1. I wouldn't go for the basement. Get a good quality tent and try to find the cleanest room ( without webs) etc and start there. Start w one or two and see how it all works out!

  2. I wouldn't just tell them your not gonna just give them a bonus. They could have been planning on using that for extra gifts for the holidays or traveling to see family. You should still give them it just when the time is right. If it's the "economy" then do it after. Personally I would quit if you were to tell me it's because of the "economy".

  3. Grade 11 and 16? I was 15 in 9th lol. I'm 23 now, but did he skip grades? My math could be totally wrong elohel.

  4. Essentially what their saying is your transmission isn't running long enough for you to charge it back to what it was before you shut it off multiple times within the hour.

  5. If rubbing alcohol got into the coil would I be able to do anything about it or is it just done?

  6. If it did, I was assume after a while it would evaporate. Hitting hit though might actually burn the coil, so it could just be a shitty taste either way.

  7. Because it's not the best quality of Maigjuanas

  8. You better off then most having savings, I would look into a cheap cheap motel and live super cheap until so you can keep saving. Even living in your car for a month so you can save that much more and put a down payment down in an apartment. If you can find one for around 1000$ you could easily afford a down payment as of now with your savings. Might be right afterwards, but if your good at budgeting it's dueable.

  9. I'm picking up a 250r with 20k miles 2010 for 1900 this Tuesday.

  10. Places can do whatever they feel is right within your guys contract. My lease states I get a late fee every 5th of the month rent is not paid. So Im sure it's well within there legal rights.

  11. Progressive has great service but just pricey.

  12. Yeah, I'm 23. I pay 220 a month, I have GAP, bumper to bumper and as well as a Warrenty for my engine and trans for 10 yrs. I recently got into a accident and from the day of until I got it back from the shop after the claim was about 10 days. (also got provided a rental)

  13. My current dealer takes 24hrs to respond after he says give me a bit n I'll be active. It's Everytime I hit him up.

  14. Your school work let alone anything in life is not a reason to ever think about suicide. If your friend is, I'd take them into speak to professional help. Suicide is a serious thing, making a reddit post isn't going to help. Take a step and help your friend.

  15. Update: Since the camera was never connected to the internet and the video never went to a cloud, my lawyer basically said they'd have absolutely no way of proving anything. They'd only have a shot if they found the girl we fired and got her to testify that we showed her a video of her snorting lines in the bathroom. Which he said he highly doubts she will do.

  16. If you don't mind me asking, what company to do run? And that's good, glad to hear! I'd be doing the same steps you did.

  17. I definitely wouldn't recommend doing that.

  18. Fuck them. Your cat (as well as mine) are my best friends. They clearly are just in it for the money, they don't care much for there tenants obviously.

  19. In all honestly she's probably right, you said you self she doesn't talk much. Maybe she's shy, I didn't read all of this. No offense but to make a post about that little temp difference should concern you more then it does to make a reddit post. You wouldn't even tell the difference probably from 65-70. At least not much, and you can always open a window. She can't, since utilities is included, opening a window won't affect you guys personally. It'll help keep you guys cooled off and she can be warm.

  20. I’ve had my window open for 2 weeks straight and it doesn’t do anything

  21. Then one of you is being over dramatic. Because leaving a window open when it's 35-45 degrees at night even upper 50s it'll definitely cool down anyplace with the heat on.

  22. Iva always had great service with Xfinity. That's odd.

  23. It wasn't necessary like that. It was like she intentionally turned Infront of me. I did see her like you would see any car. She just went right as I was crossing. I appreciate the response though!

  24. I'm also confused on how you can admit something to the police, but then lie on an insurance report? I've never had an accident before.

  25. Then the IDF would come to your house in the middle of the night, put a bag over your head, take you to a prison camp, and torture you for years until no one left alive remembers your name.

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