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  1. I’m a surgeon still paying off my loan at 37. Would never complain or ask for anyone to feel bad for me - I make a good living, but I promise I’m not “rich.” I’m also about as far left as you can be in the US. I hope class solidarity includes me. I’m a W-2 worker who has to be at the office, and I physically earn every dollar. Sure, one day my capital might make more than I do, but I’ve been grinding for my whole life.

  2. Oh fuck off. Knowing multiple surgeons I know where you're headed for and that's a fucking comfortable and well off life beyond the reach of 98% of people. Now, I'm happy for you, you work hard, you deserve it etc etc, but don't fucking come at me with this class solidarity shit when you're one of the early level bosses of capitalism. Yeah, Elon might be the final boss on an unimaginable level above you but when you're 60, have 3 houses and have a couple mill in the 401k (WHICH MAKES YOU THE OWNER CLASS) you have very little in common with the cashier at Ralphs either. Like. Good on you. I'd physically pat you on the back but fuck I don't want to hear you whine about anything.

  3. It’s not the way it used to be. The current group of >60 guys absolutely killed it and many became fabulously wealthy. You won’t see that nearly as often in the under 40 group. Loans got too big and reimbursement keeps shrinking. Plus, we can’t just raise prices with inflation. All the while, patients are having to pay more and more while that money goes to admin and insurance companies. It’s a bad, broken system.

  4. I guess I'll have to take your word for it as I don't know any mid 30's surgeons where you are but damn if I don't assume this is temporary and your big earning years in your 40's and 50's after your loans are paid off will sling shot you faaaaaarrrr in front. Honestly, my head is mostly spinning from this class consciousness language used in such a permissive pro-landlord, pro-capitalist LARPy way in this thread.

  5. My issue here is that Sci Fi is overall so cheesy now that it's generally little more than a soap opera set in space and I can't really recommend it as people just don't want to watch Sci Fi - if they did they'd already be watching the shows. The Expanse is the first Sci Fi in a while that feels adult and fully fleshed out and yes heavily political, but then so was Game Of Thrones and no one says "bleurg, just political drama". So when I say I can recommend it, I mean I can recommend it to non-Sci Fi nerds without feeling embarrassed. Hell, I don't even watch that much Sci Fi as it's been a dumping ground for so many decades that the farces and comedies like Red Dwarf and Firefly almost work by leaning into the cheese.

  6. I envy you that you can watch it fresh. So much good stuff. So many little things that don't sound like much but make it great (and that I can't talk about), even that the quality holds pretty well. Hell, I think my favorite episode is like near the end of season five.

  7. That’s debatable. Republicans were in the same position as the democrats trump first was elected and probably even in a bit better having like 52 senators or so and the real big they passed was tax cuts. They failed on numerous things they wanted to do as well without the 60 votes needed.

  8. Yeah, wtf is this revisionary nonsense.. The Repubs got almost nothing done. They didn't repeal ACA, didn't build a wall.. just podcast brainrot.

  9. Just anti-Disney circlejerking or being too young to remember when the prequels came out. TLJ sucks ass, but man.. It's a masterpiece compared to fucking Jar Jar Binks: The Movie.

  10. It's called a Shandy or Radler. Was a popular beer cocktail before pre-mixed drinks came along.

  11. Seriously, try it on a hot summer's day, it's actually not bad, not that I'd make a habit of it.

  12. Wouldn't it be more easily explained by less driving practice from there being nowhere to go as well as less practice in heavy traffic?

  13. I mean on any other Pokemon, it would probably be too much, but this is Hydreigon, who is weak to prominent ML types, Fairy, Dragon, and Fighting...

  14. Yeah, you have to take into account that it needs a move like this to be relevant and it will still probably just get deleted by a fairy or dragon. Really though, they'll probably take it back to a 1 stage debuff or something.

  15. I also miss them. The pre-oandemic raid hours where we'd all meet up, pile into someone's van and go do 10-12 raids in an hour were a blast.

  16. I miss it, was a special time but it's gone now. We can't always re-capture something.

  17. That’s making the assumption that people would actually do the in person raiding though. I don’t believe most people would. You’d need older players to be willing to go back to the old way and you’d need newer players to suddenly start doing it the way it was years ago. Not a chance. They just won’t raid or will raid very sparingly.

  18. Horse has bolted. Not going back to driving all day. I've got real things to do.

  19. Harold & Kumar, but that was almost 20 years ago.

  20. lol I hope the next 20 doesn't go as fast as that....

