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  1. Male here with 2 ear piercings in my left ear. Because to have piercings in both was considered gay. Joke was on me, I came out about 2 years later.

  2. Yes, you are. You think they're incapable of being responsible, monogamous adults. That makes you a homophobe.

  3. Interpret words however you wish. If that’s what you heard, then that is totally fine. You can think whatever you want. Goodbye.

  4. They're your words, homophobe. You think gay people are animals, unable to maintain responsible monogamous relationships.

  5. Hey all, you won’t even believe this! Look what sub I just found after doing a quick search:

  6. OP's rendition is pretty good for your average person but not very good for even halfway decent pianists.

  7. Oh wow, that’s how Rush E is supposed to be played/sound. Thanks for posting that link, that was incredibly impressive, and very fun. It made me wish I were watching a Harold Lloyd or Keaton movie played to this composition.

  8. I agree with it. All I'm saying is that Gen x created a safer environment for Millennials who were much, much more open about being lgbtqi.

  9. But aren’t we much, much more open about about being lgbt because of Gen X for creating a safer environment? I would debate, “yes”. You can’t look at today without also looking at yesterday. And each generation needs to at the same time, and has been, look forward. We should be celebrating not just ourselves, but the trials and tribulations that past generations went through that ALL helped bring us to today. Which is a much better place.

  10. Dude, what’s your hangup with Gen X? I just looked at your profile, and it’s literally all you’ve posted about for over 120 days, which is when you first started posting comments with this account. I don’t know why Gen X makes you so upset, but your opinion is very much invalidated, at least in my eyes. It appears to me your opinions on this subject have long ago been preformed based on your conclusion that X’ers are no good. This changes everything that we are talking about, and I no longer understand what it is underneath that of which we are really discussing or what is driving this vendetta. You obviously posted this with an agenda, I’m only embarrassed that I didn’t realize this until now. I’m out.

  11. I didn't back pedal on anything. Do you seriously think there's an instance where the new generation is less progressive than the last?

  12. I don’t understand how this is how you see things, and that these are the conclusions that you’ve come to. But now it makes a little more sense to me why it feels like everyone on Reddit seems to take a big ass dump on Baby Boomers, as if they are villains and dinosaurs that just need to die off already. I know this isn’t what you’re saying, but I see these sentiments a lot on here. How can one not see it that way when the view is “this generation is the best one so far, and are solely responsible for the social progress we’re experiencing today”. Come off it.

  13. No, Xennials and Millennials are taking advantage of the decades of social fights that came before. Just as Zoomers are now benefiting from Baby Boomers, X’ers, Xennials, and Millennials have pushed forward (and past generations as well, just to be clear). Just as future generations will benefit from all of the above and continue to push forward. This doesn’t make X’ers better than Boomers, just as it doesn’t make Zoomers better than Millennials or Xennials. We are continuing to evolve as a society, for better or worse. But to look at a chart like this while putting blinders on to context and history doesn’t validate your point at all. It honestly seems as if you’re able to see the forrest for the trees.

  14. I think it's common to see Gen Zers being lauded for being the generation that brought about LGBT acceptence. However, as can be seen in these graphs, Millennials are the generation that brought significant change in these attitudes compared to our previous Generation, Gen X, who are closer to Boomers in their opinions. Gen Zers, on the other hand, came of age in a world where much of this acceptence was normalized by Millennials.

  15. Gen X’ers had a much different fight then us Xennials and Millennials. To say that Millenials are the ones that really moved the needle is very short sighted to what gay X’ers did to get Millenials to the point to move the country into acceptance. I was born in 1980, and gay pride parades were always celebrations, as they still are. In the 70s and 80s, they were activist movements. Plus, one must remember that the gains and progress that were achieved from Late Boomers and early Gen X’ers was set back significantly in the 80s due strong conservatism, but mainly the AIDS epidemic.

  16. I wonder how old the girl was in this video and where she is now. Would be cool to see her reacting to this now as an adult.

