1. Just a reminder that “curated” doesn’t mean that everything in the box will be BY the curator. Like an art curator doesn’t just host art shows with ONLY their art.

  2. I think it was German? I remember watching some of that, too lol

  3. I keep saying I’m gonna cancel ipsy because lately I can’t afford ANYTHING extra or fun. I want to at least use up the rest of my points. I don’t really care for Alicia Keys, but recently bought some Keys toner because the ingredients looked nice, not realizing the brand was by her, and I LOVE the toner! Her products are on the pricey side, so when I saw she’s the next curator I was like OH HELL YEAH! But yeah, these ipsy price increases are BULLSHIT.

  4. I fer srsly just came up with the same idea last night while binging TM2.

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