  21. They're whining that "everyone" (ie the left) hated Big Pharma but then COVID hit and the vaccines came out and everyone took them (sorry, I mean tHe ShEeP took them while the sagely all knowing conservatives didn't).

  22. I mean.. A trilogy of movies that ran as long as some tv seasons. It's a full two hours longer than the final season of GOT and that's without looking at the extended editions which take it to almost 5 hours longer.

  23. The far left definitely have an envy problem and it's very noticeable on Reddit as well. They like to rag on the "millionahs and billionahs" but when they find out Trevor in Tampa, FL is making $130k a year as a "tech bro" suddenly you see their colors change and you notice what they truly have a problem with, which is that someone else is successful and they're not

  24. Yeah but if you talk to Trevor and he's a Berner, then $130k is middle class and it's "millionahs and billionahs" again.

  25. Well now you do. Pelosi and all the Democrats reeeing out about Trump. Literally willing to get infected because orange man bad.

  26. lol no it wasn't you dolt, Pelosi's constituents are 20% Asian, probably the highest in the US. It was dumb shit in the start of a pandemic but she was just being a good politician protecting her base of voters.

  27. No, no they don't. It's all US culture war shit to them. I'm pretty lefty and have been annoyed at China the whole time, I don't know ANYONE that wasn't like "WTF China - no flights, we don't want your cooties".

  28. You should check with your doctor on that. My wife somehow never got chicken pox as a kid, even though we're of an age where virtually everyone did. So she got the chickenpox vaccine as an adult to ensure that she never got it, since apparently getting chickenpox as an adult is much worse than getting it as a kid. But now, her doctor told her she needed the shingles vaccine because apparently at least some forms of the chickenpox vaccine contained live virus which can remain dormant in your body and ultimately reemerge as shingles, just like a real infection.

  29. Chicken pox as an adult is the single most fucked up I've ever been. Made COVID look like literally nothing (yes I realize I only got mild COVID).

  30. The girl is about to chainsaw their body into small enough parts to fit into a suitcase that can be buried because they're about to fuck them on the cusp of winning.

  31. Then you will love this

  32. This makes no sense to me at all. Turning a woman into putty makes me feel more like a man than anything else.

  33. Not being able to pleasure a woman has long been considered not "being a man" so I don't really know where this comes from. Maybe in some circles "not being able to" changes to "not caring to" and circles back to the chadness of not giving a fuck or something.

  34. For real, saying "out-of-control woke politicians" is literally using their negative language for people trying to work for good representation of everyone.

  35. I recoiled when I read that sentence, but reading the article, especially the school board stuff, I could excuse a normie (but not a Republican) for using it a bit given it's penetration into mainstream discourse.

  36. Eh. At 44 you went through the first tech boom, rode the easy market to 2007 and were probably snug in the job market before the GFC hit. Now, if you were 34 and hitting the job market in the GFC, yeah, I'd hear you. You left highschool in 1996. Houses were cheap, shit wasn't that bad dude. I know, I was there.

  37. Our stimulus just went into savings, anticipating we'd end up with inflation like we have now.

  38. Why would you put it into savings to deal with inflation? Inflation is literally making those savings worth less. I get it in the sense that you might not have been viewing it as enough money to be a significant long term store of value and just putting a bit aside to deal with $50 extra a week in costs for a year or whatever though.

  39. It’s weirdly pathetic if it isn’t, too.

  40. I was aware of it when it happened and pretty much believe it given what I've seen and experienced in crypto (why I don't really go near it). It was most definitely pathetic watching a grown man on Twitter beg for his picture of an ape.

  41. I thought that was normally during urination. I know I've done that. Had a couple of drinks.. Lay down on the couch watching TV, got up suddenly to piss.. Cracked my head on the cistern on the way down. Wake up to my wife in a panic shaking me, first hazy words out of my mouth "vagus nerve".

  42. Literally lolled. Nicely done.

  43. EDIT It was the Alola to Alola research blocking things. As soon as I chose a path it started working. It literally blocks the whole event.

  44. EDIT It was the Alola to Alola research blocking things. As soon as I chose a path it started working. It literally blocks the whole event.

  45. If he's going to do anything, lets get a Jumper sequel. Fucking loved that movie.

  46. LOL, literally watched it two nights ago and went down the Google hole looking for sequel info.

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