1. Dude, not only you have made a bad quality shot instead of a screenshot, but you made it tilted 60° for maximum readability. Tf is wrong with you bozo?

  2. Very nice! My local thrift been trippin..woulda had these both priced $30 AT LEAST…hope you had better luck than that dope shirts

  3. Not alot of people know how to deal with her shield. I know HOW technically but still fuck up that encounter a fair amount. Good players though can handle it fairly easy

  4. Im not 100% certain but probably lv 999, ive got a few lv 20 guns. Hope juke has something new to grind out

  5. What about your account…is there a cap to how many times you can rank up? I’m only level 18 lol …just started playing

  6. Im not certain about that either someone will answer you sooner or later to “correct me” 😂 Im level 250ish though on Xbox if thats any help

  7. I’m just upset I get timed out of a game and somehow receive an abandon penalty. Do you really think I meant to leave the game with 5 squads left?

  8. That's a tough choice. Cle only has 3 games though and 2 against the nets and bucks, so I'd probably risk JJJ. 2 games out of him would most likely at least be equal to 3 of lauri, if not better, depending on your scoring.

  9. Appreciate the thought. Another one for you…would you take patrick Williams 4 games over the potential 2-3 from JJJ?

  10. Sorry I didn't see this before. I can't say because I don't know as much about will. I don't even know that team he's on

  11. Went with JJJ. Hope he shows up…tough seeing Lauri go off on my bench! Also started poku in my lineup. tough start to championship week to say the least.

  12. Does Patrick Williams keep getting 30+ minutes this week? Im in my fantasy championship and it’s a weekly lock league and I’m struggling with my last waiver add…

  13. If Horford is out I’d think so.

  14. Any time I see a ‘smoking’ tee on this sub I know it’s you! This is one of the best. Great find as always, friend.

  15. Because I feel really fucking bad if I don’t. Idk I think I sympathize with others very easily. Whether that’s a good or bad thing I don’t know, but I do know it constantly makes me want to be better. Also my momma, mostly my momma.

  16. I’m surprised how mainstream this looks from the two trailers. From the description I would’ve expected more of an A24/ Being John Malkovich feel

  17. It is quite literally ‘the Interview’ … Madman invites his favorite celebrity to spend time with him and the us government interjects and makes said celebrity kill said madman

  18. Anyone remember what the guys that did the halftime show were called?

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