  17. I think she’s between 10-12, which means she’s 41-43 years old today.

  18. Your love of Westerns does not seem focused on a decade, therefore, any good top 100 list will give you many of the same amazing recommendations listed here and will serve you well.

  19. What are any of us talking about, if you think about it. 🤔

  20. I've met a few that are real quick to complain and stiff the server. All while saying how they would have been better.

  21. I really love the front cover art so much…but despise the back, which is uninspired and a waste of space.

  22. I’ve always known her name for as long as I can remember. I love Christine Baranski

  23. 50 comments and no one is going to say “that’ll do pig”?! Okay, so maybe I’m old and that phrase is cliche AF, but some of y’all need to go see the movie Babe, and like right now.

  24. After my father passed from a tragic accident last September, which was after 3 years of myself and him intensely caring for my very sick, incapacitated mother - whom it didn’t look like was never going to recover (surprise, she did after his passing - the two events are not correlated), I discovered he was having an extra-marital affair with his high school sweetheart. I was furious when I found that out (my father and I had, had our own problems when I moved home to help with the 24/7 caregiving…and by helping, I took on the majority of the responsibility - they were both in their mid-70s). I deleted the text messages that I found on his phone (I was going through it to make sure we got his contacts, so as to make sure we informed all the right people of his passing before posting on Facebook). As furious as I was, I called the mistress to inform her of his untimely passing, since I kind of felt it was the right thing to do - and I was very kind about it. We even had a 5-10 minute conversation. I informed her of when the wake was going to be, and that it was okay for her to come and pay her last respects, but to please just make sure to be discreet. She seemed like a nice enough woman, even if I disapproved of the whole affair.

  25. My patents never played this growing up, I had to discover it on my own about 5 years ago. What a great Christmas album!

  26. Yea, honestly unless you grew up with it it doesn’t age as well. Still some amazing lines from Swayze and Elliot. Sam Elliot has probably one of the best movie lines ever.

  27. I watched it for the first time a year or two ago. Was almost expecting to dislike it, but ended up absolutely loving it. What a fun movie! I don’t think it fits in the Criterion Collection, but I also don’t want to argue my opinion with others either. I think the movie is really great, period.

  28. These aren’t even “old coins”. I take it that this is your first time ever looking at this sub?

  29. You’re saying my opinion is fault in my psyche. That’s far more condemning. I shouldn’t voice my opinion or you’ll bully me? Fine, I’ll remove my comments with respect to the misunderstanding you’re creating. But your words imply bigotry. And I’m not here for that.

  30. It’s not that your opinions are invalid, it’s that your incorrectly connecting 2 things that are mutually exclusive.

  31. Really? I thought it was the fact that he was dancing and won a talent show so you’re upset? If that’s all I know that we’ve made some really positive headway here. Thanks.

  32. Nah. Your point about it being disrespect calling Michael Jackson “white” is valid, and I’d agree. Now, it was kind of a joke, but you’d still have a point. That, and that joke is so unoriginal, unfunny, and has been said a million times before.

  33. So, now writers also need to be concerned about AI taking their jobs in a few years.

  34. This isn't a conversation these two people would have 😂

  35. No it doesn’t, it means adding olive juice/brine to a cocktail.

  36. 'Dirty Shirley', specifically is the the name of a drink that is a Shirley temple with vodka.

  37. Screaming “Reddit Deputy” is literally the worst thing a person could ever do in life. /s

  38. I know she was a massive Broadway star, but I really wish Bankhead were a much larger film star then she was. She’s as fun to watch as Davis and Crawford, in that she and her acting were so distinct and larger than life. But at least we have Lifeboat, I suppose.

  39. This doesn’t seem fit the tone of the movie. But hot damn is this beautiful. As much as I love Disney’s Robin Hood (and I just saw it again earlier this year, and still love it), I want to see this darker version too. Disney - get on that!

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