1. Who needs a gym in the first place? Do some floor exercises and go for a short walk every couple of days or so and eat in moderation. Done.

  2. Any advice on getting these jobs? I've applied to a lot of factory and warehouse jobs for a few months, but am getting zero bites. I just want an active and straight-forward job for a bit of a burnout limbo stage. Recently got my White Card so hopefully that will help. I have about 10 years of experience in various fields with no clear career path so I'm wondering if my recent jobs look confusing to employers and they prefer school-leavers with no experience? No idea what I'm doing wrong

  3. All warehouses and factories use casual agencies to hire staff now. Sign up with a few.

  4. A bloke at the food court called the Indian cashier a curry muncher because they took too long with his curry. Highly illogical.

  5. Not even just white people against others. My neighbour was middle eastern and said 'I don't want to seem racist BUT I moved from my old suburb because of the greeks'.

  6. I've noticed it as well. The other day, I was ready to pull out at the servo. Traffic was heavy enough that everyone was doing 40 in a 60 zone, yet not a single person offered me a space. Sure, they don't owe me anything, but I would've stopped to let someone enter the traffic stream.

  7. I certificate hope that you are wrong. I wish to move to a place where everyone is jolly and gracious.

  8. The think with Australia and the UK is that we aren't really that different to eachother, unlike Ireland and the "Irish" parts of the USA. A large minority of the people living in Australia were born in the UK. Even me own grandparents are poms.

  9. Same people is perhaps a bit strong, but UK is the single biggest heritage, almost all of our institutions are based on British institutions (parliament, law etc), and until 1949 Australians were actually British subjects (I mean wtf?)

  10. True. I suppose we have evolved culturally since federation. I don't know why you're saying wtf to that last bit as if it'sa surprise or shock. We were a colony nation of the British Empire. Pretty much everyone in Australia at that time were from or descended from the UK.

  11. That it took almost half a century after federation to become our own country

  12. True, but that's hardly a significant number compared to the English settler population.

  13. It’s one of the reasons. I’m an Australian citizen, wasn’t born in Australia but finished my primary, high school and tertiary education in Australia. I sound like an Aussie but I have a foreign name. Funny how I got more interviews once I changed my name and anglicised it. coincidence? many people with foreign names report the same experience. but sure we'll take your word "brad" that it doesn't happen lol

  14. I'm not going to deny that racism is involved. Though, unlike you, madame, I'm more open to accepting that there are other causes, such as language barriers and the validity of certain "degrees" that these immigrants hold.

  15. Of course there are. But yet here those people still are, happy to do the shitty jobs Australians refuse to do.

  16. You can't go anywhere working a shitty factory or warehouse job, not with the prices of everything. I don't blame Aussies for ditching those jobs.

  17. The reception people at most GPs and clinic screw things up constantly. To save my sanity, I usually go with extremely low expectations and be happy if things go fine. On the top of it, almost all of them hate speaking with fellow human beings.

  18. Medical receptionists have always been incompetent.

  19. I'd like to know as well. Hopefully someone can list the advantages and disadvantages of each club.

  20. Never lend people close to you money. Gift them money, but never lend it.

  21. is the $53 an hour inclusive of nurse educator, clinical nurse, facilitators or they work on a different pay scale.

  22. check the eba of whatever state you're in. They're all publicly available to view.

  23. Just get Brunswick kipper. Herring is better for you anyway.

  24. Why are they jumping around like cartoon characters when they’re mad

  25. You're probably too used to seeing Chinese workers not giving a fuck when they witness a death in the workplace.

  26. I love the violence in this game. Not in a bad way or anything.

  27. It bugs me when you slice someone in half like this that the top half of their body swaps to some other default npc appearance. Every human you kill changes to that same appearance

  28. I've noticed that as well. I suppose we gotta be grateful that you can cleave cunts in half.

  29. That's good money. Are these the type of wages you can look forward to once you're a sparkie? Or are they just a one off?

  30. Bikies aren't the grissly bearded men like they used to be.

  31. Try and wear 100 percent cotton clothing, if possible. Too many cunts are wearing polyester clothing in inappropriate temperatures.

  32. How did they know they were Sudanese

  33. Sudanese have a distinct look. I'm not talking about their skin colour either.

  34. Yeah, I guess if you say "If the invaders were allowed to eradicate the populace and glass the land then they would have won" you are technically correct.

  35. Biggest fear of invading the north was because of China, not the north Vietnamese resistance.

  36. Ok so what you're saying then is that the circumstances on the ground prevented the US from winning.

  37. I used to wonder why Vietnam doesn't hate us for what we did during the Vietnam War. But EU4 taught me why: Vietnam would have China as its rival, and would be willing to get friendly with us for help against its rival.

  38. The Vietnam war was a long time ago. It's been nearly 50 years.

  39. The relevant people in power do not let history get in the way of relations. They haven't for a long time.

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