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  1. Just received mine. Had to import a black leather one.

  2. That's awesome! Mine is still looking great after a month of use. What case did you have before? The only other one I know of is the Spigen one, and it is really ugly in my opinion. It also looks like it adds a ton of bulk.

  3. There is an app called Accubattery with a ton of informations about your battery usage.

  4. AccuBattery is great. I have had that on my phones for years. I like that it also monitors the health of the battery.

  5. I love AccuBattery! I even bought the pro version (when it went on sale, LOL)

  6. Yeah I have the Pro version as well. That's cool that you are still at 100%. To be honest, I have not really gone out of my way to treat my battery well lol. When I got the phone it was saying it was 105%. So it had a tiny amount more than its rated capacity.

  7. God damn! At that point just buy an LL Bean!

  8. I use Linux primarily, but I boot into Windows for gaming.

  9. Same here. I watch mostly on my 65" TV, but I also watch YouTube on my laptop, desktop, and android phone.

  10. Even if your theoretical technology did exist, who would pay for it? It would cost money, so are we going to force the mother to pay for bringing the baby to term outside of her womb? Also, who's going to take care of the child? Are we going to force the mother? The tech you theorized does not solve all the reasons a woman chose to get an abortion, so yes, even if it did somehow exist, I would still be in favor of abortion.

  11. I've tried Pop OS a few times over the last year or two (per others' frequent suggestion) on my Thinkpad X1 Yoga Gen4 and every time there was something weird that made me jump ship back to Ubuntu or Fedora.

  12. I can hear it if I am not playing anything through the headphones, but if I have a podcast or music playing I can no longer hear it. It's really easy to tune out for me too because its just white noise. For what it is worth, my Samsung Galaxy Buds + had the exact same white noise in transparency mode, but it was much louder and more noticeable. Overall, the PBP are MUCH better than the Galaxy Buds imo.

  13. I am not too worried about it. The design is very similar to the Apple Watch and people aren't breaking them constantly as far as I am aware. I am planning on buying a Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch on 10/6 and if they offer a protection plan for the watch I will buy it.

  14. I have had the Pixel 6 since launch day, and I have never had any of the issues that are reported. The battery life is only okay, I would say. I can get through the day, but the percentage is low (sometimes below 15%) when I go to bed. You will DEFINITELY not get 2 days of usage from a single charge.

  15. Where I live the Pixel 6 8GB/128GB version currently sells at 546 USD. So the Pixel 7 is out of reach for me with it's launch price. 🥲

  16. The P7 is only going to be $54 more than that. If you're looking to save a buck I would go with the 6A. It's really 90% of the phone the Pixel 6 is and it's far cheaper. The only thing you'll be missing out on is 90Hz, Wireless charging, and a slightly less spectacular camera that is still extremely good.

  17. Lewis and I have a very different sense of style. Not saying it's a bad thing. I just can't see how anyone would look in the mirror and think "Man this outfit looks great!"

  18. The musical, "Phantom of the Opera". That music is captivating.

  19. Twitter is the land of morons with horrible takes.

  20. You do know the legacy version of Windows Media Player is still in Windows 11 right? You just need to know where to find it. 😉

  21. I am enjoying the reactions of people discovering the competency of animal fur to get into inexplicable places.

  22. Ikr? I've got a cat and a german shepherd. They both shed a lot, and their fur gets in some crazy places.

  23. Sorry to necro this thread but I ran mine through a full washing machine cycle (forgot them in my trousers) and they still work and charge perfectly. I wouldn't recommend it but I think they're probably better than they're rated or I have insanely good luck!

  24. Wow! That's pretty good. Were they in the case? Supposedly the case really isn't water resistant, so I would be even more surprised if it still works.

  25. Yep, literally in the case in my washing machine for an hour and a half. I checked online and the case is rated for IPX2 (protected against spraying water), the actual buds are IPX4 (protected against splashing water from all angles).

  26. I'm surprised the case survived. The earbuds are filled with glue, so I imagine there isn't really much open space in there for water to get into.

  27. I don't think you did your math correctly

  28. This looks incredibly dangerous and not very smart. I hope the person made it through, but if they didn't they deserve a Darwin award.

  29. I've been using FF for a while now. It's a great browser. Even on Android.

  30. I don't remember that. The only twist gesture I remember was to switch to the front camera. That shortcut is actually still present on my Pixel 6. I do remember the "chop" motion to start the flashlight, and I definitely miss that. The closest I have on my Pixel is the double tap the back of the phone gesture.

  31. For samsung phones double power button does that too

  32. That's not surprising. It's a pretty universal shortcut on Android at this point. The first phone I can remember having it was the OG Moto X back in 2013 or 2014

  33. It's charging, heat and many other variables. The cycle rating is only an estimation because there are too many variables that go into it that it's impossible to test properly. What they do is test a lot of batteries that come off the line, and average it for the rating. They also don't test to destruction. They will just do several charge cycles, measure the degradation per cycle, and extrapolate the rating from that.

  34. So, with some exceptions, it's like the longer you are in F1 the more DNF's you'll have. No surprise there.

  35. The setup for PiHole consisted of running "sudo apt-get install -y pihole" on my server, logging into my router, and changing the DNS IP. It's not that hard.

  36. Why do that when you could just use Private DNS with something like NextDNS? It's the same effect but with way less setup and you can still use a regular VPN on top of it if you need to

  37. Because I want to have control of it. I use Unbound as the resolver for my PiHole, so there is no DNS traffic leaving my network.

  38. In their current states, MacOS does everything way better than 11.

  39. Linux does everything way better than both.

  40. Not sure I get that logic… Linux is better at certain things, but MacOS is Unix and can practically do anything any distro can. But macOS is a better user experience out of the box.

  41. I'm trolling. The argument about which OS is better is stupid. They are all capable of doing the same things in different ways, and people should just use whatever they want. If you're spending time on the internet trying to argue why your chosen OS is better than all the others you're part of the problem. This tribalism that exists among nerds fighting for their preferred OS is ridiculous.

  42. You absolutely can, but I would just get an adapter. I have tons of them that came with my phones.

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