Styling a shirt and pair of jeans I made

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  1. It looks like one of the magic Johnson shirts but it’s not labeled as his. Super cool find ! My stepdad would love this being a browns fan

  2. Thank you for your comment! The tag looks similar to a 1998 tag I saw for another shirt but do you know if the double stitch is common on American thunder? It looks very new so that’s what concerns me

  3. Let me double check when I get home…but 90% sure I got a late 90s double stitched American Thunder tee

  4. Once I get my funds up, id definitely try to start buying from resellers…but I’m also not tryna get fleeced! So now it’s strictly the thrift every single day lol

  5. I refuse to buy from resellers, I just keep faith I know I'll find it one day for bins price haha I wanted to experiment

  6. I don’t resell myself though…I just thrift for my own collection! I gotta imagine that makes a difference on how people answer this question

  7. I seriously get such a dopamine rush looking through the racks…bins just stress me out… “vintage” stores piss me off with they prices

  8. Of course not. Did you really think Blizzard was going to give players a free battlepass?

  9. Personally, if you’re making original bootlegs I respect it…you need passion and respect to do that! If you’re making exact copies…fuck you lol

  10. This is incredible!! How does one come across something like this? Because I peruse Facebook marketplace for the off chance something like this pops up…never anything remotely close

  11. I can’t get over Hanes having no chill for calling size XL “beefy.”

  12. So when do you study exactly? I live in italy and I probably would never graduate if I were to party every day, there's just too much to study and I can't concentrate while being hungover

  13. On Sunday, for 12 hours straight, after taking adderall you bought off your friends

  14. Today I’ll say green street hooligans, i have movies i hold over others but i like to vary what i call my favorite since some of the movies i really like i havent seen in months

  15. What an awesome family you have! Wishing you the best of luck with your sewing journey

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