1. As a POC myself, not really, I would not call them racist

  2. Well there are some members of the GOP who are pro-choice, or at least they claim to be

  3. It's always possible. Prescott Bush was a business guy above all else, so he'd probably be either a Manchin or a Romney.

  4. That essay doesn't suggest what the modern method of measuring the radius is.

  5. Why don't you just look it up? The Dutch and French did modern measurements in the 17th and 18th centuries.

  6. If it comes to betting, the good money is that it was one of us conspiracy wackos.

  7. You're on the clock since 7:15. Nothing else needs to make sense.

  8. Yeah, it's time to get you MOTIVATED! Wait...

  9. When I say Mass Shooters, I am assuming the victims were undeniably innocent and targeted mostly at random (parade goers, students, customers of a shopping mall, atendees at a concert, etc..). A shooting which is in combat or in self-defense might fall under “Mass Shooting” and I didn’t consider that so I thank you for seeking clarification!

  10. If there's an acquittal involved, it's usually going to include something like self-defense. Generally there are plenty of witnesses to mass shootings, so the only way the killer can either avoid prosecution or win the acquittal is if they can justify their killings. You won't really find such a thing as "combat" in a civilian setting, though occasionally the term will be used.

  11. I haven't gone over the court documents from when his bail was set, but I'd assume that the fact he was initially only charged with aggravated assault and illegally carrying a firearm, in conjunction with his age and limited capacity as a flight risk, made it basically impossible that the state could argue he shouldn't be allowed to post bail.

  12. Elaborate trolling. As the stones themselves are.

  13. Maybe he is, but I have to the protect the little guy. Toxic bits and bytes flying all over.

  14. You’re a fucking pussy lmfao

  15. Hahahaha, always love the badass on social media. It's a trope for a reason.

  16. Gotta tell you Chris, defending yourself by quoting Mussolini isn't the best way to say you aren't a fascist.

  17. I didn’t defend that sack, that’s you defending the idealism. Jeezuz you even confused that? No wonder you do what you do, wreck.

  18. What are you even saying? Did you read my comment?

  19. 18-1(especially if they're a Giants fan.)

  20. Hess's lawyer Alfred Seidl felt that he was too old and frail to have managed to kill himself. Wolf Rüdiger Hess repeatedly claimed that his father had been murdered by the British Secret Intelligence Service to prevent him from revealing information...

  21. He'd already tried plenty of times. Why didn't they let him?

  22. It's just a club. The power of the club at any given moment is dependant on the power of the members.

  23. You all think shooting a weapon is some kind of fucking science, especially into a crowd where you don't care what you hit. I went into the military with the only weapon I ever fired before hand was a shotgun at a boyscout camp and qualified easily.

  24. They only think that when it fits their narrative.

  25. A flat earther won't have much trouble with that one. They usually think we're literally in a magical dome that basically pretends to look like stars in an infinite space. Explaining that there's a magical force holding us down isn't much of a stretch.

  26. If they have a delivery address, which they probably do, you can have something delivered there.

  27. You obviously haven't been around long enough to realize they tell you what you want to hear and then fuck you in the ass. That's the left.

  28. I feel like you're talking about the American Democratic Party, which does that quite consistently, but isn't a leftist organization.

  29. Leftist organizations are even worse. Look at how BLM scammed people and the founders bought mansions.

  30. If you do decide to dip Cavalier for a mount, make sure to take this feat:

  31. It's arguably like the kazoo where the fact that it's inherently funny essentially makes it less funny.

  32. If that's the case, how is the tuba even allowed in the conversation?

  33. Guys, it's obviously the trombone. It does all of the fun plunger stuff a trumpet does, but it also has so many slide gags.

  34. I got covid and survived without a "vaccine", am I just an anomaly? Pretty weird since I'm highly susceptible to chest colds.

  35. Nope. At its most dangerous Covid is still generally only lethal for around 2% of those who get it. That's massive at a societal level, but it still means the individual is very likely to survive.

  36. One time I went into Jersey Mikes for a cheese steak. The cashier had hair that was pink on one side and blue on the other. Later I learned that pink and blue hit bifurcation is a symbol of either bisexuality or Trangenderism. That, combined with the suggestion to “switch” genders, is what kids were programmed to want in their formative years. This is why so many subconsciously now have the urge to change genders, because they were programmed with it from childhood.

  37. That's red. And the Switch has only been around for five years.

  38. It's physically impossible, so I'm going to say "no."

  39. By announcing a reopening of a criminal probe of his opponent ten days before election day. I don't really think that Comey got him elected, it was the media that did that, but it certainly helped.

  40. Yep. He got significantly more air time than any other candidate during his election bid. That much free publicity...

  41. It's not. The link about physical fitness is a link within the linked article. Also, the linked source is a post about a study, not the study itself. And finally, that study only says conservatives consider themselves to be healthier.

  42. I don't know. Are they statistically more likely to see someone who can diagnose them?

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