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  1. Sending love your way. What precious pictures. He'll always be with you ❀️

  2. Check the pinned LFG thread- I'm sure people would be happy to join you!

  3. It has been very hit and miss, but this week has been terrible for randoms bailing.

  4. Damn that sounds like a nightmare lol I get leaving if your team sucks or is being difficult but its just been happening so often it's like nuts. Anyway, thanks for the response!

  5. We discovered he has really bad food allergies. He's on a strict diet and takes benedryl twice a day for environmental stuff. He's doing so much better! ❀️

  6. πŸ’œ Barkley is beautiful - I want to kiss his snoot πŸ’œ

  7. me and my buddies are coming over for game night, we’ll bring the beer.

  8. Hah, a friend and I are working through Gloomhaven now! Great game, but too much shuffling.

  9. We started playing when we first met. Four years, an apartment, a dog, and one marriage later we're still not even close to being done with the main campaign πŸ˜…

  10. No idea! We were told dachshund mix and that's all. Would love to do a DNA test to find out for sure. 😊

  11. His/her face is adorable 😍 10/10 would boop

  12. Looks like the same problem my pup had. It turned out to be allergies. When he ate something he was allergic to (in our case we narrowed it down to some kind of protein) or outside allergies got bad, he'd flare up like this. We used hot spot spray, baths, and benedryl. It might be worth it to explore an allergy. 😊

  13. It's gotta be the old man chasing after young women and using Jesus as an excuse

  14. We were told dachshund mix, but we suspect there's some basset hound in there. I wanna do a DNA test to find out for sure 😊

  15. We did this with my dog but it would just end up as a stand off. She wouldn’t get any closer but she also wouldn’t get any farther. As soon as you tried to take a step toward her she’d bolt.

  16. i’ve been looking for him forever im so happy i have one 😭😭😭

  17. Must have moar squish!! I'm obsessed with Malcolm πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„

  18. You are in good company! So many people are. Do you like any of the other mushrooms now out?

  19. They're cute too, but honestly there's just something about Malcolm that I can't get over πŸ˜‚

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