1. What am I looking at here? Literally the only thing I recognize is the 64 DD. What is an ultra 64? The Panasonic piece? And what’s the cart on top

  2. OP is a Trump sucker, but he brings up a good point about the open corruption of the current white house that could be used to change a couple young minds.

  3. Ooooooh, right. I see, so the ukrainians don’t get to choose which organization Ukraine will or will not join. Putin does. And if they don’t want to listen to Putin (who is literally nobody to them), then he will turn Ukraine into ashes.

  4. Ukraine had a moral imperative to stay neutral. But zelensky wanted to be a superstar

  5. Is it a fun game? I’ve always wondered what the disk drive was like. Take a video!

  6. Whatever you say, chubbs. Only fat girls and sexually confused people use terms like incel

  7. Hahah porker here thinks “everyone” uses her made-up woke words. Here’s a tip, first lay off the bread. Second, get off your parents couch (seriously, it’s about to collapse) and get a real job and see how many people there talk like you. I guarantee it’s zero.

  8. How about you just don't respond if it bothers you? Instead of trying to curb someone else's behavior? Classic liberal

  9. I'm not worried, you've got enough brain power for the both of us bud.

  10. Lol you’re mad at me because I told some overly sensitive SJW to take a break from Twitter instead of crying for Elon to take down his Twitter. If this actually makes you angry or doesn’t compute as the right course of action for said SJW, you need to rethink your life

  11. Pretty much a trumper comment right there. Who says shit like "trump derangement syndrome"? A trumper.

  12. You shouldn't watch TV all day of any channel. Again, you don't sound anything like a ancap. You sound like someone who likely was a Ted Cruze supporter and when he got his balls cut off you became a Trumper.

  13. It’s wild you still have TDS even with trump out of office. You must watch the view….I’m so sorry

  14. Im sweaty but i wouldnt say overcompetitive

  15. They hate on anyone that doesnt suck, i think its funny tbh… one of the reasons i love posting on here

  16. Yeah I’ve never seen anything like it. This sub is so jealous lol. If they’re not calling good players “overly competitive” they’re calling anyone with skill a cheater

  17. Go to the owner of the shop, tell him what’s happening, and offer him a $$ donation if he’ll let you in ahead of him next time or keep some stuff on the side for you

  18. Imagine how enraged OP and this sub would be if it was discovered that the alleged reseller/collector is doing this, bribing a store owner to be let in first...

  19. What if Putin will be in a tank?

  20. Hand to hand Putin would beat Elon's Ass. Brave man Elon. Brave man.

  21. I thought conservatives didn’t like spending tax money on stupid shit. Why would you want people incarcerated for marijuana?

  22. You’re assuming a lot of shit my guy, better get off the internet for today

  23. People have been saying “housing market will crash” since 2016. Meanwhile prices go up year after year. Even if prices crash 20% houses will still be more expensive than they were 6 years ago. Buy now while you still can. Inflation is just going to drive prices higher and higher even if mortgage rates are hiked

  24. I preferred the Victorian era mad scientist eugenicist evil Charles’s Darwin aristocratic monster that was genuinely scary and creepy. I think this Seth macfarlane silly billy version is actually a lot more cliche and turns the character into a joke.

  25. You’re 100% right. This interpretation is written horribly and is the definition of cliche in todays corporate woke entertainment landscape

  26. It’s Star Wars. They have massive ships that can travel the galaxy and destroy entire planets. I don’t think dropped calls are common. It’s not like they’re using sprint

  27. Where do you guys download roms for the everdrive? For only games you already own of course 🥸

  28. Vikings, lots and lots of Vikings. Terran v tank terran will come down to who has more Vikings. Also one or two BC’s can force a tank cluster to move

  29. Bullshit. Nobody is getting arrested for holding up signs.

  30. If some purple haired freak happens to walk by and feels offended, you absolutely will be arrested. Go onto any college campus and give it a shot

  31. In America, if you hold up a sign saying “gender is real” you’ll be called a bigot and potentially arrested for a hate crime. I’d say we’re about even

  32. Love Elon. Great tweet. Absolutely hysterical especially considering the tweet about losers thinking changing a profile pic will save the world. He’s making a joke…Jesus people are so fucking thick

  33. Yeah those damn evil liberals like Bernie Sanders selling their souls and country out to oil companies, defense contractors, arms manufacturers, telecommunications companies, and Wall street.

  34. Lol if Barney Panders is your hero I feel bad for you. Dude sold all you poor Bernie bros out for a lake house in 2016. Then he did it again in 2020. And you idiots are foolish enough to keep donating your college loan money. He’s a con artist

  35. Lmao Conservative jokes are so weak, is Barney Panders supposed to like get me upset or something? Tell me more about how Trump is the savior of the universe or whatever. I'm not even American I just like watching you Qanon morons LARP based on info from Boomer Facebook and Telegram groups.

  36. Leave it to a liberal to shift the topic to trump when the conversation has literally nothing to do with him. You guys are so obsessed. Just jerk off to orange man’s picture already and get it over with. You freaks are exhausting

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