Kind of a dumb post, but do you ever just wanna play video games but once you have a chance to play you have zero motivation bc you’re just too tired mentally and physically lol

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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“Oh, God, no”: Republicans fear voter backlash after Indiana child rape case. The case of a 10-year-old rape victim is highlighting the election downsides of the new wave of abortion bans.

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  1. Under absolutely no circumstance shall Israel be allowed to not be the main oppressor/aggressor in a news story! /s

  2. Comparing to what conservatives offer is no way to move forward. The Never Trump crowd are no better than the Never Hillary crowd because it makes everyone ok with taking a shit candidate so long as they aren’t X. There are tons of highly qualified, intelligent people who would do great in these positions but people are so damn obsessed with checking intersectional identify boxes and that’s how we end up with a black woman who checks boxes and yet is totally cold, has a background in jailing black people, couldn’t come across as warm or intelligent if her life depended on it, and is a walking PR nightmare every time she opens her mouth. All she wants is more power, she lies through her teeth about things as simple as her own childhood stories, and her sole interest is herself and her own position. No, I don’t celebrate this POS just because she isn’t a conservative - this thinking is why you’re celebrating a .75 cent gas reduction when it’s already $2+ high in an administration that has balked on 95% of its promises and gleefully led the country into an inflationary cycle. If you think the current governance has been good or adequate I am no longer surprised with why the D party eats shit every single day

  3. If the messages were asked for and Alex committed perjury saying they didn't exist, could he sue his lawyers (and have the case be taken seriously by a judge) for releasing them instead of being complicit in the perjury? Not being snarky, just curious since I don't know much about the legal system.

  4. This is a huge deal. His idiot lawyer screwed up bad. Jones could potentially sue his lawyer for whatever he gets sued for plus more on top of that. At worst, he could have a mistrial

  5. Not necessarily. If his lawyers new he was committing a crime, such as perjury, failing to hand those texts over would be a crime in and of itself.

  6. Nah they have scissor mouths that they slice into you with, then they use their modified sponge tongue to sop up blood from the wound. Nasty

  7. Because that happens all of the time. Just last week protestors made a major interruption to the congressional baseball game to protest the sponsors, Exxon and BP.

  8. Things like this just make climate protesters look like children throwing a tantrum…

  9. Really? Is an MBA that good? My gf isn’t making a lot as a chemistry analyst, maybe I should encourage her to apply for an MBA if its that easy

  10. Mba here from a good school. If you don’t go to a top 10-15 school min you may regret it. I went to Georgetown which isn’t even top tier and graduated with a 120k job and 25k bonus. After 3 years I was at 180. Started my own business and now I take a salary of 110k and give myself a bonus between 300 and 400k depending on what’s going on in the company. It’s all possible but it won’t ever happen if you stay in one job or don’t focus on high demand skills that you can become great at. There is no ladder anymore, you have to credential yourself, make yourself necessary, and move jobs frequently. Nothing will come to you based on time alone or hard work in your current job description. Nobody cares about any skills you write about on your resume, they care about what responsibilities you had and at which organization. If you can’t convey your worth through work history they will assume everything on your resume is BS, I know I do as an employer.

  11. Did the MBA help at all with teaching you skills to run your business? Or is it all stuff that can be YouTubed and Investopediad?

  12. For me absolutely because I studied chemistry in college and then left halfway through medical school. In addition to what I learned, it gave me the confidence to pursue my ideas and a ticket to a high paying job that I could use to pay off debts.

  13. What? Those dead people have families. The living still have to deal with the fallout from all this, which if you haven’t noticed is pretty goddamn bad

  14. Remember the doctor who leaked about covid in china and was dead right after. It's not like china hides shit.

  15. And this study was made with a limited data set provided by china, with no access to the location or independent verification of literally anything.

  16. If they didn’t commit a felony the cops won’t chase much longer, it’s Chicago and that’s how it goes. Even if caught, they’ll be out again real quick with twice the street cred and pressure to do more of this

  17. They might get away on this occasion, but it’s not like they will suddenly go straight. They’ll do more bullshit and get caught. It’s virtually guaranteed. Unless they die, of which there is a non-zero chance

  18. The issue is that before they get caught, they can do a whole lot of damage. This is Chicago, I don’t think anyone should doubt those guns will see use.

  19. Give it a year and Texas will end up adopting Sharia law.

  20. Let's look at the car industry; their cars don't kill people, people who get behind the wheel do, yet they still installed safety features to keep people safe in the event of the car being used outside of the manufacturers recommendations

  21. There were HUGE hatchouts of these when I used to live in the rural areas of Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey. I remember once seeing the entire side of a building nearly covered in them. Yes, the Dobsonfly has been located in my nightmares ever since. And when they fly, their body hangs and it always reminds me of a gargoyle.

  22. Yes!!!! I remember years ago in Boy Scouts going to Ressica Falls in PA and being like wtf are those things hanging off the side of the pool building?!

  23. God Ebola used to scare the ever living fuck out of me

  24. That’s the point I was making dude, that’s the point the others were making, it’s about making money. Make people unhealthy, profit off medical bills. You following now?

  25. Am I commenting on the right thread? I was commenting because the original person said they felt it was a scheme to make people unhealthy so they could sell them pharmaceuticals. I’m arguing no, it’s simply because they want to make as much money as possible and sugar is their product. There’s no conspiracy to keep people unhealthy so other businesses you own can sell them medicine. They simply don’t care about the fallout, it’s nothing personal and there’s no big plan behind next quarters earnings report

  26. That’s the point, that’s the conspiracy, that they’re purposefully making us sick to make money. That’s what we’re saying. So you agree?

