1. I interpreted it more as the arrogance of Americans thinking they can just show up at a family’s home claiming heritage and expect other people to drop everything for them

  2. Ahhhh the stereotypical American trying to “claim” their European heritage

  3. She’s decent, nothing too out there though, nice to listen to but that’s about it

  4. yes! i was so surprised Abel is coming to my country (Estonia) 🇪🇪when i saw the announcement I literally cried my eyes out because it will be my first Abel concert. I am so happy 🥹🤍

  5. same for me ❤️ i’m so happy for everyone who gets to see him, whether it’s their first or yet another time

  6. i started listening to Abel in his Starboy era and I have no regrets, this man is just incredible, words cannot describe it. I am #1 MJ fan and his music reminds me so much of him. 🥰 Cant wait for next year!! XO 🖤

  7. stoppp, I was like 12 when I first heard The Party & The After Party and was obsessed with it but 13 (2014) when I started regularly listening to him, BUT MJ will forever be my first idol :smile: XO

  8. Wasn’t Bombshell kind of a MeToo movie?

  9. no face is symmetrical so yes, you can

  10. I interpret Less Than Zero as being the story of Abel becoming romantically involved with a woman much like himself and deeply caring about her. Over time, the relationship begins to sputter because she is working on herself and changing. He, however, is still stuck in his ways (which makes sense with the purgatory theme of Dawn FM). He doesn't think he's capable of moving on from those ways, and is essentially pleading with her to not leave him.

  11. i love this take! also „you rather leave me than to watch me die in your arms” works with this theory. she’s moving onto better headspace and healthier (perhaps) lifestyle while he’s stuck in this downward spiral of darkness or rather purgatory, where everything’s the same until you get to heaven. scorpio moon realness 🤟🏻 hopefully next project will tell us/give us some insight on his journey to bettering himself 🖤

  12. Blik, paczkomaty, darmowe wykształcenie

  13. The Weeknd: My God white, he in my pocket Me: My God why is he in my pocket? 🤡

  14. I’ve always heard it was “if you’re gonna hold me, girl. What have I done now? Don’t blame me, what have I done now, please just hold me, what have I done to my baby, I hope you don’t know, baby”

  15. You can always try, or file a claim in your bank or through PayPal

  16. No idea how, since my whole family tree is based on people from Poland who also lived in a 100km radius from each other, BUT my DNA results showed 23% of Balkan heritage — Now explain THAT!

  17. Było pytanie o 500+ to może teraz pytanie o 13stki i 14stki? Za czy przeciw?

  18. Fifty Shades of Grey fans thinking Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are madly in love, and he’s miserable with his wife (who he also shares 3 kids with). They’ve been at it for years!

  19. I don’t think so? DK doesn’t even recommend spaghetti straps for some, so I can imagine why he wouldn’t recommend tube tops either

  20. Thanks to this new update my sim died out of nowhere, or rather disappeared. Then I checked and it says she (which was literally ME) died of hunger and she was fed and everything 😭 i’m so sad

  21. NTA. It doesn’t excuse the rough childhood you had, but it sounds like your mom was struggling as a single working parent. She was working to provide for you but didn’t have the time, energy, or other resources to build a relationship and enjoy life with you. I’m so sorry you didn’t have what you needed in your mom.

  22. Hi; thank you for a reply! Just to clarify something: she wasn’t technically a single parent? She’s been married to my stepfather since I was 8 but she’s been with him since I was 5/6. He’s a truck driver and only comes home for the weekends, which is also not an ideal for me because she once again puts all of herself to make his time at home great, but when’s he’s working they talk on the phone for long hours.


  24. He sings about threesomes/group sex way beyond the House of Balloons era. A few instances off the top of my head:

  25. in “Or Nah” his lyrics go; “I'm tryna fuck her and her friends” not “can I bring another bitch let’s have a threesome” (that’s Ty Dolla $ign’s part)

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