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  1. Bought fde for $86.86, feels like a fair price. Been wanting some BT ones since new phone doesn't have a headphone jack to use aux cable on my Howard leight's, and now my son can upgrade to some electronic muffs.

  2. Omg that was really bad. But I watched the whole thing and don't regret it.

  3. I watched it on the plane back from Hawaii and we landed 10 minutes before the movie ended. I wasn't even sad.

  4. Except by "asap" they meant "2+ years later once the meme is dead". They did the exact same thing with the "Nailed it" show.

  5. At least Nailed It's host is funny and entertaining, the SNL guy on is it cake suckssss in that role. I'm not a fan of him on SNL either but he's tolerable there. Booo on that show.

  6. Bought a smallish (350gal iirc) aquaterra from Costco ~3 years ago, rotomold. Been great ever since, running on 220 and northern CA weather, use it all year. Needed some friends to help get it in place from curb, yes, did rest of install myself. Very happy with it, was under $5k including cover lifter as I recall.

  7. You have no idea the can of worms you have opened by asking this question...

  8. Same with one of my coworkers - left his kids, wife, and parents in his home country. Works his ass off and spends every dime above his living costs back home to them. I’ve overheard him talking to his wife/kids on the phone in the break room a few times - I don’t speak his native tongue, but you can feel the love in the conversation and the joy just radiates off of him when speaking to them. I wish I could pay for a trip for him to go home and see them.

  9. There's a good chance it's not just the money but also visa issues if they went home. But I hear ya.

  10. LEDs and HIDs are designed for a projector housing, which most older cars do not have. A lot of people throw them in a reflector housing, which scatters the light everywhere and doesn't have a cutoff, making the light that much more blinding.

  11. I went to a Mexican restaurant in France (which is a separate tragedy). It was only when I asked for the check that the server/owner realized I had been speaking with him in Spanish the whole meal. The other three guys at my table, who the owner knew well, were all speaking in French, and for some reason he was hearing my Spanish as French.

  12. In the arcade? Galaga. On PC? Half life series maybe?

  13. How unusual for Spain to take this approach seen as their south coastline is full of Russians who own property that they could target. Put some real pressure on russian leadership from where it should be coming from: its people.

  14. They are (apparently) trying to seize Russian assets -- there's a big list of sanctioned people and Spain has so far seized a $140MM yacht in Barcelona, hopefully a lot more stuff as well -- but that was the one item publicized so far. I'd love it if they seized any property associated with the oligarchs, let's free up some of that real estate, I'd like to move there one day :)

  15. As much as he deserves it; I can’t help but wonder if talk of Hauge Court might not be the type of thing that makes the animal feel like he’s cornered, which is a worst case scenario for unstable people with big red buttons within reach.

  16. I'm pretty sure Russia never signed onto the whole Hague thing, so they *can't* be tried in the ICC...?

  17. So Israel basically just told Zelenskyy to surrender. Fucking traitors

  18. I mean... that's not what the article says...?

  19. Australia seemingly has a fairly storied legacy of adverts being very explicit and gory by US standards. My favorite by far is

  20. Except for paying taxes to the Spanish government, then you have to have a Spanish bank account/IBAN, the various new "online" banks won't do it. And since OP will own property in Spain, they'll have to pay taxes to the Spanish government (right OP?!), and will have to sign up with a Spanish bank.

  21. This got a bunch of upvotes so I will assume this is correct, and that the law pointed to is only for merchants and doesn't extend to government transactions? That's unfortunate. (And yes of course I'll need to pay taxes on the property and income etc...)

  22. SF in Watch Dogs 2. Clearly a lot of love and affection for the city went into it. When I drive around SF for real I'm often reminded of how much fun that virtual city is!

  23. I love Barbara’s work. Check it out

  24. Phone compasses are generally garbage, I'd like to see this with actual compasses.

  25. Got that one thrown at me and I didn't have a good response for it (I suck at doing on the spot rebuttals). Thought about it later and just needed to remember who does it affect the most? The poor.

  26. That bit also wasn't actually meant to be a statement about gun control, at least the way I heard it -- it was just a topic to get to some funny jokes without any actual political intention.

  27. I'm a long time NPR listener as well as a member. I'd disagree that they are trending more left. It's my experience that they're trending more center-right. Obviously they lean left overall....but over the last few years, I've noticed that they put more right leaning content in. They routinely host republican politicians and don't hold them to task. I want to emphasize that I'm not against balanced content. I don't want to listen to a full-on echo chamber.

  28. I've felt the same way. But there can be a noticeable difference between content from the national npr org and locally produced as well so I don't know if it's fair to paint it all with a generalization. I do think there are actually some npr journalists who are Rs or at least centrists based on how little they hold some conservative interview subjects to task but overall it's still one of the most balanced sources imo. But yes also was appalled at their treatment of Bernie. The only thing I miss about my old commute was the npr time 😀

  29. It’s difficult because if any detective dare to go that far, they will be branded racist & fired. Have you seen any property crime got investigated in the last year or so?

  30. I saw these yesterday in store and had to pull all my will together to not buy -- I love Bundaberg, it's more a sweet ginger beer than really spicy, but deeeelicious. Unfortunately it's also super sugary and I'm off sugary drinks so no bueno for me but yeah great price and great tasting drink!

  31. I purchased a used Samsung phone from them and it came pretty quickly, was a good deal, and has been a great phone. So at least it's not entirely a scam? I actually bought it for work with my corporate card and it's been ~ 6+ months and no suspicious activity on that card either so I'm leaning towards legit. Only problem with them that I've noticed is that their stock seems highly variable--ive tried a couple other times to buy specific model phones from them that at one time they had stock of and then they didn't later, but I suppose that makes perfect sense since they are a marketplace for used devices after all.

  32. I have a few VHS that my family recorded back in the day. Honestly, at this stage in life, my favorite parts are the commercials. I always get this weird sadness/happiness in my chest. I remember my lost childhood and it makes my happy I had it but sad that it is gone. That's nostalgia I guess. It just comes on stronger when I see a commercial I didn't expect to.

  33. YouTube has you covered -- there are many videos of just commercials from the (insert decade here).

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