You guys wanted to see it, here they are! Nearly 1,400 usernames on our rear bumper at Talladega this weekend! Let me know if you see yours! (You can also really see my reflection😂)

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  1. If you were an owner and could pick any driver in their prime, past or present, to be the star of your team, who are you picking?

  2. Custom cables could spiff the build up a ton, recently added some to my build and it was night and day. CableMod's configurator has custom 12-pins now so you could even get a custom cable for your GPU as well.

  3. Just got my set this past week and I really like them, they just look great.

  4. Honestly as nice as KD would've been, I'm so happy we still got Mikal, what a guy

  5. Really worried for Briscoe, them tires are oooooold.

  6. So nervous right now. I’d almost rather a 10th than risk blowing a tire

  7. yeah I'm worried about anyone around the top 10 or so, they're all gonna be going much longer than the 35 laps or so that tires have usually been lasting

  8. the unholy things I'd do for a BO2 remaster, could be rose-tinted glasses with it being the first COD I played at launch, but man that game was so much fun and in 10 years nothing has scratched that itch like BO2 was able to

  9. Bro why can't my aim assist work like this lmao, more often than not I'm just aiming and shooting at someone hoping eventually I'll get a hitmarker, but then I see clips where people's aim assist is essentially locking them onto the enemy.

  10. Yep, 8 games out of 10 I’m dead before I even see people, and I’m not even able to get double digit kills, played every CoD MP since the OG MW and been around a 1.5kd average in every game but the lobbies this weekend I’ve not even gone positive in any of them. I have no idea wtf is happening but it’s horrendous

  11. It feels like connection went down the toilet for weekend 2 too, the game felt fine for the first weekend but now I'm constantly in 100+ ping servers where I constantly stutter step.

  12. right? cod is an arcade shooter. theres a million way, way, way better tactical shooters out there but you'll be hard pressed to find a superior arcade shooter.

  13. Some people fail to realize this, you can change aspects of COD and still leave it as an arcade shooter, they strayed too far from the formula and now it feels like a hybrid simulation/arcade sort of game.

  14. I mean you're not wrong, nothing screams COD more than corner campers tbh

  15. and to think this is our highest rated QB recruit in school history

  16. It’s because Tatum’s 19 still, so they give him more props for being so young and so good. Bookers 25 already

  17. I'm so confused by footstep audio, it sounds like my guy is stomping around like an elephant but so many times when I've been flanked by an enemy, they made zero noise and it's not always dead silence.

  18. There is literally a launcher in the 3rd default class. Everyone has access to it.

  19. I always switch to it when I can because I barely get ghost before the game is over to begin with lol

  20. I mean they're definitely losing the appeal so this is certainly just a "get our crew guys back for the one race where it's not a crapshoot"

  21. We need new version of this back or at least some cool secondary logo to go with our current one. I didn't mind the JAGS patch either, but they went so incredibly plain with everything on the latest redesign.

  22. They definitely over corrected after people complained about the 2013-2017 uniforms, went from way too overboard and busy to literally nothing going on at all.

  23. Dolphins going 10-7 based on this info, only issue is a lot of QBs on the good AFC teams don't have an O in their last name, might be a rough playoffs for them.

  24. Allen and Herbert are the only ones aren’t they? Maybe Carr if they make it. Everyone else that’s good has an O

  25. For some reason, my brain legitimately thought Mahomes didn't have an O and I feel stupid.

  26. Definitely would be cool to see, also curious to see where he races next year because he doesn't want to take a ride below McLaren, but nothing is opening above them whatsoever.

  27. Tropical Rain is awful, zero redeeming qualities of it. I didn't like Guava or Type O but at least I could drink those without literally spitting them out, unlike Tropical Windshield Wiper Fluid Rain

  28. I remember being so excited for this game, set aside money to buy it, had to spend that money on something else that bit the dust sadly so wasn't able to pre-order the game so I had to watch on the sidelines.

  29. I'm actually surprised that spawns aren't listed as an issue for most players. For three years the community has complained about the squad spawns and spawning next to or in front of the enemy. They remove the dots from the mini map and everyone is pissed but hey jump up on a box and have a guy spawn behind you a second later shooting you in the back is ok.

  30. At this point, I feel like spawns are at the same spot as SBMM in a lot of player's brains, just shoved into the category of "they won't ever change it or fix it, so why bother", I can't remember the last time a COD game didn't have scuffed spawns on a majority of the maps and I've just grown accustomed to getting spawned behind or spawning behind someone once in a while.

  31. no can do, gotta make sure players don't get punished for shooting their guns in a shooter game

  32. Being constructive didn't get people anything during MW2019's cycle, so I can't even blame people for being pissed off and upset at Infinity Ward for pulling the same schtick once again.

  33. Yep, that's the way it is with COD games sadly, happened with MW2019, started happening with CW, it'll probably happen with Vanguard (won't know first hand), and it'll happen with MW2 eventually.

  34. I completely forgot that Burton fell off a cliff for five years, wasn't bad by any means but man, he was actually a contender in 1999/2000 and just two years later he couldn't manage one win in a Roush car at their peak.

  35. For a sport that bills itself on history, a lot of fans forget how things were in certain years and how things go. Heck people forget Harvick was great 2 years ago and because of Chase Elliott having a temper tantrum and him missing the corner at the Roval, fans think he’s washed. Lol

  36. good lord you made me remember him just binning it at the Roval last year, I legitimately forgot that entirely

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