1. Explosives just don't always fragment the same. Sometimes instead of fragmenting nicely and dispersing in all directions like a grenade it goes in mostly one direction.

  2. hopefully he dies before then

  3. this assumes that they self reflect which is way too dangerous for a trump supporter

  4. Jenna Ellis knows so this information is attainable

  5. Tucker is a true believer. He's been an openly-racist POS at least as far back as his college years.

  6. The only proof of that i've ever seen is his features on "bubba the love sponge" which are terrible attempts at shock comedy. If you have proof that Tucker was racist in college i'd love to see it.

  7. I just googled 'racist tucker carlson college' and got

  8. did you read what you linked ?

  9. I love it when some Kraken believer posts about their hero Sidney Powell. It cracks me up every time knowing there are people so dumb they believe shit like that.

  10. no scam artist in history has ever had a more gullible collection of rubes

  11. Projection combined with a policy platform that amounts to nothing more than grievances.

  12. Republicans have many plans they are just unable to admit then openly because some are criminal in nature. They aren't going to admit their plan is to be obsequious to the donor class, billionaire tax breaks, and sabotage upcoming elections.

  13. This is what a full effort looks like

  14. its the white stitching that ruins it

  15. This is a simply foxnews fearmongering tactic. The idea is that Donald is being targeted for being conservative so all conservatives should be afraid. If you think conservatives thought they were immune to the FBI then you're clueless.

  16. People with no actual knowledge saying bullshit in here. The problem with the ANA was 95% of them aren't from Afghanistan and they only wanted a paycheck. Armchair generals have no idea how useless your average ANA is.

  17. If you respect absurd demands from dictators you only embolden them to make more

  18. Dark Brandon didn't even fire Trump appointed bootlickers. This is a really big mistake

  19. I like when they add billionaire to it but ignore that Rupert Murdoch's net worth is 20 billion

  20. Donald is just a scam artist and before he pretended to be a conservative he tried to sleaze into Democrat politics. He was rejected and he looked for a more gullible party that would buy into his obvious bullshit.

  21. We let a reality actor scam artist become commander and chief of the armed forces.

  22. the foxnews cult wants hunter imprisoned for crack he smoked 10 years ago

  23. Hunters laptop and Powell's Kraken are the dumbest political hack jobs in world history. Only the most gullible morons alive got suckered by it.

  24. Protip Republicans, if you want us to stop thinking you're the dumbest people in the world, stop watching media that openly lies to your face as if you were the dumbest people in the world.

  25. News Corp tells the lies conservatives prefer ! They don't care about legacy or hypocrisy in any form and are immune to shaming.

  26. 8/10 Lacks the context of how monumentally stupid he was to attempt an assault on an FBI field office.

  27. “Well, I thought I had a way through bullet proof glass, and I didn’t." -Ricky Shiffer

  28. suede enthusiasts know about it

  29. Why pay for things yourself when you can get your cult of idiots to do it for you ?

  30. why use a trash source like foxnews ?

  31. I prefer presidents that didn't get raided by the FBI

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