1. Here you go straight from the supplier.

  2. You will be running on uneven ground frequently. Watch your step on bayo course aswell.

  3. Tore ligaments in my ankle in the first hour of bayo 😂

  4. Literally just finished RAE IETS a few weeks ago, Rooms are basic but newish, single bed that’s squeaky as fk. Comes with aircon, desk, chair, heaps of cupboards. Each person gets there own room, and as someone said there are a few rooms on each floor that are ensuites.

  5. Are there any online tests to find this result? I know i am very very minorly colour blind. Only time i sturggle with colours is the "find the number or letter in the dots".

  6. That’s the type of test they do on assessment day

  7. Mate the good thing about school is it’ll help get your mind off shit with what’s going on, if you drop out your gonna have that much more free time where you’ll just be contemplating life and just being bored shitless. Stay in school mate. The 17 weeks are gonna be over soon as

  8. Car and bike are fine mate, car parks are big enough at LIA to have the bike behind the car

  9. As far as I'm aware, there's no role that supports a promotion to Lance Corporal immediately after IETs.

  10. I have several friends who were scouts, and by the tender age of 12 each and every one of them knew how to make deodorant flamethrowers and accidental firebombs using fuel oil and dried leaves. Meanwhile their counterparts in the cadets were just about managing to do a single push up.

  11. 500 bucks on scouts. The average scout is probably more battled hardened from Bush deployments at the local park. Theres so much about turns and parade drill a cadet can do to confuse a scout before he gets destroyed by a twig wielding veteran scout with multiple park trips under his belt.

  12. I second the advance twig weapon skills they’ve acquired. I remember once, as a lil scout i boomeranged a 2 foot weaponised stick into the noggin of a fellow patrol leader at a mer distance of 40m. Sticks are not forgiving and nor was my sucking up to him to try n stay out of shit. Safe to say he was no snitch. Unlike Cough* cough* cadet

  13. Infantry roles are priorities atm. You should get in providing your fit and medically cleared. Not sure if a combat engineer is a priority role atm and it might have a wait time? Either way research both roles and see what you would like best.

  14. I got a enlistment date for CE after 2 months so it arnt too long. There may be diffrent circumstances tho

  15. It says year 10 or equivalent, so if you pass year 11 or 12 math n English you’ll be sweet

  16. If your in for 19th of sept, shoot me a message

  17. Hey mate the best training advice I can give you is to start off buy jogging around the block, I comprised a circuit of 2.4km which when I first started it took 18min to complete, which I have now gotten down to 10min. I was able to know 5min off my time in just 2 week of doing the run 4 times a week. Also doing push-ups and sit ups every night would help a lot too. Do as many as you can in one set, then 10min later do as many as possible attempted for 50 a day till you can work it up to 100 a day. Same goes with sit ups. Running the beep test is not the way to train for the beep test. You wanna build your cardio up for it and that means running past that fatigue feeling you get which you don’t get when your participating in the beep test. Remember the beep test is to test your fitness ability, it is not a training schedule.

  18. Yeah plenty senior dudes are both recon and diver qualified. Some guys consider them kinda like a stepping stone to special forces.

  19. Oh beauty, are all these courses located at all bases? or or they specific to A base? I just don’t wanna get posted to some base where they don’t have the opportunity to do a diver or recon course for example. Cheers for all the useful information though!

  20. Yeah to my knowledge all 3 Combat Engineer Regiments need dive and recon, ect.

  21. Cheers mate, you’ve gotten me more keen and less worried about choosing CE, just gotta put my head down n get shit done. Have you went through any of the courses listed? I doubt they’d be easy, but how smart would you say you’d have to be to make it into the diver n recon courses?

  22. I was pretty sad I didn’t get a finger up my ass or my balls tickled for the medical :/

  23. Maccas for sure, hungry jacks on the other hand,,, yummyyy

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