1. I stopped using Woodward's Blueberry Cheesecake because it gave me the munchies so much.

  2. I know it's old school but I love my e-nanno by epic vapes. I use it all day, every day through a water bong. It's amazing how much I conserve flower this way. I also have an Airizer EQ but I only use it occasionally when I feel like doing bags. Good luck with your search.

  3. Grape Head is my favorite. I'm vaping through a 5th of Banana MAC now and I'll definitely buy that again. It's really nice. I picked up some True OG last weekend but haven't opened it yet.

  4. I've had both and would go with Lemon Royal every day.

  5. Update: I have a microwaveable heating pad. I got it hot and I put it in that and it melted in about 15 minutes. No, I am not terribly experienced in various concentrates. This is the first time I've encountered this situation after using dozens of luster pods. That is why I sought advice here. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone.

  6. I don’t see why not I’d try to warm it up leave in it the sun for a little and it should all melt back together

  7. I placed it in a baggie and ran really hot water over it for about five minutes then I let it sit submerged in hot water for ten more minutes. Didn't soften up at all. Still like wax.

  8. Look for strains high in Humulene as it has been known to suppress appetite. Strains high in Myrcene tend to make me hungry.

  9. Pick up a DabCap2 for $9.95. Game changer.

  10. Klutch lusters are the worst in the state, it burns fast, taste like shit, and everyone here defends them with there life… they prolly work there tho.

  11. I recently posted a question asking if anyone else has noticed that the Klutch LR pods burn fast and got a lot of downvotes. I guess asking a simple question about a Klutch product sounded too much like a complaint and offended some people. Weird.

  12. Yes, I've been using the 4-day BE THC/CBN tincture for about four months. It's been working really well for me but my wife prefers the 6-day THC/CBD tincture. On a recent recommendation from here I picked up some Beneleaves Entourage Effect capsules and they are really effective too for me. Good luck!

  13. Pick up some Woodward Animal mints or Problem Child -Farkus

  14. Thanks for the recommendations. I've had both of those strain in flower and I agree that they're awesome. But this concert is out of state and I'm only travelling with my luster and edibles. Looking for recs for a good luster pod strain for the trip and the show.

  15. Catfish or Motorbreath by Klutch or something like Chocolope from RC. I have a few other suggestions, but they don’t have those strains in carts or pods yet. These are all very good & low key. Perfect for a concert. You don’t wanna be tweaking out or asleep! Lol

  16. Exactly! I currently have a LR pod of Black Jack and Orange 43 and was planning to take one of each unless I can pick up something else/better today. I'm wondering if so much Myrcene in the O43 would be sedating.

  17. I've been through dozens of jars of the Butterfly Effect 4:1 lotion. Use it several times per day on my lower back and shoulder. It works very well for me and has no psycho-active effects whatsoever. I hope you find some relief.

  18. Does it take a lot or very very little? Thank you for your response!

  19. I think the instructions recommend a dime-size dab so that's what I use with each application. Enough to cover the pad of your index finger or a little more than that. I like the lotion because it absorbs better and is easier to apply than the oil-based salves but that's just a personal preference.

  20. Best bang for the buck is RSO and infused honey. Have you tried any THC:CBD topicals? There are some good salves and lotions out there that help alleviate pain and inflammation.

  21. Strawberry Fields is offering 20% off Buckeye Relief products including AiroPro carts and Wana edibles.

  22. We use the Butterfly Effect honey often and haven't noticed any off-flavors or weedy taste.

  23. Some to consider: Grape Head, Lemon Royal, Blackberry Kush, Dosidos, Dosidos x Gelato, G-Purps, MAC.

  24. My bad, I honestly didn’t think anyone gave a shit what I thought lol. I will do more of a full review next time. For now.. the flavor is piney, gassy taste with a sweetness on the exhale. The flavor lasts the whole bowl not just the first few tokes. The smell is the same with a spice to it and the sweetness comes through as blueberry-ish. The effect is what I’d call a strong sativa. It hits you in the face, behind the eyes. It’s uplifting and energetic but not lacking in the body feel. I def want to get up and do something afterwards. Sometimes I get that feeling from straight sativas but they aren’t heavy enough in my body, this second breakfast is. For me it’s a perfect day time smoke, but I like my stuff a bit heavy. If I had to say I’d compare the effects to super lemon haze maybe face feel, energy, medium body buzz, not in taste of course. It’s dope to see a completely different terpene profile achieve similar effects of a tried and true one like SLH.

  25. WANA makes a great 5:1 CBD/THC gummy. Each one has 25mg of CBD and only 5mg of THC. These are relaxing and calming without being too intoxicating. You can even cut them in half to start out if you want. For flower, I recommend Verano's G-Perps and BR's DosidosxGelato as they are really pleasant but not at all too intoxicating. Good luck!

  26. I'm just finishing my first live resin luster pod from Klutch. It's Orange 43. It seems like it went really quick. Much quicker than the non-live resin pods. Are the live resin pods supposed to burn out a lot faster than the usual oil?

  27. Dublin does not permit dispensaries. The nine applications chosen in the lottery for the district that includes Columbus are: Sancus Blvd., Morse Rd., Gender Rd. E. Main, W. Gay, E. Long, High Cross Blvd., N. Hamilton, and Cleveland Ave. None of these have been awarded a state license to open yet. If any of the top nine are disqualified then the next down the line in the lottery results get chosen as potential locations. I'm not aware of any proposed dispensaries on Bethel or Henderson.

  28. It's an exercise in trial and error for each person. For example, I look for strains high in Myrcene for nighttime pain relief and to help with sleep but I generally avoid it in strains for daytime use. Even strains advertised as Sativa or Sativa-leaning that are high in Myrcene have Indica-like effects on me and make me dopey and unproductive.

  29. I’d recommend them, IMO they work well for pain and are easily tolerable. I use the MUV 10mg 1:1 72 hour release patches.

  30. Thanks a lot for posting this. Great info. I purchased a three-pack of the MUV 1:1 patches over a month ago and haven't tried one yet.

  31. Sorry if this has been asked and answered in previous posts but will all of their Luster Pods be Live Resin from now on or is this a new product in addition to the regular pods? I ask because I searched for Live Resin Luster Pods on I heart Jane and some of the results took me to dispo menus that do not list them as being the Live Resin type.

  32. I have tried the Acai Sapphires when I can't find Grow Ohio's 2:1 THC/CBN tincture that I need for sleep. There are other gummies out there that taste a lot better but these are an OK substitute if you're looking for a CBN edible.

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