Putin announces partial military mobilization in Russia

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  1. Every single one including Putin and also bin laden was Jewish and also Biden is Jewish

  2. Hunter Biden is the head Rabbi of Ukraine

  3. Had a guy at work yesterday do his best to avoid saying he voted for Trump in 2020 because he's ashamed of it. Not because he doesn't like Trump or the shit he does/says but because he lost and doesn't want to admit he voted for a loser. Was a really insightful conversation and surprisingly civil all things considered. He did say he'll vote for him in 2024 and even write his name in if he has to.

  4. I had a guy at work yesterday try to tell me that the war in Ukraine was orchestrated by Joe Biden to cover up for Hunter Biden's misdeeds over there. According to him, NATO aggression is the cause of the war and, of course, it is "too expensive" for us to get involved in. He also tried to claim that Russia would be more than happy to ally with the United States if the US just stopped being so darn mean to them.

  5. It's telling your only argument is "they deserve it" and "it happened to jews once so its cool"

  6. Well, that's a total misrepresentation of my position but sure, whatever helps you feel better.

  7. They can have a State the moment they accept that Israel is here to stay.

  8. As long as the military isn't on your side, you're going to fail. Getting the support of at least parts of the military is critical for a coup or revolution to succeed.

  9. The IRGC is separate from the Iranian Military, much larger, and far more fanatical. Even if the military wanted to stage a coup the existence of the IRGC makes it effectively impossible, which is part of the reason the IRGC was created in the first place. Khomeini was a piece of garbage but he wasn't stupid.

  10. Prob because we always have an election coming up haha

  11. As an Israeli it might be foolish to say this, but I'm somewhat hopeful Putler does something incredibly stupid and lashes out politically at Israel, coupled with this report:

  12. אם רוסיה תעשה בעיה... בכיף אני אחזור לצבא תוך שנייה אחת ונזיין אותם

  13. Yeah ngl, I don't want to touch Twitter with a 10ft pole, that shit looks cancerous.

  14. It's awful if you try to actually interact with anyone but can be pretty useful as a news aggregator IMO.

  15. I would argue that I'm not wrong at $100k+ per interceptor. Technically, you are correct.

  16. Hey Alexa, add cockhole to my shopping list

  17. Hopefully he will be dead by New Year and this won't be an issue.

  18. Jewish New Year is tonight but I absolutely agree with the sentiment :)

  19. the 7.62 for your it yourself here and there, and also your ak, you need to to buy that from here and there as well

  20. Russian reservists on a real life Escape From Tarkov task series.

  21. Same with Vasya in the Hay, guy has a seemingly unlimited amount of money and produces sympathy propaganda.

  22. I’m surprised that Israel has been so useless. Any theories here? Edit: I have learned that Israel is treating wounded soldiers. Not useless.

  23. The overarching theories are that Ukraine consistently votes against Israel at the UN, and that Russia has threatened to hold its Jewish population hostage, so Israel is not going out of its way to further piss off Russia (who is posted 20km from Israel's border alongside Iran).

  24. Harop and Mini-Harpy would be incredibly useful for destroying Russian AA. Elbit also has a GPS-guided 122 mm (Grad-sized) rocket with 40 km range, 40 lb warhead, and < 10 m CEP. They can fit 18 rockets in a HIMARS pod.

  25. ATMOS self-propelled Howitzers look like they would be a nice addition the current UA Artillery arsenal as well and appear to be relatively rudimentary to build, operate and maintain -- most of the magic is in the fire control system, all of which is NATO-standardized and uses 152 or 155mm shells. They can pop out of a treeline, rain 27 shells onto a target in less than five minutes, and then just scoot right out of the area. They're also built specifically for export rather than for domestic use so there are far less security issues in providing it to basically whoever. Poland has a licensed copy called the KRYL that they've begun production on, hopefully we'll see some rolling into Ukraine in the future.

  26. I'm talking about Israel in particular. The fact you can't or won't tell the difference between the two and scream "NAZI" the moment anybody criticizes Israel is my whole point. Thanks for proving it.

  27. I criticize Israel every day and nobody calls me a Nazi. I just made an entire post about how I'm pissed off at our government for not supporting Ukraine enough.

  28. Ukrainian MOD should start bestowing "Traitor of Ukraine" medals to guys like this in the form of a life sentence in a work camp.

  29. When Israel says never again they only really mean never again with them as the victim.

  30. Truly, truly shocking that a country of 8 million citizens populated almost entirely by the offspring of genocide survivors just might consider their own self-preservation be top priority.

  31. WWII was a long time ago and if they go by that logic ukranians were pushing germany on the east since they were in USSR.

  32. There are still hundreds if not thousands of Holocaust survivors living in Israel, including an elderly couple in my apartment building.

  33. Correct , but it doesn’t negate my criticism of the USA destroying democies around the world. Note : I just read the above too fast

  34. No worries, just giving you the heads up (some people genuinely think Iran is Arab). Personally I would argue that the CIA's version of imperialism is pretty soft compared to the alternatives, but that's a separate conversation and I had a long, long work week.

  35. A handful of edgelord teenagers who clearly grew up with some bad influences outside of Israel are not reflective of the Russian-Israeli populace as a whole. I don't know what point you're trying to make.

  36. God damn I can't imagine what was going through his mind. Probably, "I'm about to die."

  37. I sort of doubt he had time to even process it until the adrenaline wore off.

  38. It already is happening, as I stated above. Hardly a pipe dream when the entire C-Suite has already signed off on it indefinitely and again, it has actually improved morale among staff and had a positive impact on our output.

  39. We stagger our employees' shifts and most work an additional "half shift" of 4hr or 6hrs, which evens out the schedule. It works well when things are running smoothly, which is most weeks, but as you know, things can change rapidly depending on any number of factors. If things goes sideways on a job, that 4*10 can turn into a 6-7*11 in a split second, like everyone we just try to prevent those kind of situations as much as possible.

  40. There is no need for any bizarre alternate scenarios here.

  41. Of course you're Irish hahahahaha, you people are so fucking obsessed with Israel it's actually sort of sad. You guys need to stop projecting your own history with Colonialism onto a situation that bears near-zero resemblance.

  42. Yeah, I'm sure Israel and its 50 F-35s are really quivering.

  43. We're not afraid of an actual Russian/Iranian invasion per se, we're afraid they'll begin a war of attrition with daily rocket fire on multiple fronts (Hezbollah from the North, Gaza from the South, Iran from the East) that couldn't be stopped quickly enough to preserve the Israeli economy and would make the country effectively unlivable. Iran has already admitted that this is their strategy, they want to continue upping the heat until Israel is domestically unstable and then they will try a full-on attack. Russia is the only influential party we can even speak to about the Iranian presence there, it's not like we can just call Assad or Nasrallah and ask for them to chill out (sadly).

  44. The problem is, a lot of these people will be “captured” not surrendered. Yeah for the people who called and walked to the Ukraine side they may have some sympathy, but it’s hard to trust a Russian who was shooting at you and only gave up cause he ran out of bullets

  45. 100% agree -- apologies for assuming the worst from your coimment.

  46. Got one to recommend? Out of curiosity do Arab restaurants serve crustaceans there? (I don’t eat it myself)

  47. If you don't keep Kosher: Uri Bouri is possibly the best restaurant in all of Israel and is right on Old Akko harbor by the lighthouse.

  48. Lavrov threatening hundreds of thousands of GWOT veterans with a good time, brilliant.

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