1. I very very rarely use the gps i know how to get most places without it

  2. Alcohol is one of the worst things you can consume

  3. You are just anxious you are gonna be OK. The shakes are common but for you it's probably jut anxiety. Take a .5 of clonazapam if you are really worried but either way you will be OK. Take a week break from alcohol and benzos

  4. And that is the reason i dont play no nuildnits a matter of luck barley any skill

  5. I think its on replay mode you can turn that on when u watch it back

  6. Yeah i would say 10mg aswell thats why i looked it up i seen that dihdrocodeine has a ceiling dose of 400mg aswell and it made me realise that cloanz must be 10mg cause im the same i dint get any higher after 10mg

  7. From scotland i suppose there is alot of help but the waiting list for it i had to wait a year then becsuse i missed 3 appointments the took me off the list again.

  8. I'd lower the Klonopin dose a little, and be careful not to drink too much

  9. The thing is i found that 10mg is my ",sweet spot" for not feeling anxious at all and yeah im usually very aware not to over do it

  10. Yeah but the alcohol will enhance the effects so you won't need as much

  11. Yeah i know i drink alot less than i normally would when i know i took cloz the night before

  12. No it’s still in your system and it will fuck you up bad

  13. Ive done it many times and its usually dine i dont black out and can control how much i drink

  14. The biggest problem is clonazepam stays in your system for a super long time, so your gonna love this but by the second day you only have 5mg in your system anyway. Just Stick to 5mg which is still terrible might I add as that’s 2 times a heavy dose and that’s for someone who has a tolerance.

  15. I can’t stop you from treating your anxiety but at a certain point there’s a reason you need so much to treat your anxiety and it’s because you think you need that much. But like I’ve provided all the information I can, in short at a dose like that yeah you run a very heavy seizure risk. But do what you gotta do space cadet I’ve given every warning and advice I can.

  16. But theres no information on clonaz and alcohol causeing seizures only when withdrawals ? Also ive don this atleast 40 times and never had a seizure ?'

  17. Just this wednesday, I took 10 mg of klonopin in the span of 6 hours. I think thats a high dose. Weirdly, I was properly functional.

  18. I know ik extremely late but i find 10mg is my sweet spot i can funtion probably withoit hardly any anxiety and i have no tolerance

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