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  1. Hello random "not contructive commenter". Please keep adding to conversations you really are adding something ;)

  2. omg this hurts to watch, i was there this past june and was planning on doing this exact thing and it was still forzen!!!!

  3. 7/10 my ass its gotta be at least 9/10

  4. hmmmmm thats an even number.......

  5. fuck yes!! 100%. i was looking at tickets though and they are crazy expensive. like cheapest is $85 or something like that

  6. It’s because the conservative gov wants American style healthcare. So they can line their pockets.

  7. This, 100%. it is clear as day what they are trying to do. destroy public healthcare to the point that private healthcare looks like a better alternative.

  8. in ontario the conservatives capped nurses raises at 1%

  9. New to me Patrician, have wanted one since seeing one of them in Palm Springs Weekend, a movie from the 1960s. Needed some TLC but I cleaned it up, oiled the fretboard, new strings, …sounds great.

  10. i have a guitar that looks exactly like this one. there should be stamp inside the body that will tell u the age. it may be hard to see because of the small sound holes but should be in there. it will have numbers and either an s (spring) or f (fall).

  11. There is a stamp in there, but I've read it's just a series stamp, not the actual date it was made. Here it is... 2260(H?)1407. (or maybe 226C). What is your stamp look like?

  12. i think it may be made in 1960 if i am reading the info in

  13. These r the same ppl who bag their dog shit and leave it on the trail

  14. Are you the collector of said dog shit?

  15. sometimes i pick it up sometimes i dont. i dont understand the logic of bagging poop and then still leaving it on the ground lol

  16. not a horrow film but 12 monkeys really hit me hard. i am terrified of insane asylums

  17. this whole vid was perfect but the fact that they didnt zip that pocket all the way drives me insane

  18. I dont think a kid would get most of the jokes

  19. $25 is not too expensive. this tool is amazing and the more people that use it and contribute to it the better it will get. people spend more than $25 on random camp gear that they use 2-3 times a year. i would try the free trial if you haven't already. paddle planner is an amazing tool.

  20. not a paid ad at least lol. i'm just a random person who really likes the tool and wanted to help support it.

  21. has anyone from schuabs past ever come out calling him a bully or anything like that? i have listened to the pod from the beginning, quit after callen left and always thought man this dude seems like he would have been "that" bully in highschool and always wondered if anyone had ever come out and exposed him.

  22. I used to listen to TMP, Callen was great with Sasso and D'Rapeia.

  23. omg TMP was the best. you should give dudesy a shot. its actually fucking hilarious. there are a couple dud episode but most of them are non stop knee slappers. stone cold reads will's childhood diary is one of the funniest bits of all time. im very seriously thinking of starting to piss blame.

  24. 4 Americans, yes. enough for 18 people from anywhere else in the world

  25. then you grossly over estimated how much 4 people in your country would eat. haha im just kidding around, i love taking shots at america when ever i can.

  26. I've never seen a black Zelda label like that. cool

  27. Does your weenie simply hang into the toilet when you use it? Is it placed on the seat? Do you ever have ween splashed with poop?

  28. i once had such violent and explosive diarrhea it came out with such velocity that it created a gigantic splash back that covered my ass, balls and wang with poo water splatter. my netherese looked like a monochromatic Jackson pollock painting.

  29. correlation does not imply causation

  30. How hot, and how fast? I usually do mine at 300 for like an hour, spray them with duck fat, and then let them crisp for another 30 mins to get some crunch.

  31. the smoker was at 350-400 and it took about 20-30 then i tossed them in sauce and put them back on for about 5 mins to get them sticky.

  32. I bought a rack like this once and felt ripped off. i feel like i trimmed half the weight of the thing. money down the drain

  33. Yea I trimmed 2 lbs out of a total of 6 lbs.

  34. oh wow thats is amazing. i never thought to call the store. i figured they wouldn't do anything but if it happens again i definitely will.

  35. keep at it. i used to hate it. still dont love it but i could barely sip a negroni, now i love them.

  36. that gasket looks like it will work good to me. i put a breaded one like that on my door but it didn't have the adhesive already on it so i bought some high temp silicone to adhere it. i would suggest you get some silicone too. i recently put a new gasket on my kamado style smoker and the adhesive that came already on the gasket was next to useless. luckily i had the high temp silicone from when i put the breaded gasket on my WSM so i used that and it worked like a charm.

  37. Hey friend, working the high-C as well and I'm getting quite creative with my smoker in the same ways. I've done this once before, and my magic combo was reducing saturated fats, increasing fiber, pounding the water, and cardio. 3-4 months, even with the occasional greasy treat, dropped 34 points of bad cholesterol. Here's a few culinary gems for you:

  38. wow! thanks for the amazing response. i am going to save this one and reference it. i'll post some dishes that i make. will definitely try some of these too!

  39. Chicken thighs are what got me into smoking in the first place. Get em bone in/skin on, dry brine, smoke em at 250 until they’re 165 internal, crank it to 325 and finish at 180-185 internal for crispy skin and rendered fat.

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