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  1. Marvel Movies, Fast and Furious Movies, and the new Star Wars Trilogy

  2. No one thinks the new Star Wars trio logo is good what are you talking about

  3. It’s always good for your friends to be positive influences

  4. At my HS graduation they put "no high heels" in the dress code for the ceremony for this reason.

  5. Taught eighth grade and I cannot emphasize how many times we told the girls to practice in the high heels if they insisted on wearing them

  6. How could you possibly prove that? What are you looking for as proof?

  7. And guess what? The conservatives who hated him for ripping on them last week are now propping him up as being brilliant and the only sane leftist there is.

  8. This is a great point. There’s definitely some truth to what he was saying about it being a trendy thing now with young people, and there are definitely young people who claim to be queer in some way that aren’t. But he blows it way out of proportion and really misses some obvious crap like here.

  9. I have not read all the comments but I thought I saw this in Vancouver at the end of the tour around Capilano Suspension Bridge. I went back in 2018.

  10. There must be others. I KNOW I’ve seen this before but I’ve never been there.

  11. Hijacking top comment to add: The article mentions that the FMCSA is proposing allowing saliva tests instead of urine, but they don't mention what that means.

  12. 50-year undefeated wrestling champion, with over 5,000 matches under his belt (for comparison, Bruno Sammartino had a combined title reign of about 11ish years with 1,800+ matches).

  13. Calling him a Indian wrestler might be stretch, as he ended up living in Pakistan, post partition. But hey, I would love to claim him as one of our own. He is a legend!

  14. The country was called India for the overwhelming majority of his life, so I think it’s fair

  15. I don't think social media is the reason she can't park in a spot.

  16. Yeah but it is ridiculous this guy felt the need to record this.

  17. Nah, it's morally right to burn her banners.

  18. But you’ll shut down the conversation! Even though the banner was burned and she’s still there having the conversation…

  19. Except like this speaker touched on -- you can't choose everything. And you can't choose to murder someone.

  20. Yeah except the late stage abortions you’re referring to don’t happen and are a right wing scare tactic

  21. Im with Swagger though..not a fan of shredded lettuce.

  22. His favorite thing being bullying hornswoggle doesn’t age great either

  23. He’s not a fan of the shampoo bottle trying to fuck on him

  24. Bill Maher caring about rich people when it affects the cause that he cares about is actually pretty on brand

  25. I'm so glad the stigma is gone, its helped my mental health a lot

  26. I looked this up and apparently there's a lot of accounts that the story was embellished by media and historians of the time.

  27. If they are twins or even related, why would they have the same name?

  28. Anybody else disappointed that they haven’t done anything else with Dalton castle?

  29. This is sooooo good, its some str8 "mob" mentality type of shit and i love it. Honestly, this kinda promo should be either shown on air or on AEW's youtube or twitter

  30. This guy is so entertaining. I like that he’s more prominently featured as part of the jas, but I hope he gets more time to shine on the mic soon.

  31. 😭 Gonna miss her. I hope she shows up somewhere else, always felt like there was lots of untapped potential with Naomi.

  32. Plus her name is actually a pretty good wrestler name

  33. It's a work brother. WWE, Sasha, Naomi, AEW, Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan, Johnny Swinger, Early Morning Guy Steele, Bryan Alvarez, Mei Saint-Michel...

  34. While I know that’s not true, you can’t deny the MNW was by far amazing for business. It wouldn’t be out of the question to try and engineer that again.

  35. This doesn't belong here man, this is a kid enjoying the moment and has nothing to do with "I'm the main character" narcissism

  36. This kid is supposed to be playing baseball and is making everyone wait for him. It’s cute af but it absolutely belongs here.

  37. People who want to keep politics out of xyz are just mad because it’s not their politics. If Punk was wearing a shirt that said Blue Lives Matter, Trump Won, etc. they would be happy about it.

  38. Politics is arguably the most important part of all of our lives. It should be in EVERYTHING.

  39. Lol seriously? He’s definitely talking about Sasha and Naomi

  40. I miss Enzo and Cass they were my favorite tag team and it’s a shame they never one any gold. They were on fire for so long and wwe never pulled the trigger on them. I know AEW has a stacked tag team division but I would mark the fuck out if Enzo and cass showed up. Then versus the acclaimed would be amazing TV

  41. God, Kingston is so annoying at promos. It’s all “I’m tough and from the streets” bravado.

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