Fiancé found and restored her childhood teddy bear

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Man with a Pan Vs Alligator

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I’m a dad of 2 girls under 10 with split custody. As they’ve gotten older, there are times they get too embarrassed to tell me things. Got this idea a few years back from but made some for myself. They have been awesome for helping my girls feel comfortable talking to me about anything!

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  1. I'd love to go to promegante with you!

  2. I will always upvote this video, no matter the number of times it's reposted. Thanks for this.

  3. Exactly. Reposted… but I'm glad!

  4. How do humans breathe with bike helmets strapped around their chins?

  5. The things on its legs are pollen baskets! Quite full ones at that. It's where bees store pollen to take back to their hives

  6. I would love to see the rest of the story but light text ona dark background makes me nauseaus. But congrats to the Dad I guess.

  7. Rapunzel and Flynn were right!

  8. I was replying to you! I looked up videos online because I hadn’t heard of that before and it looks like that’s what was happening. I think your assessment is correct 🐝😊

  9. Oh, cool! Were any of the videos good enough that you'd recommend them? I wouldn't mind learning more!

  10. Nice! Yeah, that does look like she's doing the same thing. So mainly packing it down, according to that. Makes sense.

  11. Doesn't anyone realize that we are swimming in our own...?!


  13. The most important thing is your safety, period. Always keep that in mind first. Don't risk your own safety for the possum.

  14. I mean as a truck, it's probably pretty low on the list. I'd never consider a gladiator if I was in the market for a truck (which is why I drive a tacoma). Similar to how a Wrangler Def isn't the best suv.

  15. I've never understood the hate for Gladiators, especially on this sub.

  16. Wow, that's gorgeous! It looks like an intricate flower -- quite appropriate for Hawaii!

  17. Here's one a lot of people will hate… Remember, the assignment was "controversial"…

  18. In an entire galaxy, long ago, far, far away, why are there only, like, four people who do anything. And “maybe they’re related?!” is always the game being played.

  19. I think it's just because the original twist -- Vader being Luke's father -- was such a mind-blowing surprise at the time, because it was really a new plot device in modern movies, especially for the kids.

  20. I agree with most others in this post about both the possum (getting it to a rehabber) and the relationship (need to do some serious reevaluation), so I won't repeat all of that.

  21. I can hear the weird high pitched "uuunnghhh mmmmnnnggghhhhh" from the skeksies in my head whenever anyone says dark crystal. This little bird baby is definitely Chamberlain 😆🤣🤣

  22. Yeah, like right after he was stripped of all his ceremonial/status garb.

  23. It really is. 2002 V8 Overland. Lived in Texas it's whole life. Picked it up for under 4k a couple weeks ago. 120k miles.

  24. Ah, yeah, those blend doors cost me probably $2-3K total to get fixed. Lots of labor costs there. If you replace any of them, make sure they use the redesigned replacement parts (probably all you can find anyway), and make sure they replace all of them at once so they don't have to take them apart again. (I think there were just two, but there's definitely more than one. They didn't tell me that when they replaced the first one, plus the heater core problem below, which totaled probably close to $3K over a few visits to the shop over a few years. If they do it right in one shot, I think it would have been around $1300, which is hefty enough itself.)

  25. I need to get a 360 cam, they definitely consider me an unofficial member. Literally follow me to the store, the park, even out to eat. I was hiking near my apartment the other day and a few crows recognized me and started following along and flying close asking for food. Followed me my entire hike and back home. My favorite stalkers

  26. Aw, that's adorable! I hope I can make friends with a murder like that someday.

  27. Are we not going to talk about the tank?

  28. Hmmm, I believe that tank is being operated by a blind teddy bear!

  29. That's what I thought, too! But I wasn't quite sure enough to call it a teddy bear. Whatever it is, it appears to be very well loved!

  30. "Have I ever told you how I got these scars?"

  31. I'm all for saving the bees -- I've planted tons of coneflowers in my own yard just for them. But this is the sort of thing -- clearly lying and faking things to cover something with a law that was clearly not intended for that -- that makes people detest politicians and distrust and oppose them.

  32. Set up a google calendar event for, say, five years from now, with the info in the description; and set an email reminder, and that's when you'll get the reminder.

  33. Best story we heard was from the guy at Advance when we were buying replacement batteries: Drafted +/- 1970 to Vietnam. Did numerous tours over there. Worked his way up to Staff Sgt of the motor pool. That guy had some stories. Super awesome to get these guys talking. Some of them like to look under the hood or sit in it. It was super popular at two different 4th of July parades. One guy told us, “this was my favorite entry.” Then when we were parked at the ice cream shop, we let a group of three little 5 year old girls (in tutus of course) hop in and play “pretend parade”. One drove and the other two waved and threw pretend candy. It was fantastic.

  34. You're really trying to get me to buy it, aren't you?

  35. Not anywhere close to the same character, though, and I say that as a UTV owner as well.

  36. It's tempting to buy it just to take it to events and listen to the stories.

  37. What’s the inside joke?


  39. I do like how the animal ass prints add more height though. The three sea shells felt cramped, no pun intended

  40. there is a whole forest of them somewhere in Poland and apparently, nobody can explain how it happened

  41. Most places, it's caused by deep, heavy snow on a slope. Often, the trees at the bottom of the slope will bend gradually due to all that weight pressing toward them. When the snow melts, you're left with bent tree trunks -- and a lot of confused people who see them in the summer.

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