1. Looks like you're a leftie knitter knitting in the reverse direction, from what you've described and what the pictures show?

  2. Thank you so much! This is very helpful. And I am indeed a leftie.

  3. I’m making a basic stockinette vest. At the start of the knit side, I’ve been slipping my first stitch knitwise (and then purling it at the end of the next row) on the knit side/rows. But I’ve been trying to slip the first stitch purlwise when I start to puro row to make that edge clean but it’s not working as you can see in the photos. What can I do?

  4. Shampoo is for your hair, body wash is for your body. Don’t mix them up.

  5. I know that. But why can’t something that washes my hair also wash my body or vice-versa?

  6. Probably a breastplate. That's what you would call it if it was armor. Although it says its made of mail so it could just be a chainmail vest

  7. Thank you. Amy ideas where iight find one like that or any of the other costume components?

  8. You need to have stuff like this made to fit you. I'd look for a theatrical costume designer and have them build it from scratch. Look for costumers, or a cutter/draper.

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