1. Wish him the luck but not much is in his control.

  2. People really don’t get the difference between an observation and shaming.

  3. My duuuuuuuuuude. This song slaps so hard. A great verse from Drizzy and him and JT together is a phenomenal pairing

  4. It’s so weird how obsessed people are with his weight? Maybe everyone should post selfies of themselves on here and we can all go through and comment on their physique

  5. My physique is top shape. I am literally the second coming or Michael Chandler.

  6. Those are fire!! But also wear what you like. I’ll bet money anyone who’s hating on these has a pot of sneakers that they are TERRIFIED to post on this sub. 🧐

  7. Lol at people thinking “I skip you in 2k” is a good burn 😂😂. He’s laughing all the way to the bank with that 6 figure 2k check

  8. Ed Sheeran and Taylor. You underestimate the Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino sipping, Ugg wearing, Eat Pray Love reading, Channing Tatum fangirling, Christmas Rom Com watching, Instagram scrolling, Future Karen-ass White girl demographic

  9. I just accepted a job today that I have a bit of imposter syndrome accepting. This post just made my day. Lets go! I can do this!

  10. Bro same. I’m about to move into a leadership role and even with 8 years’ experience in my field I’m still like “Why pick me?”

  11. Because they believe you can do it and because of your experience! You got this!

  12. Damnnnnnnn A LOT of people in this thread saying it’s a shitty joint but I don’t see any of them posting pictures of theirs 🤔.

  13. I’m not a big fan of the Kane storyline. Hate when shows have a big attack like the 3 drive bys and the person behind the attack turns out to be a character we have not met yet.

  14. I loved this battle. And drake is my all time favorite artist but Push BODIED him.

  15. This isn’t about Cordae. Cole actually respected when Cordae responded after 1985. Cole produced RNP on Cordae’s debut album after the “beef”

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