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  1. Stole £50 from Mr Burling which is worth 40weeks of work in those days and because Eva still went to Mrs briling for money you can tell how Eric is lying and probably took some of that £50 for himself.

  2. I'm actually interested to know my stats now lol.

  3. I was born in 1955. Every Friday after school my mother would take me to a local cafe and buy me a coke from a machine just like this. It was like a small miracle. We didn’t even have a refrigerator at that time so getting an ice cold bottle of the mysterious Coca Cola from America was just glorious. Taking the top off on my own was the icing on the cake.

  4. Wow surreal thinking about people experiencing these things as new technology, basically, in the past.

  5. I can stop eating different beans. Borlotti beans, and green beans have taken over my life.

  6. 200 proofs! Most of which are restatements and all of which are laughably easy to debunk.

  7. Thank god fact check sites are a thing. Have saved me from so many embarrassments these days.

  8. Hey guys, Peter Griffin here to explain the joke, returning to reddit for my wholesome cake day. So basically, we often forget about the fact that there were other babies born around the same time as us and in the same hospital, as we will likely never see those people again in our lives. Peter out!

  9. pls do, my French teacher is pretty bad and hasn’t really given us resources like that

  10. Your french teacher isn't bad, stop putting your own faults like not revising on them.

  11. Probably murdering someone right now as you read this.

  12. Fuck me, you just put so much into perspective and I feel dizzy now thanks.

  13. If I move it very gently and slowly my asshole doesn't clench but it is very hard to do

  14. That is so cursed.. same effect I got from the Tampasta tampon I once saw on b3ta

  15. I saved the comment. It's what I aim to achieve in life lol.

  16. Then there is the one which is pretty much immortal (Turritopsis dohrnii)

  17. that’s so cool, i’ve always wondered how they can float half-underwater so perfectly

  18. Our tendency and potential to weaponize anything.

  19. Just wait until we discover how to harness the sun's energy. Some massive bombs are gonna be built for sure..

  20. During lockkdown I just stopped. Found it hard for first 2 days but I realised I only did it because of stress and anxiety in my life. Now I try to keep myself better managed.

  21. If there were an Olympics for mental gymnastics this guy would get gold every year. Like I could possibly see why someone would argue that a 16 year old, even though it's wrong, but younger than that is just twisted.

  22. I can't see why anyone would even argue a 16 year old. Anything like that is fucked. They need parental permission for so much even at that age, they are not ready to make decisions like that.

  23. I hate that the worst of people get into power a lot of the time. Their corruption helps them become more and more unstoppable because they can blackmail those they've had dealings with.

  24. Gotta make sure when I'm a grandpa I can still do the splits!

  25. Oh man this is me. I had horrible depression all my life and went through a long phase as a teenager where I just did not care about myself at all. I neglected my dental health along with my health in general and I've been paying for it ever since

  26. I understand that must be really bad because even a few years of neglect can cause irreversable damage.

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