  27. That’s not what the person was saying. They were saying they purposely make people sick so they can profit off them being sick with other products. I’m saying they simply want to sell sugar and don’t care if people get sick, it’s irrelevant to them and it’s an outcome they’d actually prefer not to happen because they just want people to buy; they don’t want negative attention or media stories or people deciding against sugar

  28. Well, if they can't hire citizens legally, then yeah shut em down. Fining them just encourages them to do it again and cut more pay and jobs to legal workers. Our economy is far from functioning I don't know what rock you've been living under.

  29. What are you even talking about? Illegal immigrants can work legally in America, they just have to get some paperwork done. I run a company and have all the local temp agencies spamming me all day. Did you think Amazon is hiring undocumented workers? They can drive, and get a loan, and send their kids to school, and rent…why in the world do you think they’re coming over by the millions?! Oh, right, it’s the greedy companies to blame for that!

  30. Then let's get some liability on corporations and cities that use and hire illegal workers to cut costs. They aren't here for "no jobs" being available to them. Obviously there is a big market for their labor or it wouldn't be a lure.

  31. I see, it’s our fault for having a functioning economy. Should totally close all the businesses because clearly they opened the borders and let everyone in! What an intelligent comment. They come for jobs and opportunity so clearly we need to get rid of those and they’ll stay home!

  32. Cool. I take two day brake periods once a month and guess what.. no withdrawal. Wow it's a miracle. Also if I'm not mistaken I wasn't asking for medical advice on my op from random ass people in reddit clearly they know more about my body and my experience with this med. Actually I was just expressing the fact that I found something and it works for me. It's funny people can't accept that fact and feel the very stong urge to tell me that I'm wrong or haven't done my research.

  33. Dude chill out. Nobody is out to get you. Here’s your pat on the back. Better?

  34. Yeah well everyone is different. I do take brakes in-between with no side effects. I think people are just upset at the fact that I don't withdrawal from it. It's funny to me that people are so judgemental, think they know everything and just have to demand that this medication actually doesn't work for me and hasn't caused any negative side effects to my body. I've done plenty of research thank you, and I have also had extensive indepth conversations with not 1 but three doctors.

  35. I also hate that harry held his own against voldemort magic wise. kinda ruins a lot of the characterization from book 5 and 6.

  36. What else would you change regarding the final battle? I haven't read the last few books - does either of the weasley twins get mortally wounded as in the movies? Sorry if that's a spoiler I'm not sure how to hide that.

  37. They made it into an action scene fight between HP and Voldemort, which it is not at all. They couldn’t resist doing some fight where harry is somehow actually able to take him on. In the books, he beats him by undoing his plans and turning them against him not by beating him in battle…

  38. I have never understood this position. They pay taxes, but want to be separate in their own special little world, so why isn't the answer "well fuck ya". Really at its core it speaks of people feeling a little special

  39. Not everyone is going to a private school because they want to be in a special world, and not all private schools are special. In vast majority of cases it is simply because the public schools where they live are terrible, and the private options aren’t luxury establishments. If a family wants to put their kids in a private school, some of the tax money that would have gone to the public school for their kids can surely go to the private school but in your mind you read a few word headline and now believe all private schools are bad so a tax payer should get stiffed? You’re using an emotionally driven opinion to propel your thoughts so I don’t really know what else to say

  40. It's always strange to see threads like this. I don't like preppy sorts more than the next person but on average private schools benefit the poor more than they do the rich.

  41. It’s because the people posting in this thread don’t know what they’re talking about. They see a headline and think private school = expensive and far right. I’ve never seen more private schools than when I lived in philly and very few were luxury or anything like that. Lots of people live in bad poor districts and private schools are the only way they can put their kids in a place where they can end up with a reading or math level equal to their age or be surrounded by kids who are actually mostly going to graduate. Some public schools in the US have less than 50% graduation rates. But one headline and it’s “fuck them all.”

  42. They like to jump at the first sign of danger, so the exterior should be fine. Just keep an eye out when you unpack at home, and if you see any k i l l

  43. They spread so quick because they have an uncanny preference for hanging on under door handles and especially under the latch area of trunks! It’s really crazy, after I heard that I’ve been checking and theres one there maybe 10% of the time. Central NJ - we are infested

  44. He was playing in a pool with a friend of his and his ear got infected. We didn’t notice he was scratching incessantly until it was too late. Under his fur was all red and after he fell asleep he woke up all crusty and we took him to the emergency vet where they shaved him, gave him antibiotics and he is on the mend! So it was a combo of being wet all day and irritating it and us not noticing fast enough that he wasn’t okay :((

  45. We feed Fromm large breed puppy gold and she loves it! Their canned foods are great too, as are their treats. Can’t recommend enough! We had two vets both mention it before we switched and it has great reviews online. Family owned company that doesn’t sell through petco and similar stores so you gotta order online most likely

  46. Racism is bad. This is an organization that makes money off the racial divide in America by catering to orgs that want to virtue signal ie they’re grifters. Don’t get these things confused.

  47. Ohh haha I see . I had basically concluded that I was basically being sarcastic at this point because I certain there was no productive conversation to be had with these racists.

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