1. It literally doesn't make a difference. This isn't an MMO dps race.

  2. Kinda. Sounds like you're just trying to rush through and not enjoy the fights. A tougher fight is more fun. This game is ABOUT the fights, not the wins.

  3. Recruiters are a job that doesn't need to exist. They're a useless middleman.

  4. Conservatives are more obsessed with gender identity than the actual folks who express their gender identity. They literally won't shut up about it. They're FAR louder than the trans community ever was.

  5. Wreck their careers? They don't have careers. The age of the career is largely over. They have jobs now. Loyalty is not rewarded.

  6. Everyone plays video games these days, women included.

  7. I meant morally speaking. It is morally okay to punch a Nazi. Some would even say it's a moral imperative.

  8. Americans are overworked, unhealthy, depressed, stressed, angry, and divided. This is no way to live.

  9. Today's average teenager is more responsible than the average boomer.

  10. One time our trash compactor caught fire and we had to evacuate the building, and customers complained because we refused to let them check out real quick.

  11. It never seemed like a good idea, it just seemed like a fun one.

  12. This game was so damn hard. Fun, but super difficult.

  13. Her mom's generation are the ones who snitch to the boss on coworkers who stand around when their is nothing else to do on the job

  14. If you have time to lean you have time to clean, peasant!

  15. Apparently according to boomers inflation stopped in the 80s and they never thought about it again.

  16. Is this really how people talk on tinder? Because that's off-putting as fuck.

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