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  1. Welp i did it again. Finish my deadlifts was doing 2rep sets heavy as i can. By the time i was done i could barely see straight go to spray the area of my platform where my sweat has been dropping. Squeeze the spray bottle, BLAM directly into my retinas. Had it backwards. Wish i could say this was the first time. I also wish i could say its hard to tell with these spray bottles, but they are normal bottles with a spout on one side. I try to play it off like i did it to cool down as the chemicals are dissolving my cornea. Look to my right and there is a guy who saw it all go down giving me a thumbs up while giggling. Solid work out though

  2. I'd start calling her by her first name. Mom's don't throw out their kids.

  3. Obviously this is a fucked up reason to throw out your kid. Objectively speaking there are plenty of situations moms can throw out their kids and it will help the kid

  4. I really can't imagine homelessness ever improving someone's life. Psychologically, homelessness causes and worsens depression, anxiety, stress-related issues, fear, and more. There are connections to increased substance abuse. These issues cause lasting trauma from which the victim may not ever fully recover.

  5. Kicking someone out of your home doesn’t render said person homeless in every scenario lol

  6. I value the journey alright, but killing shamans is completely braindead while still requiring attention to dodge the spawns which makes them really annoying.

  7. Been a lot of ways back in the day, probably wont work on modern bots though. You used to be able to make your name similar to green dragon, wear all green, be same combat level and sometimes it wluld work for some bots. But tbh bots probably just have player attack options off anyways now and with the toggle to prevent skulling all together, good luck

  8. iLadies has the most interesting build i have seen in recent history, i thought about it

  9. Also add crystal crown override for the helm if you own one!

  10. Bc a crown would provide all the same benefits thematically

  11. Thanks, idc if there’s a lot of drama going on with Sparc, a 1 hp clutch is always gonna be sick

  12. 5x drop rate dry on Zulrah. Completed CG at 175. Balanced

  13. :) I met my wife of 7 years, mother to our boys, 15 years ago, mining coal south of Draynor.

  14. I don't know if maybe i'm doing something wrong, but the gym got new barbells, and using them for bench press is the worst thing in the history of existence.

  15. At my gym there are two guys who are either co workers or friends. We have the same schedule so I've see them often for the past 4 months. Every lift no matter the set up, no matter the lift they are literally doing the lift together. As in the spotter is helping the lifter move the bar for the duration of the exercise. They use insane amounts of weights for every lift and it has become quite comical to see how they figure out to help each other because they barely can do one rep alone. My favorite has been the seated overhead press in a smith machine rack. Easily 90 kg on the bar. The lifter barely got it past his chin and the friend was on the outside of the rack curling the bar with him for the rest of the reps. 250 lb SINGLE ARM curl machine reps, one friend is curling the other is chest pressing the lever. I don't think I have seen them do a lift without help except the rare once every 2 week squat day. In which the put they the pad on the bar and have it sitting on their neck. Their gym creativity and unawareness is unmatched.

  16. This reminds me of those short circus strongmen who throw each other around lol

  17. I'm basically a completionist at this point, so I want to do all I can do! My endgame is pretty juicy, with COX, TOB, PNM, and inferno to look forward to! I can also reach 2200 total eventually (although I can't currently max thanks to Con)

  18. I'm guessing I "max" (currently at 2211 total) in like 2025? I'm more focused on PVM and clues in the meantime!

  19. Fr, should be able to toggle catch off for specific imps

  20. You can let Runelite highlight certain imps, so just highlight the ones you want. Oh and make a notification when a dragon imp shows up! There are a lot of bots catching nature imps to force spawn dragon imps, but if you bring a dark lure cast with you you can steal em away under their noses

  21. I have eclectics highlighted, that does absolutely nothing to stop from clicking other imps enormous hit boxes. Thanks though

  22. While you are getting yelled at in the living room Parker is logging in with his account and trade stealing all your gear. Next day in school he's telling how a shade attacked your account and he tried to kill it, but u didn't have 43 prayer yet so he ate the two lobsters in your invy, but the shade hit too much. "I swear!" Next day he has a d med and a d longsword.

  23. Woah. I had no idea content would get that fucking hard later on. Jesus fuck, thats so long to learn???

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