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  1. I like that one of these f2p card games are actually on the Switch

  2. Same. I really enjoy this game but it's definitely not something I want to focus on playing with a big ass moniter or tv screen. Very easy to just pop in for a few duels on the Switch and realize it's been several hours

  3. You could just wait for the next event and get gems through that

  4. Well, at least D Shifter is a very good card in anything that doesn't use the GY.

  5. I'd be less mad about it if every single LRG game didn't advertise that it came with a "full color manual:

  6. Nothing I make will ever be as good as this

  7. Looks good! Reminds me of Touch Detective

  8. Someone running Ash Blossom like the meta sheep they are

  9. THANK YOU! Never could find this quiz online back in the day

  10. I didn't understand the PC was a thing so after I caught six Pokémon I thought I just couldn't use anymore til I was at least 6 or so gyms deep into the game. It was an experience having a team that was basically just my starter+a legendary

  11. I’m such a bad hoarder that this is now my problem. I’ve got full 6 samurai, photon/galaxy, and almost all the zombie arch’s and now I want to do a good ss/tenyi but jeez. Don’t get me started on branded

  12. At least if you save up instead of dismantling, surely there will be a Swordsoul secret pack available by then?

  13. Props, using off meta decks to climb is a grind I myself have trouble dealing with and I respect using such a unique deck to do it with

  14. Zoodiac you can just use n/r crafting material and have a genuine wincon if you already own Zeus which is one of the best boss monsters in the game

  15. The MDM discord has a lot of Vampire discussion

  16. Comes in cybernetic successor structure deck, the cards in it are playable.

  17. And now I know I have this card, will have to remember to add it to my Despia deck

  18. Idk does mystery dungeon still limit what Pokemon you can start as by gender?

  19. No! After the personality test if you don't like your pick you can now choose any of the available mons to start as regardless of gender which is wonderful

  20. Great job on the undefeated of the east

  21. There should be a kit where its a master grade, but just a cow, like the size of mg turn a cow. For 50 dollars

  22. There is an Evangelion Lobster kit, a cow isn't impossible

  23. Pain + So many URs + why are so many of the Despia cards stuck in the master pack

  24. Trauma is trauma, no one person's experience is inadequate or invalid. This must have been tough to write and you have my respect for doing so. I'm sorry you had to go through that, especially at such a young age and without anyone to turn to, you deserve to feel safe.

  25. Ittle Dew 1 & 2 - Top down puzzle focused Zelda

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