? I know you can go between biomes regardless of race right?

  3. Is some of this new? I feel like I definitely did desert stuff as a white a few months ago,

  4. It's been like this since 2020. You were playing in a moment when the server had less than thirty players (all the restrictions are deactivacted).

  5. Sometimes you gotta be a little selfish to survive. I don't think it worth to risk your life to save a baby except in a few cases (e.g if the baby is a girl and town got no fertiles but you AND you're 35+). Baby has almost nothing to loose if it dies in the middle of nowhere, but you could have clothes and useful items that other members of the family would miss. But I get it, you're a new player and a kind person :)

  6. It's hard to an early town to survive when like 90% of its population are new players (but this barely happens, to be fair). Most of them starve because there's no clothes to keep them warm and there's not enough food, and they don't know how to look for it in the wild. It always need some older players to spend their whole life just cooking/hunting for everyone, which is kinda a boring and unpleasant assignment, so...

  7. I try my best to teach the young'uns how to do things.

  8. Me too, but when there's like a baby boom of newbies it's hard to handle, so most of times I just recommend

  9. Um ano novo que passei completamente sozinha

  10. TEOB, mas você foi muito mais.

  11. acharia, é facil falar quando não é vc na situação, deixa uma criança junto da mãe folgada do krl ir na sua casa, quebrar as coisas que vc lutou pra ter e sair falando "ah, coisa de criança, elas fazem isso", o cara teve reação de proteger um bem precioso pra ele, a porra da visita que não sabe controlar a merda da criança que ela tem e deixa fazer tudo, ações tem reações, a mãe não impediu a criança de tentar quebrar o videogame e ta ai, um acidente onde a criança teve a mão quebrada por irresponsabilidade da mãe

  12. Não deito na cama com roupa que tava usando na rua ou sem estar completamente limpa, também troco o lençol ao menos 1x na semana;

  13. Same here, but on Tor browser...

  14. Laboratório de anatomia humana

  15. Sempre legendado com áudio original.

  16. Ebook se for um livro grosso ou com vocabulário antigo/ complexo, porque no Kindle dá pra ler consultando dicionário e wikipedia. Também poupa o trabalho de segurar o livro aberto.

  17. From what I understand, shovels used in graveyards don't count towards them breaking - or at least that's what Twisted said was in the patch notes during a video I watched the other day, but I'm not sure how old it was.

  18. Really??? Oh well, if that's true, then graveyards are not that bad, although it still takes a lot of space/time/flat stones.

  19. There is a player, old timers know him: Morti. I trolled him a few times, because he is a softie, plays a lot but complains a lot too.

  20. Tem que começar com qualquer leitura que prenda sua atenção.

  21. My favorite thing to do in this game ever

  22. You can trade with desert family

  23. When trading for horse be sure to bring cart and wear a sheepskin for saddle

  24. It depends on the day and mood.

  25. As an addendum, under 15, there is no language barrier. Also, there are no active biome bands. Birthing mechanics are linked to wells or cisterns.

  26. If there exist less than 15 players on a server, which does occasionally happen on bs2 even, then one is fertile in a 160 tile radius from the well/pump or cistern that the player used last (I think it's 160, I'd have to find and check the relevant code section to know for sure). Otherwise one is infertile. Unless one is an Eve or Eve's child and no one in the family has used a well or cistern yet (this is called "free reign"... one also cannot be fertile in another family's radius... an Eve has to step outside of another family's radius to have "free reign"). I can maybe make this clearer by referencing a recent example.

  27. Wow. Two years playing this game daily and I had no ideia how fertility and wells could be relatable. Thank you for clarify.

  28. I've seen some people doing this with the excuse of "save hoe/iron" in small farms with lack of soil and it makes me wanna die 💀

  29. After that happend, me too so I asked someone to shoot me with arrow, but they said they didn't want to get their hand dirty. I was denied the death wish as well. It was miserable.

  30. Most probably it was stolen from dead towns.

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