1. He was actually quite good when he wasn’t injured. His average PPG was in the 30’s when healthy.

  2. Huh? He averaged 20-22 in his wizards years. He had 25 games in two years over 30 but I wouldn’t say he averaged it by any means

  3. Interesting you got approved at 5/24, that’s encouraging. When I plan to approve in 6 months, I’ll have similar stats of 1/6, 4/12 and 4/24. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m saying you can’t choose to freeze whichever of the three is the worst when you apply, pretty sure Capital One only allows Experian to be frozen

  5. In that case, yes, once you provide Cap1 proof that you made a payment on 9/21, they should refund interest charged after that date.

  6. Ok, then that person should be considered his benefactor and have their assets seized and liquidated

  7. Good samaritans/benefactors obviously aren’t liable, imagine if you had to take on the debt of every homeless person you help or gave money to

  8. Great question. I have 5 and it’s a pain sometimes can’t imagine 10 in the wallet trying to keep track of cash back

  9. I think most people just keep it in Apple Pay and don’t actually bring the physical card. Also many more niche categories are paid online so the card can be left at home either way

  10. Yeah. I know I’m going against the grain in this sub but for me, it’s the best way to manage. I even closed my oldest account and it barely affected my score.

  11. What’s there to manage if there’s no AF and you’re just tossing it in a drawer and never using it

  12. Maybe if AmEx started a $1000 annual fee card they would do it

  13. Yeah. I’d rather pay $1000 for a gold/plat combo and simply not have to carry two cards

  14. You had more than 5 new accounts in 24 months and they still opened one for you? Chase is known to be strict, surprised to hear that

  15. A catch all 3% would render a lot of cards redundant. Which ones are there? Best I've seen is 1.5% on everything.

  16. There are a few 2% catch alls. X1, AmEx BBP, Citi double cash etc

  17. Ah, your post said "3% catch all" so I was thinking that sounds really good. 2% is not enough to beat the CFU/CSR combo (totals up to 2.25% back on everything with no restrictions on earning, just have to just it for travel).

  18. The Paceline card has 3% catch all if you hit workout goals, otherwise 1.5%.

  19. For the love of god just get rid of tipping culture

  20. Looks good to me. You're in better shape than I was when I applied for the VX. Got auto approved for $15k. I'd be shocked if you aren't auto approved.

  21. I wouldn’t be. Not because he isn’t qualified, but because C1 is notoriously inconsistent with their approvals

  22. Still shouldn't be necessary. Just temporarily shift your spend to the new card to get the SUB, then strategically re-split it, accounting for the new card and whichever category(ies) you want it to cover.

  23. What’s wrong with having outside help? Even when not chasing a sub, outside help from other people’s points is a good way to get points

  24. Fair point. But for a card with a $395 annual fee, that's a tougher sell. Yes, you can, in theory, make it into a negative annual fee, but only if you can get the full $300 value every year from the travel portal credit.

  25. Don’t even need to do that if you plan to cancel or product change to a free card after a year, as long as the sign up bonus value exceeds the annual fee, which it almost always does

  26. The CEO of Equifax is also working two jobs. Did they check his laptop and phone to make sure he wasn't taking NCR calls on Equifax time? Does Equifax not pay him enough?

  27. I’ve heard of people making good salaries who still chose to work two jobs just for the extra money

  28. Read their fine print. Some banks allow duplicates (though most of them only allow it via product change).

  29. You should probably figure out how/what exactly the letter is offering to do for you. Impossible for us to know without any details

  30. The second small arms is related to the ammunition. If you take out the HIMARS part, it reads “small arms as well as ammunition for small arms”

  31. This is $2.5 per American, it’s barely anything compared to any sort of fund or loan forgiveness

  32. Congrats! Thanks for the data point and the Experian part, I’ve heard that mentioned around

  33. Never carry a balance and spend it as it was a debit card, turn autopay on if you can. Start slow (get 1-2 max the first year) and allow it time

  34. When did you call recon? After online denial or once you received the letter in mail as recon guy in my case asked me to wait for the mail to come through and didn't provide any visibility into the denial

  35. Income is the only thing I can think of… or utilization?

  36. He didn't say defcon, he said death con, as in, a death convention, as in, a death camp...

  37. Nope, no minimum to hold it or keep it open. I believe the SavorOne had a small sign up bonus with a minimum spend though

  38. Freediving and flying planes and blackjack card counting

  39. Thanks for the DP! From what I read, spacing out applications 3 months apart is sufficient.

  40. Exactly. Whenever I hear this "misinformation" lie, I think of George W. BUSH saying, "I'm the decider."

  41. People have demonstrated that “concept” repeatedly in the last 5-10 years to the extent that I’m trusting other authorities over them

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