1. essa pergunta me fez lembrar que meu nerdcaster favorito nunca mais vai gravar um programa

  2. btw i tried a couple games of Kayle with radiant virtue and don't looks like a great option

  3. probably you need to wait to become available on the purple coins shop (I forgot the name)

  4. Shouldn't genderbent Ornn be more of domy-mommy? I mean normal Ornn is big stoic loner type that dosen't sound like it transtale into a shy girl

  5. Which dark type is available for this fight in Emerald? I can only think of mightyena, sharpedo, and crawdaunt.

  6. I may be confusing, but can't you get an Absol on route 120 after sixth gym?

  7. Oh yeah you can. A bit rare though. Is it possible to manipulate encounters to force absol?

  8. não. conseguir uma rolagem que te daria um acerto crítico não te garante um acerto automático

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