The United States government made an anti-fascism film in 1943. Still relevant 79-years later…

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Hi, I'm a former model. You don't need a portfolio to get signed by an agency. You need one for getting work after you're signed. Your agency will guide you in building one. Aside from that, though, there's no point in your doing that now at age 16 if you're going to wait two years, because you won't look the same anymore and you'd have to do it over anyway.

  2. I am not too interested in nude shots. Since I am just starting out, I'd like to try commercial, fashion, swim, or fitness. I am trying to do a lot of different shoots to see which one fits best. Also, what if you have body piercings?

  3. Hi, I'm a former model, not black, but I do not think piercings are a plus usually. It will limit you. A model should be a blank canvas. It isn't about you, it's about the clothes or product you're hired to show. -edit typo

  4. No I'm sure that's fine. I meant more like nose rings etc

  5. Republicans purposely defunded the IRS for years. Your overlords have got you right where they want you good sir. You only have to worry about it if you are cheating on your taxes. The IRS goes after alot of bad people. Sometimes agents need guns. They are enforcing the tax laws. Always have. I dont cheat on my taxes. The IRS busting down my door for tax evasion does not concern me or most Americans. This is class warfare. You are on the wrong side.

  6. Oh my God. And people still ask how Nazi Germany could have happened. The Democrats have weaponized the IRS against dissenters, how do you not know this? Have you heard of Lois Lerner?? Do you actually believe what you wrote?!?

  7. Imagine thinking you can live in a civilized society not paid for with taxes.

  8. If you have to resort to strawmen, maybe examine your ideas. Nobody says we can have a "society without taxes." What we object to is punishing taxation and tax dollars being used foolishly.

  9. Hi, I'm a former model in the agency system (female). I found the guy in that movie to be very attractive, which I think he knows perfectly well. First of all, I'd say being a POC is an advantage right now, but it's also true that there's never as much work for males as there is for females in any case.

  10. Pretty sad since the police chief who issued the stand down order is a Beto supporter.

  11. I realize some of you seem to have a blind spot about our Beto, but I and others can easily picture him and his cohorts going "Welp, the mass shootings don't seem to have an effect, but hey! Maybe some dead KIDS! Yeah that's the ticket." Do you not see anything odd about the stand down order? All those cops just standing outside while he shoots kids? Restraining parents from trying to enter the building? Well I sure do. And I'm not the only one. And how did a kid living with his grandma on welfare afford $4,000 worth of weaponry? And what made him decide to shoot up an elementary school? None of it makes sense. And how convenient that so many of these sudden "mass shooters" end up dead at the end. Loose ends?

  12. Care to produce an example? I think just darkening the image with a black layer set to multiply, erasing (not masking?) it with a brush, and then fiddling with the hue seems like it would not reproduce this effect at all. The darks are actually pretty light, like it's washed out and there's a bloom/glowing effect. There's a grainy texture as well.

  13. I'll upload something to Imgur and post shortly. This is how I do it all the time

  14. Nope. That "doctor" is apparently a woke crazy guy, more interested in being politically correct than factually so.

  15. Oh my God I thought this was a meme when I saw it earlier. OMG

  16. Hi, I'm a former model. The first step is to see if there are modeling agencies in your city. You call them and ask if there's a day they set aside to see new people. Once you're signed, the way it works is that they send you on bookings you night be right for; that is, you don't exactly get to choose who you work with or for. But one way to try to get in with you you want would be to find out what photographer they use and then get in with him. You make the rounds and do "go-sees" which means you go to the various studios and introduce yourself and leave your comp card so they know how to reach you.

  17. And Romney had a relative on the board of Burisma.

  18. Sorry, i thought so, but its been hectic in hear, and wanted to be sure. Thanks for the support.

  19. Well you have it! I'm glad someone is speaking up on this.

  20. Sad thing is, economics ant my field of studie. I only have a fundamental understanding of it all works.

  21. With the people our universities are churning out lately, I'd say the self-educated are probably better.

  22. It also helps to put a little cinnamon by any doors or access points. It actually works. Just a little scoop of it in a saucer. They hate it. My dogs never went for it or disturbed it.

  23. What a perfect depiction of their ability to see.

  24. I'm going to stream it on Roku. You can find KXAN on various streaming channels.


  26. Well I've always said they can't see past their own noses. Hey Kamala! Lens caps. You're supposed to remove them.

  27. It's more because young people are statistically more, shall we say reckless according to actuarial tables. I recently started Drivewise or Milewise or something with Allstate and it lowered my rate. But it's only good if you don't drive a lot. You're charged according to how many miles a month. It works for me since I work from home. You do have to attach a gizmo to your car.

  28. She can't. She broke her arm patting herself on the back.

  29. They inconveniently give the lie to "Minorities can't succeed due to systemic racism"

  30. Now that would make for a very asymmetrical day indeed. I approve. Asymmetrically of course.

  31. I have a feeling this person just learned the word "asymmetry" yesterday (though he didn't learn to spell it apparently) and couldn't wait to use it in a sentence.

  32. Some years ago I saw a Canadian woman on Good Morning America who had been diagnosed with cancer. They told her she could have surgery in 18 months (!). They hope you die before you can use any expensive services. She went over the border to upstate New York and had surgery there (I don't know the details of her payment etc) What people need to realize is that NOTHING is free. Nothing. The government isn't just sitting on piles of money. Anything it spends is money it has taken from the citizens' wallets. And "free" health care for all is mediocre to bad health care for all.

  33. A traditional hairstyle that is used by the native foos from the Marbach area to identify one another. This hairstyle has evolved into a similar style called the Edgar as a method of demonstrating who’s troka quema más cuh

  34. Aha so it's a dangerous neighborhood?

  35. It's not dangerous (not to say that nothing dangerous has ever happened there), but pearl-clutchers from Stone Oak and Bulverde and Alamo Ranch have a hard time telling the difference between "poor and working-class brown people" and "criminals".

  36. Hah! Good to know since I live there now haha

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