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  1. The “company” name is “Breathless Cannibis Co.” 😂😂😂

  2. I would pull the left handed driver out and send it with a nice fade right up onto the green

  3. You’d be better off vaping the shit that come out of the pumps 🥴

  4. My playing partner only puts music on if I’m kicking his ass lol. Which doesn’t affect me but he seems to think it does.

  5. I’m using upwards of 20 gigs just running Discord, Precision X1 and CoD Warzone. I had 16 gigs before and ran the same programs but Windows likes utilizing the extra now.

  6. PSU being up top is fine, mobo will not bottleneck your setup.

  7. The 550w may be close to not being enough, but PSUs are relatively cheap compared to other PC parts so picking up a 650/750 shouldn’t be too expensive. It should run what you have just fine though.

  8. For $1k it’s not worth it, but I have an i5-11600k with an EVGA 3060 and my wife has an i7-10700k with a Zotac 2070 super.

  9. Same batch number…. I just really don’t think it tastes like live resin. At least not the live budder version.

  10. Thanks, gonna check mine when I get home and see if it’s the same.

  11. Soo I copped this today after seeing your review on “dirty feet” and i have to say myself, that’s just how Mac1 taste. I had mac1 flower from klutch and it was a fruity dirt funk taste so I can see how you say this live resin taste like dirty feet. Literally taste like sweet funky dirt very weird taste but I feel like it’ll grow on me. Overall effects are on par with mac1 flower. Just gotta get used to the taste, but I would cop again. Next I wanna try the dosi x pp sounds gas.

  12. The “slurricane” cart you said you want to get is amazing. It actually tastes like live resin.

  13. UPDATE: I emailed Cresco about the issue. They requested photos of the products, batch numbers, dispensary info and descriptions of what’s wrong with them. They also asked for the receipt but I don’t keep my receipts. So I guess we will see what happens.

  14. All of my Columbia/S&S carts have looked that way, otherwise they were great!

  15. Cresco is a highly regarded company, but 3 out of the 4 live resin carts I’ve had from them tasted like dirty feet. The slurribreath cart was the only one that tasted like marijuana. If that cart is even real..

  16. Do u even get stoned off hits or u jus mainly use it for medical purposes

  17. I’m a medical patient in Ohio and I RARELY feel much anymore when I smoke. Doesn’t matter what it is, edibles, carts, flower… they just alleviate the pain I used to deal with on a daily basis.

  18. Do you know if you can use a print out card at dispensary once you get the email ?

  19. I went the first few times and just showed them the card on my phone. Got my “card” sent to me within 15 mins after paying the fee online.

  20. Was playing my first benefit tournament with a couple of friends. Teed off on a par 4, topped it 80 yards into the rough and didn’t even make it to the red tees. Hit a 7 iron out into the fairway, then proceeded to hole out with my 56° from about 100 yards out for a birdie.

  21. I’ve gotten a few medical carts from Ohio med dispensaries and they were dark. co2 extracted oil, and it was dark dark. Tasted amazing and medicated well, but it was just dark oil.

  22. I wish the person that found my 2 week old range finder would have at least left their number at the pro shop instead of just taking it and not being honest or honorable at all about it.

  23. I’ve found that live resin carts burn slower for some reason, but turn your battery down if possible and smoke less.

  24. Why they gotta blame an Ohio dispo for this shit 💀

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