1. Yeah, there's bourbon everywhere. When I went in 2019 there was a huge tent with like 12 distilleries selling shots, free and paid tastings through the day at the smaller stages, all kinds of stuff like that.

  2. This sounds like actual heaven and exactly what I hoped I was signing up for--great music with great bourbon. Thanks!

  3. Bring a lot of money, it was expensive AF even for well drinks, and I have to imagine it'll be even more expensive now.

  4. The airport has some unique job opportunities, dawg.

  5. This is closer to my situation too. I watch some amount of tpb every week, everything on Netflix over and over, no swearnet sub though.

  6. I saw last night the flare was "disappointment in the community", but I couldn't figure out what was disappointing. That is silly they changed it without asking you though.

  7. The first VCO I ever built was the 4069 version by Rene Schmitz

  8. Last time I wanted parts brand stickers I had to pay for them.

  9. I have a basic Fluke meter (VAC, VDC, resistance, continuity, peak and floor hold), and a $20 Amazon special with all those modes plus a slew of component test modes, Hz counting, etc.

  10. Don't think I haven't noticed those sly caveman references, Lahey.

  11. I had similar problems to you doing the same thing a few months ago, but did eventually get it working. I'm using Cisco network hardware so there might be minor differences, but I eventually found that in PowerShell I had to set the virtual switch native vlan to 0 to make it work, even though the native vlan on my hardware switch was 1.

  12. Complaining about the polls is way more annoying to me than the polls in the first place. At least the pollsters are creating content some people find entertaining instead of just whining, and it's easy enough to block the users posting them and not see the poll posts anymore.

  13. If you don't necessarily need it to look like a SNES you could go for a completely unexpected reshell, some kind of cold war looking metal box with toggle switches (I'm thinking sort of the guitar pedal aesthetic), or go to the thrift store and see what is available you could gut and use, maybe like a vcr case. Or look on eBay for a broken/for parts sega Genesis or other unrepairable console with a nice clean case.

  14. You mean the hockey game's cancelled cause no mafks can go up to Canadian mafkh and get a new mafkh for 2 mafks?

  15. Sorry for the long delay on the reply, I don't post much on reddit so I didn't notice that I had a notification.

  16. That does help a lot, I appreciate the reply! I'll read through that whole thread in bed tonight :)

  17. Anytime they use extract I know they are sacrificing flavor for heat.

  18. Dave's Scorpion sauce doesn't use extract afaik.

  19. No argument there, I never said otherwise.

  20. Oh wow. I get that you wanna do it asap, but I figured it would be more like within a year.

  21. You paid for insurance coverage between X and Y dates. You are covered for qualifying events that happened during that time. However, they can deny the claim if you didn't meet some requirement, like reporting in a certain time period. It definitely helps that you have a police report. You don't have anything to lose by asking them how long you have to report a hypothetical collision. If you're still in the window, report it if you think repairs will cost less than the deductible.

  22. Turn your bridge pickup down, tone knob up, use compression with lots of makeup gain, and a light touch on the strings.

  23. Ooh yeah. I play Megadeth but finger lots of the time. That song would be a serious challenge. Ellefson is hot fire.

  24. There is a video on YouTube of ellefson himself teaching how to play it. There are some notes he said a lot of people and tabs don't get right, and also he tries playing it with fingers and can't because that's not how he's used to playing. It's a pretty fun video.

  25. TPB premiered in April 2001, Wikipedia says the dvx100 camera released October 2002.

  26. Holy crap, no way! I didn't know such a thing existed.

  27. Nirvana and Rush are my biggest "missed out on" shows, followed closely by Dio and Pink Floyd.

  28. I keep small parts like resistors and capacitors in clear plastic trays with adjustable baffles, sorted by order of magnitude. I keep transistors, diodes, etc in similar trays. Bigger things like pots and hardware just go in a big bin.

  29. But there's no example of like a complex analogue computer beyond something that just displays a measurement? And ternary is really interesting

  30. Always use a new crush washer, and have more than one new crush washer and at least one new drain plug on hand before you start, even if you plan to reuse the old drain plug. You never know how it's going to go, and if the old one gets stripped you'll be happy you have one extra instead of having to stop working and take another car (or an Uber) to a parts store.

  31. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Reading that let me know there’s more information I need to absorb, and parts I need to buy lol. I appreciate it! (:

  32. Lifting/jacking the car correctly, with the right tools, is really important to learn and do right, every time, no matter how small the job is. Plenty of people have been killed getting under improperly lifted vehicles.

  33. ah i see. and ye i was thinking of getting a handheld meter, but they seemed a bit pricey, and ive got the same reason with the phone meters. will probably stick to the sunny 16 charts for practice

  34. You can get really good results with a light meter app on a smartphone. I've got a free one that's just called "Light Meter" and it pretty much always agrees with the built-in meter in my camera, and I get good, correct exposures following it.

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