1. Eh it’s not really my business what they think or not anymore 😀 mind is really peaceful that way

  2. I WAS LOOKING ONLINE FOR SOMETHING SIMILAR. I can never have full headphones on because if she calls me name more than once bc my mom would go on a rampage. It drove me insane to the point I’d be angry all day

  3. Candace Michelle falling from the top rope vs beth phoneix. Broke her neck if I remember right

  4. Shattered her collarbone. Ended her career basically :(

  5. Oh my god this happens to me! I have not too bad anxiety, I can function OK, but when I’ve been in stressful situations like dates or meeting people for the first time, my hands clamp up BAD. I have to not use them for a while cause I can’t use my phone or hold a cup to drink. Glad I’m not alone :(

  6. My pet rabbit and honestly momentum, I’ve survived so much shit, I can’t give up now lol

  7. I use google “how many days since ___” it tells me since I haven’t counted. 74 days and absolutely no contact or breadcrumbs. Really think we’re strangers that can’t talk now :/ sucks since I really loved him but I understand he needed to move on fast

  8. 7 times??? After the 3rd time it should’ve been done 😭😭

  9. Thank you for giving me the gift of a breakup, because you were an amazing guy but know I am not ready for a relationship until I fix a lot of my own issues. I’ve learned how much of an amazing person you thought I was even though my insecurities didn’t believe them. You deserve somebody who fits your lifestyle and love language as much as I do. I hope we both find that person soon 😇

  10. Dumbed a week before my birthday and Christmas 😂 but that pain made me realize I can handle anything, moving on ! (I still shed a tear from time to time LOL)

  11. Youre not alone, I realized it may just be the longing for love that we had especially if it was a healthy-ish relationship it makes you miss it more. But you’re not crazy, you just were so in love. I was with my ex for only 5 months and everyday a month after he’s still on my mind. With time, as generic as that answer is, will heal :) have fun, work on yourself, focus on what you love

  12. 1211 1211 IGN: Benny All three is possible please :)

  13. Set your room then (1211 1211), I'll enter it in 2 minutes.

  14. I hope each day gets just a little bit easier and easier and easier until one day, even though you won't forget him, you'll have replaced what you gave each other with something better. You can't replace a person..but you can replace the void their absence left

  15. Yes exactly, I’m going to replace the void of loneliness with love for myself and someone better in the future. He was the best boyfriend I ever had so he’ll always be in my heart, non romantically :):

  16. I was hitting them while I was having trouble breathing which was dumb I guess but it made everything more tolerable 😭

  17. Any gender is fine! Name: Benny Code: 12111211

  18. Yes, and I have them saved for no reason. I want to delete them but they have videos and photos of our relationship that I THINK I can look back at one day and just be like “awww that was a cute time”. Not there yet but I mean… That’s how I feel with my first ex looking back now so I know that’ll happen again with my recent ex. And my recent ex was a really great guy, ended it in good terms so that helps too.

  19. DMT is that one drug I desperately want to try but it’s so hard to find pppl who sell carts or making it by myself is out of the question 🥲😩

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