1. I just started last year and can’t say I’ve experienced even the smallest amount of elitism. Can you elaborate on what you experienced, I’m curious how you had such a negative experience?

  2. I called them about this, you can just create a new Arccos account to get a new free trial. Unethical LPT but you could just create a new account every 45 days or whatever it is and have arccos for free, you would just never have any stat history lol

  3. Anyone have any idea where I can watch in Canada before and after the NBC coverage starts? USA network seems unavailable in Canada

  4. I think the first tie breaker should be score on the hole, 3 putting for double is worse than 3 putting for bogey. Second tie breaker should be distance to hole of the first putt imo, you’ll never be able to exactly account for the difficulty of the putts so distance from hole should serve as a simple, but effective on average, proxy for which 3 putt was more difficult (less embarassing).

  5. Does anyone know the song in the background? I can’t discern the lyrics well enough to search it

  6. Goddamn Zalatoris in close looks so uncomfortable, that looked like a huge hitch but he did still drain it

  7. Lee looked a bit disappointed they only asked him one question, his English obviously isn’t the best but I would’ve loved to hear a bit more from him

  8. So what does the mean for your putting stroke? Why would someone want a lot of toe hang vs no toe hang?

  9. The traditional advice is more toe hang is better suited to a more arced stroke while face balance is better suited to a more straight back and through stroke.

  10. Need an option for ball mark on edge of cup and then also all of the above except HOI :(

  11. I love the bunker beach feature, not something I’ve seen at any other course

  12. I strongly relate to the second clip. My maturity level after a bad shot is apparently worse than a 5 year old lol!

  13. Going by PGA make percentages, 40-50 ft for birdie is significantly better than 6-8 ft for par. At 50 ft average strokes is 2.135, at 6 ft it’s 1.357. So 2/10ths of a stroke comparing high end of long putt to low end of short putt. 40 ft vs 8 ft is more significant at 2.055 vs 1.515 strokes.

  14. Sure, but that is because PGA your players are very rarely going to three putt from 40-50 ft. The average weekend hacker might three putt that distance a couple times a round (although they'll have a worse make % on the 8 footer than a PGA tour pro as well).

  15. Of course, the assumption is a weekend hackers averages while obviously worse will still be at least approximately proportional to that of a PGA pro. Also just because I like stats, from 40-50 ft a PGA pro will 3 putt 10-16% of the time on average.

  16. According to how the PGA tracks stats, a putt is any stroke after getting onto the green. This means any putt from the fringe, bunker, or anything other than the green is not a putt. UNLESS you have already hit the green. For example, if I get on the green, putt the ball off the green, chip back up, then putt it in, that would be 3 putts even though only 2 were what most people would consider putts.

  17. Only way you’re getting that flight with that path and face is with a massive toe strike.

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