1. Flashcards are great. I personally don't like Anki, so I DIY the SRS component of my flashcards. Oh, and I use Clozemaster.

  2. Clothes don't have IDs. Any ID can wear anything. It's all in the total look.

  3. I agree with 99.9999% of these, but I will always love ScarJo in that red dress on the right!

  4. People are generally impressed to hear that I speak French. I assume that's because Spanish is a lot more popular in the US in general.

  5. I’m excited! I plan my language learning in five-week blocks, and I am still working on the details of the block that starts September 4, but I know it’ll be more fun with a team of accountability partners.

  6. I've noticed a lot of poor grammar in Unit 7 (old version) of the English-Spanish tree. Like, there was a sentence this morning that said "she only likes soccer and action movies." So I responded as though the sentence was referring to movies about soccer and action movies. No. The answer was "solo le gustan el fútbol y las peliculas de acción." As in, "She only likes soccer and ALSO action movies." Totally illogical.

  7. I know that there are movies about soccer, but I don't really think of "soccer movies" as being a thing.

  8. Neither do I, but that would hardly be the weirdest sentence I’ve seen on Duolingo.

  9. What he probably meant is that you shouldn't rely on apps/Anki to give you the word in TL for you to translate to NL, but the oposite, getting the word in your NL and remembering the same one in your TL. That is the definition of output in this post, the fact that you produce the word.

  10. That makes sense. But I feel like you have to build up to that. I could definitely try that with some cards. Others, not so much.

  11. Congrats and thank you! This is fantastic and so useful to read.

  12. The first four are all interconnected. #1 leads people to look for people who teach things like #3 and, arguably, a lot of that is #4. And #2 and #3 are a lot of the same people.

  13. Because I am on here making a post cause I thought this was a safe place for jokes and venting and people are vultures surrounding me. I literally didn’t ask. If I wanted that I would have posted on the Kibbe page…?

  14. No one is being a vulture. Seriously, this is a remarkably tame discussion.

  15. Do not call me a teenager and do not talk to me. I am venting frustration and you are simply annoying me.

  16. Ok, pardon my calling you a teenager. I didn't mean it to be an offense; I just meant that this response to (again, reasonably tame!) commentary was excessive.

  17. I also wonder if people don't realize that Romanian is a Romance language and assume it's a Slavic language, and therefore harder, and therefore not worth their time? Idk. Maybe people are smarter than I assume they are.

  18. Tbh a fundie Wednesday is what Free Jinger users hoped Jinger was.

  19. For French: it was a requirement to take a language and it fit into my schedule, but I fell in love with it!

  20. I am pretty confident OP is referring to language learning as a hobby.

  21. If it's a practical word, I struggle to memorize it to think of it when it's necessary.

  22. Yeah, it definitely depends on the word! Not every word is essential.

  23. I am on mobile and don’t have time to write an essay, but remember that “lines” are a myth created somewhere on the internet. There are no “lines” for the IDs. They all have accommodations, and essences, but not lines. Even if they did, the stereotypes online are so off-base.

  24. Hmmm okay that helps, I did not know that. Thanks! So basically I should be fine as long as I’m accommodating my vertical. Time to find my essence I guess haha

  25. In Kibbe, essence and ID are tied. So yeah, you’re still a regal lady, but TBH, as long as you’re accommodating vertical in your day-to-day life, don’t worry as much about the essence for now.

  26. The curve is absolutely from my bone structure. It has remained even when I was underweight. I’ll look more into FN. Thank you!

  27. Can I just say that your attitude makes me smile? So many people come through here and insist that they absolutely MUST be X and lash out at people who suggest otherwise. Thank you for being open and willing to explore! I hope you figure it out quickly.

  28. There are 2 ways, both of which have instructions in the Strictly Kibbe group on Facebook whose rules forbid members from reposting them

  29. And honestly, asking for just the one exercise out of context isn’t going to help, anyway!

  30. I am of two minds on this one. I love Seinfeld. One of my all-time favorites. I would be thrilled to watch it in a foreign language. But does it make sense in a foreign language? I’m not sure it translates quite right.

  31. Egypt is also notorious for high risk of sexual assault for women travelers. 99.3% of Egyptian women say they've been sexually harrassed; 96.5% of those say they have been physically assaulted. Tourists infamously are not at all exempt from this.

  32. And sadly, this is why I, a single female traveler, do not have the guts to visit Egypt now.

  33. There are more places I wouldn’t go in this world as a single female traveler, than places I would. It’s really sad and depressing to have this realization.

  34. Yeah, it’s true. A lot of the trip reports male travelers write just aren’t feasible for a woman traveling solo.

  35. Hi there! The character count for posts is 40,000- I spoke with another mod today about if there is a way around it, and they mentioned that posting from desktop allows for longer posts. I think I’m going to pull out my laptop and keep my fingers crossed it still works, and start posting from there. I know the “part 2” is rather annoying and breaks up the flow of reading, I apologize.

  36. Verified profiles scare me a bit. Who's doing the verifying, and how are they doing it? But unverified profiles are also clearly not great. Otherwise, this post wouldn't exist!

  37. My sister has a hand-me-down snoo from a friend. It was barely used (her kid didn't like it). It's amazing! The only minor issue was the transition to the crib at about six months, but that worked out in the end, too. My other sister and I are hoping to eventually be able to use this same hand-me-down snoo.

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